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Benefits of Thermal insulation (Exterior Cladding)

Benefits of Thermal Insulation

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Benefits of Thermal Insulation

    Why Should We Have Sheathing?

    The benefits of the sheathing application to be made with the right materials and quality applications are as follows;

    1. By saving at least 50% on energy usage and natural gas bills, it allows better heating in winter and staying cool in summer.
    2. It contributes to the prevention of environmental pollution and global warming by reducing fuel use and therefore waste gas emissions.
    3. It reduces CO2 emissions.
    4. With the efficiency it will provide, it reduces our country's dependence on foreign energy.
    5. Thermal insulation on the exterior protects both your building and your health.
    6. It prevents sweating (condensation), which causes mold, black spots and fungus in the houses.
    7. It prevents the corrosion of the iron in the concrete and protects the resistance of your building against earthquakes.
    8. It extends the life of your building.
    9. It creates comfortable and healthy spaces by creating balanced room temperatures in living spaces.

    There are dozens of types of exterior coating applicationThe " exterior cladding materials " used in these processes applied by the  sheathing companies that make exterior applications also vary. But when choosing between " sheathing materials in buildings ", a few main reasons should be considered. Because the best thermal insulation materials are durable on the exterior, not easily affected by water and moisture, fire resistance, pressure and tensile strength, vapor diffusion resistance, unit volume weight, plaster adhesion, workability, long life,  economical in terms of sheathing material m2 prices . factors must be taken into account.

    Thermal insulation, that is, sheathing materials ; Being ergonomic, the prices of exterior sheathing materials  are cheaper and lighter than other options. Other features can be selected according to preference, usage area, region of the building and climatic conditions. Sheathing prices also very according to the selected insulation  materials .

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