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External Wall Cladding (Thermal Insulation) Methods

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  • What is Exterior Cladding?, External Wall Cladding (Sheathing) Methods

What is Exterior Cladding?, External Wall Cladding (Sheathing) Methods

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What is Exterior Cladding?, External Wall Cladding (Sheathing) Methods

    What is Exterior Cladding?, External Wall Cladding (Sheathing) Methods

    1. Exterior Cladding Models

    • Exterior Cladding Prices
    • Types of Exterior Cladding
    • Exterior Cladding Sheets
    • Types of Exterior Cladding
    • Building Materials & Supplies

    2. Exterior Cladding Images

    • How is Exterior Cladding Calculated?
    • How is Exterior Cladding Made?
    • American Siding vs Styrofoam Mansion Printing
    • Exterior Cladding Wood Look

    3. What are Exterior Cladding Materials?

    • New Generation Exterior Cladding Panels
    • Exterior Cladding in Turkey
    • Exterior Joint Sheathing
    • Insulated Exterior Cladding
    • Exterior Wall Cladding Panels

    What is Exterior Cladding?; It is often forgotten that polystyrene exterior cladding , which most of us perceive only as "sheathing", is a ready-made "exterior cladding" type that is created in many different ways, in addition, has the ability to jacket in its own content. Before examining the siding, you can access our façade article from the link. 

    When we examine the " exterior cladding models " and visuals of villas and apartments , we can see very different " exterior cladding ideas ". Although exterior cladding images are pregnant with new trends every year, there is one thing that cannot be given up. It is also styrofoam foam exterior claddingOne of the biggest factors in its use in exterior wall cladding works is that it is light and cheap compared to other jamb models. One of the biggest mistakes made when choosing exterior wall materials is choosing wall covering materials that are not suitable for the needs of the buildings.

    Exterior cladding models preferred in villas or apartments provide not only a decorative appearance to the building, but also insulation . All exterior cladding materials sold in the market are not considered insulation materials. Sometimes materials with no insulation value are used so that exterior cladding prices are cheap. Another name for the exterior cladding application is exterior sheathing . There are some tips on exterior wall cladding materials. Some exterior materials do not have insulating properties.

    This type of exterior cladding does not have sheathing properties. Therefore, exterior cladding should be chosen in accordance with the needs of the building. Exterior cladding foam materials are inexpensive materials. When the m2 prices of exterior cladding are calculated, we can say that the cheapest materials compared to other materials are eps exterior cladding. You can examine different designs from the link of  exterior cladding images .

    We can say that eps facade cladding materials are the cheapest material among the facade cladding systems . Eps jacketing systems are very simple to install and are the types of materials that put less load on the structure. You can access our sheathing prices article for jamb models application

    How is External Wall Cladding Made?

    Since foam jacketing materials are cheap, it offers a price advantage compared to many materials when calculating the total square meter prices. Exterior cladding foam material is suitable for use in every part of the building for exterior/interior cladding and insulation.

    Exterior cladding is the first condition for thermal insulation. What is jamb in buildings? You can also check our article.

    Exterior Cladding is the biggest step to be taken for heat optimization. The exterior cladding application takes an average of 3 to 4 weeks for a medium-sized building. Weather conditions, the size of the building, the number of personnel to work in the application are among the factors that can affect this period positively or negatively. Exterior cladding wood like coatings provide a stylish appearance on building facades with the appearance of real wood.

    Types of Exterior Insulation;

    1. Jamb Coating
    2. Wall Cladding
    3. Stone Veneer
    4. Wall Panels
    5. Facade Systems

    Sheathing should not be applied when there is strong wind, fog or rainy weather conditions. The most ideal time to make a facade cladding is the period when the exterior surface to be applied and the ambient temperature are at least +6 o C. Since the product range of exterior cladding types is quite wide, it can often be difficult to make a decision in terms of design. If we list three points to be considered here;

    1. Types of exterior cladding and their technical features
    2. The material to be chosen should be at an acceptable level in terms of m2 unit prices of exterior cladding .
    3. In terms of both design and application, exterior insulation should be able to meet the architectural needs of the building. 

