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Thermal Insulation Applications in Window and Glass Exterior Doors

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  • Thermal Insulation Applications in Window and Glass Exterior Doors

Thermal Insulation Applications in Window and Glass Exterior Doors

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Thermal Insulation Applications in Window and Glass Exterior Doors

    Thermal Insulation Applications in Window and Glass Exterior Doors

    They are the building elements with the highest value in terms of heat loss. Making windows very small is the first step towards energy saving . In the winter months, the most heat loss from the unit area is from the windows, and there may be a heat gain in sunny times. With the double glazing program, the heat escaping from the windows can be minimized.

    Double glazing is produced in a special way, and it is joined by leaving a gap of 6, 9, 12 mm (dry air) between the two glasses. It is known that wooden and plastic frames are more ideal in terms of heat conduction than metal frames. In order to reduce the heat loss through air leakage (infiltration) from the opening parts of the windows, programs such as wicks and gaskets are made.

    Closing the windows with an insulated shutter in the evening will also greatly reduce heat losses. Doors are where large amounts of heat are lost through air leakage or air exchange. The heat loss from the doors is related to the insulation of the opening parts of the doors and the opening time of the doors. In order to reduce the heat loss due to leakage, wicking programs are recommended for wooden frames. On the other hand, in plastic joinery glasses, the sealing gaskets can be used for a long time without the need for replacement. In metal doors, heat loss can be reduced by leakage with elastic silicone rubbers. External door  thermal insulationFor this purpose, the heat loss from under the door can be reduced with brushes and felts that can be placed under the door.

    If there is a suitable place, a second hall can be left and a second door (wind vent) opening to the interior can be prevented from entering the cold air. Placing self-closing mechanisms on exterior doors or making a revolving door system is beneficial in terms of preventing the door from being left open. This program is useful in reducing heat loss with air exchange. An air shield can be created on the door by placing a heater blowing hot air down on the door.

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