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About Us

About Us

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    Metpor Polystyrene Thermal Insulation Supplies and Exterior Cladding Products

    METPOR JAMB AND COVERING PRODUCTS, established in 1979 as YILKAR INS. TRADE. & LTD. YILKAR LTD, which continues its activities as ŞTİ, has completed the construction of important institutions of the country in different regions of Turkey and has managed to carry its elite line in the sector until today. YILKAR CONSTRUCTION, which owns the largest styrofoam (EPS) jamb facility in Turkey, continues to offer solutions for the design needs and the requirements of the application in the EPS world. METPOR JAMB PRODUCTS is the oldest and the leading institution among the Istanbul Jamb Manufacturers, walking at the forefront in the sector. III. Generation As YILKAR CONSTRUCTION team, we are proud to be together with you.As the 3rd Generation, we are excited to sign new projects with you.As the METPOR Jambs & Sheathing family, we do not compromise on quality and prefer METPOR Jams & Sheathing product family and take us to the top of the sector. Sincerely, Metpor Jamb & Thermal Insulation Products serve the whole of Turkey, especially Istanbul, in the production of Exterior Coating, Heat Insulation, Decoration, Styrofoam Wall Panel Materials.


    Discover Jambs, Thermal Insulation and Exterior Wall Cladding Materials in Buildings at Metpor! The Best Sheathing, Jambs, External Wall Cladding and Polystyrene Thermal Insulation Supplies, New Generation Eps Styrofoam Insulated Facade Cladding Panels Manufacturing at Economical Prices in Metpor Istanbul. You can use our communication channels for 2023 Exterior Cladding Manufacturing Export and Import.

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