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How To Insulate a Flat Roof From The Inside

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How To Insulate a Flat Roof From The Inside

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How To Insulate a Flat Roof From The Inside

    How to Insulate Traditional Flat Roofs?

    In order to make insulation programs on flat roofs , first of all, the materials to be insulated are applied to the outer surface of the roof. After the material made on the outer surface, the roof is covered with waterproof material. What is sheathing? You can check the article.

    Ground Insulation
    Whether the building has a basement or not is a factor that directly affects the method of insulation on the ground and whether it is economical or not. In houses with a basement, the insulation material is applied to the basement ceiling or, in very specific techniques, to the floor of the house. In houses that do not have a basement; It can gain an additional insulation feature by leaving a space from the floor.

    The average U numerical value of the floors of the buildings determined in cold climate conditions is 0.50. In case of insulation in EPS standards , the numerical value of U decreases to 0.17. The U numerical value of the floors of the buildings determined in moderate climatic conditions is 1.20. This value is 3.40 in hot climate areas. In case of insulation in EPS standards in buildings with moderate and hot climate conditions ; U numerical value decreases to 0.41 in medium climatic conditions. In hot climate conditions, the numerical value of U decreases to 0.48. The highest rate of value per m2 in total investment cost is cold climate. The cold climate is followed by a moderate climate and a hot climate, respectively.

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