    Insulated Exterior Cladding Materials "Exterior wall cladding" can be applied to
    the exterior walls of buildings, roofs, areas in contact with the soil, floors separating floors, parts facing unheated sections such as warehouses, garages, and cold storages
    among the water-resistant exterior materials, "eps wall cladding boards" is a sheathing material that provides excellent thermal insulation, which also stands out with its decorative feature

    It offers many advantages for building exterior decoration works. When it comes to exterior cladding types , the first technique that comes to mind is "sheathing" techniques. The reason for this is that the exterior cladding techniques made with sheathing are less costly and after the exterior cladding decision is taken, it can be practically passed to the application stage and quickly installed.

    The fact that it offers these options is the most important factor in polystyrene exterior cladding. Among the most preferred exterior cladding boards, the leading type of sheathing material is EPS polystyrene foam based thermal insulation boards.

    Another issue that needs to be discussed is the exterior cladding glass edge ornaments, namely window jambsThese materials, which are sometimes called exterior glass cladding models on the web, are also called "jamb cladding". Exterior cladding patterns, including interior and exterior cladding , are flexible materials in design.

    Easy cutting of Eps Styrofoam provides a great advantage for exterior coating companies . Compared to stone wool, glass wool or polyurethane coatings, exterior coating types and prices are much cheaper, although they have more varieties.

    Insulated Exterior Cladding

    Exterior Cladding Ideas in Buildings

    Among the exterior cladding visuals , we make it the most suitable for theexterior cladding of the buildingsin terms of being suitable for the heavy conditions of the exterior by applying plaster in different layers on the surfaceof the styrofoam (foam) exterior cladding , at the forefront among the exterior cladding recommendations applied in thousands or detached houses.. Exterior cladding catalogs" heat insulation " cladding model. Each building exterior cladding model has a separate application technique.

    Among the exterior cladding options we use in apartment or villa exterior applications, "fluted jacketing" is the name given to the sheathing system with very high insulation values, with horizontal depths, made for exterior cladding of buildings The decorative exterior cladding material, also known as exterior cladding paneling, is the "silicone press exterior cladding", a sheathing without mesh, without anchors, which reduces the heating and cooling costs of buildings. It also prevents unnecessary maintenance costs by reducing the cost of maintenance and repair by preventing mold, moisture, cracking and spills on the walls caused by heat transfer and thermal stresses. Especially among the villa exterior cladding models, it is the type of "exterior cladding" that we prefer the most.

    Exterior Cladding Manufacturing

    Exterior cladding in Turkey in recent years, self-plastered sheathing "joint sheathing" applications (EPS Facade Coatings), which are made for the purpose of sheathing the exterior of apartments, sites, villas, hospital buildings or school buildings, registered with standards in American and European countries andhave been long -l asting in order to save energy . has been used for years.

    At the end of the exterior cladding application, you must obtain an energy identity certificate. According to the Energy Efficiency Law No. 5627 and the Energy Performance Regulation in Buildings issued accordingly, the energy requirement and energy consumption classification of the building, greenhouse gas emission level, insulation properties The document containing information about the efficiency of the heating and/or cooling systems iscalled the energy identity document. You can access the details about the Energy Identity Certificate from the link.

    We also recommend you to read our article on jointed exterior cladding systems and exterior cladding wood- like materials .

    Exterior styrofoam coating materials are economicalother material optionsIt is an exterior cladding foammaterialthat is clad withexterior wall panelsfacades of buildingsIf the rising natural gas bills in the winter months bother you, if you want to keep the coolness of your home in the summer, these "exterior coating types" are a practical technique that will cure your troubles.

    It will more than meet the " insulation " needs of your homes or workplaces . Because it is possible to prevent heat transfer with different degrees thanks to the sheathing materials that make up the building exterior cladding systems, which we call sheathing.

    It is very important to prevent the most heat loss of your home in order to combat the cold of the wall covering panel next winter. The way to do this is through exterior cladding applications. Where does heat loss occur in buildings? When we say that, if you identify these trouble spots, you will be able to easily findthe measures you need to take to make sure your home contains the warmth of this winter, thanks to "siding ideas".

