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7 steps in Jamb Moulding & Thermal Insulation Application on Building Facades

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  • How to Make an Easy Jamb Moulding Application in 7 Steps?

How to Make an Easy Jamb Moulding Application in 7 Steps?

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How to Make an Easy Jamb Moulding Application in 7 Steps?

    How to Make an Easy Jamb Moldings Application in 7 Steps?

    1. The surface on which the Jamb Application or coat will be wiped is measured. The profile is measured and made ready for cutting by taking the square. The building facade sheathing application surface is checked and marked with the help of plumbing, rope and scales. Rough plastering is recommended to make the surface smooth.
    2. Jamb models are cut in size and square with a jamb cutting apparatus or a jigsaw. Cement-based adhesive mortar (with a notched trowel) or acrylic-based adhesive is appliedbuilding facade cladding board , depending onpreference and application details. The application is made from ground level upwards.
    3. Cement-based cement-based adhesive mortar or acrylic-based adhesive is applied on the back surface of the profile, depending on the situation . Building exterior cladding applications can be mechanically fixed when necessary. The thermal insulation boards are anchored from the dowel throwing points. The next siding sheet is placed on the doweled sheet. (Lamp mortise system) and closes the dowel .
    4. Bina PU adhesive is applied to the joints. Metpor jamb and facade cladding application; By applying acrylic-based mineral repair mortar to the joints. The boards are pressed tightly together, allowing the adhesive to overflow.
    5. The profile is pressed against the surface and towards each other, allowing the acrylic-based mineral repair mortar to overflow. If necessary, it is fixed with the help of concrete nails until the adhesive sets. After the overflowing part of the building facade cladding application acrylic-based mineral adhesive dries, the surface is leveled with the help of a spatula.
    6. Acrylic-based mineral repair mortar is applied to the junction of the board with a spatula and sanded after it dries. (Except for Stone, Marble, Wood Look Facade Coatings).
    7. It can be painted with all kinds of solvent-free exterior paints. Jamb application and thermal insulation process is completed.

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