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Eps Foam Molding Jamb Details

Jamb Detail, Window Jamb Details

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Jamb Detail, Window Jamb Details

    Eps Foam Molding Jamb Details

    Jambs made of styrofoam have become indispensable for sheathing and exterior decoration organizations made with styrofoam. It is applied to the edges of windows, doors, balconies, jambs and corners of buildings between floors.

    The details of the styrofoam jamb are as follows. Its surface is covered with acrylic-based plaster and is sold in harmony with the exterior. After the application, the details are made by applying primer and paint.

    As METPOR, it is the most advanced company in the sector in terms of both the production chain and  the stocking of jamb motifs . Window jamb motifs are in different patterns and thicknesses as a result of the applied studies.

    Eps Polystyrene Jamb Profile Details

    Styrofoam window jamb motifs, which are a fast and simple program without the need to spend very high budgets and enter into a long-term and tiring process that is not exactly the way you want, in order to achieve an architectural superior view, are both practical and among other jamb material options. It is also the ideal material.

    Jamb models and prices can also be produced as special designs and special sizes, as well as standard jamb types, Metpor Jamb & Sheathing can be manufactured in different types and sizes as a catalog product. Although there is one product category per jamb coatings, they are called jamb types in products such as windowsills, floor wiping, eaves profiles, buttresses, jamb crowns, corner stones and glass jamb models in construction site circles. The cornerstone, known as an important architectural element, is called corner jamb models in today's construction circles.

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