    External Wall Cladding and Its Benefits;

    1- Since the exterior protects the building from external effects, it extends the life of the building.
    2- It prevents the formation of moisture that may occur in the building.
    3- Exterior types Prevents heat and energy loss. Thus, it helps to save money.
    4- One of the most important benefits of exterior cladding is that it provides protection against fire.
    5- Exterior cladding provides an aesthetic appearance to the building.
    6- Provides sound insulation, prevents sound from coming and going. It reduces noise pollution to zero.
    7- Buildings with exterior cladding take on a more comfortable living space.

    Exterior Cladding Types, Exterior Cladding Prices

    How is External Wall Cladding Application Made?

    Sheathing is the exterior cladding panel applications that we apply to the exterior of the buildings, just like we people are dressed. It is a general name we give to the cladding of the exterior of the building. There are many types of jamb coating applications. Exterior cladding methods are shaped depending on many parameters such as the state of the building, economic conditions, natural conditions and aesthetic expectations of the building owners. How is exterior cladding done in buildings?We can proudly say that one of the best sources where you can find an answer to the question of "printed facade" is METPOR Jamb and Sheathing Products. We are already in the first place as the most preferred resource. In the first years, it was called with different names such as " overcoat ", " jacketing " as  equivalent to the word jacketing.

    The exterior cladding application, which is created by providing thermal insulation in buildings, consists of different layers. As Metpor jamb and sheathing company , we have been using exterior cladding materialsthat respond to the needs of buildings with our R & D studies since 2000. Because the requirements of each building differ from each other.

    In other words, each building has different " insulation " needs. When exterior cladding , that is, "sheathing", is done in buildings , thermal insulation materials that will meet these requirements should be selected and the preferred facade cladding should be made with styrofoam exterior cladding panels in accordance with the thermal insulation wall system technique . You can reach the procedures related to the renovation of the exterior of old buildings from the link.

    How is Insulated Exterior Cladding Made?

    1. Three different methods are applied for exterior cladding in buildings : internal, external and sandwich wall. The best exterior cladding techniques to prevent the formation of thermal bridges and to ensure the continuity of the insulationare considered as sheathing construction . Exterior jacketing application is the most suitable thermal insulation system in terms of building physics.
    2. Sheathing is the covering of the outer shell of the building with thermal insulation materials in order to prevent heat losses and gains according to seasonal conditions.
    3. Technically, it is the thermal insulation applied to the outer surface of the building in order to reach the required heat transmission coefficient without creating a thermal bridge.

    Exterior Cladding Images, Sheathing Models

    Exterior cladding work can be done with 3 different techniques , both from the inner surface of the building, " exterior cladding " and from both parts. According to the Energy Efficiency Law No. 5627 and the energy performance regulation for the buildings enacted in accordance with this law, it isstipulated that the " insulation " standards must be complied with in the new buildings as of January 1, 2011In addition, old buildings built before this date have been obliged to obtain an energy identity certificate until 2 May 2017 (extended until 2021)

    For this reason , exterior styrofoam cladding panels , namely sheathing , have become a very important thermal insulation element. Additional note; (the relevant siding law has been postponed until 2021).Exterior Cladding Models, Exterior Cladding m2 Prices

    Wood Look Exterior Cladding

    It is suitable for exterior sheathing and interior sheathing and all insulation applications . We offer you as the largest interior and  exterior wall jamb coating material manufacturer , Metpor products that can be used as insulation products, both indoor and outdoor wood-like facade coating materials in facade  sheathing applications, visually enriching the jamb and sheathing products and thermal insulation materials . Exterior cladding  colors It has a completely wooden look and texture. These systems, which you can see in many buildings among "exterior cladding examples", are very cheap materials compared to wooden materials .

    • Exterior Cladding
    • Exterior Cladding m2 Prices
    • Exterior Cladding Foam

    Foam EPS boards and  styrofoam sheathing panels can be used to provide " insulation in buildings " at any point in the houses, from the roof to the foundation . They are excellent materials for insulation in exterior wall coverings, interior wall coverings for basement walls and ceiling coverings  . 

     What are the Benefits of Sheathing with Exterior Cladding Board ?

    1. Styrofoam exterior cladding is light,
    2. Exterior cladding plates provide high energy savings,
    3. Polystyrene exterior cladding materials are applied easily and very quickly,  
    4. It is environmentally friendly,
    5. It has waterproofing  ability, waterproof,
    6. Exterior sheathing plates have sound insulation ability,  
    7. Exterior cladding materials are economical,
    8. It does not lose its properties for many years,
    9. Exterior cladding materials  add value to your building aesthetically.
    Trendwall Wooden Wall Cladding Panels and Features
    1. Wooden wall covering provides sound and moisture insulation.
    2. It keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
    3. Exterior wall jamb  coating styrofoam does not require a special floor.
    4. The exterior wall cladding can be applied to all painted or unpainted surfaces.
    5. How is wooden wall cladding made? , It is easy to apply.
    6. The paint on it is like the first day for many years in the texture of white wooden wall covering or the desired wood coating .
    7. Water, humidity and moisture permeability level is very weak.
    8. Exterior wooden wall cladding is economical.
    9. It does not lose its isolation feature over time.
    10. It has shock absorbing feature.
    11. Wood-looking wall panels do not contain toxic gases.
    12. Exterior wall covering styrofoam wall panels do not produce bacteria.
    13. It does not increase the flame, it keeps it inside.
    14. Exterior wooden wall coverings are durable.
    Exterior Cladding Colors

    When it comes to exterior cladding  , the first thing that comes to mind is sheathing. However, " siding " can be handled in many different and different ways. There are some wood-like exterior cladding materials that also have the ability to coat. We call these materials as wood patterned sheathing board .

    For this reason, we cannot show the materials used only on the exterior of the buildings as examples here. When it comes to " sheathing " in buildings, the first thing that comes to mind in technical terms is the " exterior coating process " applied to the apartments. Although this cost is high, when you consider the results to be obtained, it is an application that will cover its costs in a short time.

    Sheathing Operations can be done both inside and outside easily. Space is important in the sheathing processto be done hereApplications such as sheathing and jamb used to be an application method that was not paid much attention, but nowadays, especially with the necessity of new buildings and people seeing the savings obtained from it, the demands have increased. In this sense, energy saving has been started  by making the best jacketing method inold buildings

    Exterior Cladding Colors

    Sheathing is done with styrofoam , a foam-like substance made on the exterior . Since this material contains 95% air, it is very light, so it will not bring an extra load if it is made on the space afterwards. Thanks to the right " heat insulation ", you will also contribute to your pocket. For example, it will save you a certain amount of money every month in terms of heating costs in winter. When you consider this as a year, it means a serious accumulation.

    Siding is a ready-made system thermal insulation material  that has a unique angled diagonal appearance and is coated with acrylic flexible fiber plaster. Styrofoamjamb coating materials, which are sheathing materials that do not require plaster, are much more economical than siding materials made of PVC. It provides a serious advantage as thermal insulation. Since the prices of jointed sheathing and jamb are " ready sheathing boards " in terms of both workmanship and  heat insulation material , sheathing m2 prices are more economical.

    Practical Exterior Cladding and Jamb Materials

    What are the Benefits of Exterior Cladding?

    5 Benefits of Exterior Cladding ;

    1. We reduce the consumption of natural resources and air pollution,
    2. If you make exterior cladding with sheathing, we contribute to the economy of the individual and the country by providing an average of 50% fuel savings.
    3. The heat of the houses is evenly distributed in the buildings where the sheathing system is created. Our "indoor" comfort in buildings increases.
    4. Exterior sheathing increases the safety of your building. We practically reduce the wear and tear on the walls caused by heat and cold with humidity.
    5. We will have an aesthetic appearance created by the exterior cladding on the exterior of your building .
    5 Places to Do Exterior Cladding

    Roof Insulation;
    Warm air in your home escapes through the ceiling as the heated air spreads throughout the house and eventually rises up to the roof. When the cold comes into contact with the roof, the heat is slowly dissipated through the convection process. Covering your roof is an effective way to prevent heat from escaping and help with energy efficiency in your home .


    As a building exterior cladding element , insulation is an important parameter in order to control the indoor and outdoor physical conditions that the roof is exposed to. The main factors that need to be isolated can be listed as water - steam, heat, light - radiation and sound.

    Roof Water - Steam Insulation Applications
    While removing snow and rain water does not pose a significant problem in terms of the shape of the roof in pitched and cladding-based roofs, it is solved by directing these waters to water drainage points with small slopes in non-sloping terrace roofs.
    Due to the water vapor pressure that will occur in the interior of the building, it will want to go out by passing through all the building elements surrounding this volume. The removal of this water vapor varies according to the roof types. 

    Roof Thermal Insulation Applications

    An important part of the heat loss in the outer shell of the building is the heat energy lost from the roofs. This heat loss on roofs should be prevented by using  certain quality thermal insulation materials .

    The places that must be insulated while doing the exterior cladding work ;

    There's nothing like a cozy fireplace working on a cold night. However, fireplaces can also be a major source of heat loss. If your damper is not closed properly, your fireplace can lose up to 14% of heat from the chimney. While the fireplace feels hot when working, when it is closed, the hot air comes out through the chimney. For this reason, you will want to effectively seal the fireplace before winter arrives.

    Insulation to windows;
    Windows are another common source of heat loss. If there are bare windows without proper curtains, this can increase the amount of heat loss. To counter this heat loss, it's a good idea to insulate thermal curtains that can reduce heat loss from a warm room by up to 10%. Sealing cracks or holes around your windows with caulk will also help you maintain warmth in your home and reduce your energy bills.

    It is recommended to cover the windowsill with a jamb . What is the jamb for details on the selection of window jambs and jamb models . Building decorations made with exterior jamb cladding are actually considered as a complementary element in " exterior cladding " applications. It is among the places where thermal insulation should be done . " Cornerstone " is used to cover building corners . U Jamb model should be used to hide the firewood pipes and other expenses. The " facade systems " to be used in this way provide insulation in the building.We will save energy and at the same time we will design the exterior.

    If your floor is not adequately insulated, serious heat losses can occur as a result of significant heat leakage. In fact, 10% of your home's heat is lost through the floor, and homes that don't have adequately insulated floors can lose even more than that. Easy fixing of floor insulation or even adding carpeting can help you reduce heat loss.

    Coating on Walls;

    One of the places where sheathing should be done is the walls, it is one of the biggest causes of heat loss. In fact, wall cladding is one of the practical exterior cladding techniques. Your house loses 18 - 25% of the heat in its walls. This is poor insulation, holes in the interior or exterior walls, or improperly installed vents. Adding quality siding panels and filling any holes is a foolproof way to prevent heat loss in your walls.

    This is where we can help. Metpor Jamb & Sheathing, we help you make sure your house is well insulated to reduce heat loss in your home. The practical jacketing coatings we will make can help you reduce the heat loss of your home by 50%. It is possible to get comprehensive data about thermal insulation materials and their properties and thermal insulation material advice from the link below.

    How is Exterior Cladding Made?

    Before the exterior sheathing process is carried out in the buildings, " sheathing companies " should make a discovery in the building. The requirements of the building should be determined practically and clearly. Metpor Sheathing Products offers you this service completely free of charge and practically. If you contact Metpor Jamb & Sheathing Products , which has 3 different locations in Kartal, Istanbul Anatolian Side , you will get a quick and practical evaluation about how the exterior cladding program should be, by making the necessary discovery as soon as possible . These evaluations, exterior sheathing prices , exterior cladding models,  exterior cladding panels
    information as to what type it may be.

    How is Exterior Cladding Calculated?
    1. First of all, the number of facades of the building is determined.
    2. The width of each facade is measured separately.
    3. The number of floors of the building is determined.
    4. Each floor is calculated as an average of 3 meters.
    5. The width and length of each facade are calculated separately.
    6. The square meters of the facades are summed up.
    7. Finally, the spaces are deducted.
    Optimization Strategy with Sheathing on Walls Provides High Energy Savings.
    1. Covering the walls  provides thermal comfort,
    2. It provides advantages in reducing heat losses and gains,
    3. External wall cladding serves to prevent condensation,
    4. Wall coverings create barriers for the elimination of thermal bridges,
    5. Styrofoam wall panels are very useful in preventing the formation of moisture on the walls,
    6. It is important for fire protection performance,
    7. Sheathing the walls has a high sound insulation advantage in preventing noise,
    8. With a variety of patterns, " wall panels " offer rich options for design.
    Wood Look Exterior Cladding Materials

    Exterior cladding prices in buildings are calculated according to the size, technical characteristics of the facade material to be applied and the quantity of the area to be "sheathed", that is, by calculating the m2 of the surface to be coated, over the unit price of the sheathing square meter .

    The prices of exterior cladding sheets in buildings will be determined according to the requirements of your building. Along with the discovery, Metpor Jamb and Sheathing products expertsthe most practical exterior cladding materiallistshare them2 unit prices of the exterior cladding applicationIn addition, it will be very useful for you to examine the exterior cladding samples . After that, it willbe enough to leave the job to Metpor experts by deciding to coat yourself or together with the building management. Professional exterior coating companies in the field for you " the best jacketing brand "They will give the necessary information about the exterior cladding materials for " .
    For the most accurate Exterior Cladding Materials Prices , Metpor Experts Are With You ..

    Exterior Cladding Foam Types and Facade Systems

    Exterior foam cladding is the process to prevent hot or cold air from entering or leaving the houses through thermal bridges. The constantly rising energy bills also increase the budgets allocated for heating. Considering that 1/3 of the total energy consumed by the houses is taken into account, it has now become a requirement for the most accurate insulation . In addition to energy saving, exterior thermal insulation is the most practical exterior coating application that should be implemented in order to extend the life of the houses, increase their value, provide the desired comfort conditions, lead a healthier life, reduce the pollution of the environment and create a healthier nature and environment. .

    It contributes to the fact that the walls of the building you live in are much stronger and longer-lasting when the appropriate " best jacketing method " is chosen as a result of the analysis, and when they are completely protected from external effects. Exterior cladding  manufacturers take all these factors into account and develop their facade cladding material production in this direction.

    Mansion Printing Exterior Sheathing Materials

    The structure of the building with " heat insulation " on the exterior , joinery, window anatomy, the altitude level of the building, the seasonal conditions of the city where the building is located, the sheathing materials used in the body structure of the building, the number of floors and height of the building, the number of apartments on each floor and even the distance to other apartments on the street where the building is located. Even its location is among the parameters that can affect the " sheathing performance ". It is therefore not a logical approach to give a clear percentage . But as Metpor , how many percent does exterior cladding save? When we say that, the average result of  energy saving we get in our applications  is between 40% and 55% .

    What Is The Best Exterior Cladding?

    Heat insulation plaster is not applied on the new generation sheathing panels .Self-plastered exterior cladding sheetsThese are the sheathing boards we produce by planning to be applied directly to the façade. At the same time, there is a waterproofing feature and they are excellent jacketing materials that we have applied thousands of m2 in 2020 .

    According to the seasons, we can say that it is the basic principle of the jacketing application to prevent the hot air from coming in in the summer and the cold air from coming out, and in winter months, on the contrary, to prevent the cold air outside from coming in and the hot air inside . Among the reasons for jacketing , providing a correct and healthy air conditioning is one of the foremost reasons. For this reason, even if your house is a single storey, the strategy of sheathing on a single storey should be considered and the isolation process in buildings should be handled carefully.

    Polystyrene Styrofoam Exterior Wall Cladding Types and Features
    1. With Metpor " polystyrene styrofoam exterior cladding " and " exterior cladding systems " that do not keep the cold in the winter and the heat in the summer, you can benefit from permanent solutions in order to achieve excellent performance in all 4 seasons.
    2. You can practically save 40-60% in your heating and cooling costs by means of the right " exterior coating sheets ", which are Metpor sheathing products . While you are enjoying the comfort, the cost of jacketing will be amortized in 3 winter seasons with the help of energy savings.
    3. Metpor exterior cladding systems , let peace not dampness in your homes. You can enjoy your healthy and comfortable home by keeping your houses away from mold and moisture thanks to the exterior cladding boards .
    4. Metpor exterior cladding types are very economical and practical, as well as the comfort you will provide in your houses, as well as maintenance, repair, etc., by protecting them from negative external factors. You can reduce your costs.
    5. Metpor exterior cladding systems are insulation and façade systems designed in accordance with Turkish and European Standards to help maintain the ecological balance . By reducing the use of fossil fuels such as coal or natural gas, you can make nature smile as well as your wallet. With exterior cladding panels , you can help reduce the impact of harmful emissions and leave a healthier world to future generations . The most economical styrofoam exterior coating prices are at Metpor.

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