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The Best Exterior Cladding Models

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Exterior Cladding Models, Styrofoam Sheathing Models

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Exterior Cladding Models, Styrofoam Sheathing Models

    Exterior Cladding Models and Types 2022

    In this article, we will try to give information about the following topics.

    1. Exterior Cladding Foam
    2. Exterior Models 2020
    3. Exterior Cladding Prices 2019
    4. Exterior Wall Cladding Models
    5. Exterior Cladding
    6. Wood Look Exterior Cladding Materials
    7. Stone Patterned Wall Cladding Materials
    8. Best Sheathing Models
    9. Renovation of the Exterior of Old Buildings
    10. Exterior sheathing
    11. Sheathing Models Colors

     Today, different types of  sheathing exterior cladding have  been produced in order  to provide the architectural aesthetic appearance of the buildings and thermal insulation in coordination with the advancing technology  .  These products, which have  quite a lot  of exterior cladding models , can be applied to the building without adding additional load, since they are light cladding that can be mounted on the facade as exterior cladding of buildings. There are many material, color and texture options among the jacketing models . When it comes to exterior cladding types  , the first technique that comes to mind is " sheathing " techniques. The reason for this is that it is low cost to implement and  After the exterior cladding decision is taken, it is possible to quickly move to the practical application stage. Exterior jacketing processes can be applied in new buildings, aswell as a very practical and useful system for renewing the exterior of old buildings .

    Exterior Cladding Models, Sheathing Models

    Best Exterior Cladding Models

    Metpor Jamb and Sheathing Products  Exterior Sheathing Models Sheathing companies use three different techniques: interior wall cladding, exterior wall cladding and "sandwich wall"  for sheathing in
    buildings . The best program created to prevent the formation of thermal bridges and to ensure the continuity of insulation is the exterior cladding program. Sheathing in buildings , that is,  external wall cladding , is the most ideal thermal insulation system in terms of building physics  . In addition, the product range of exterior sheathing models in Metpor Dekor  is quite wide. Exterior styrofoam coating materials  other " exterior sheathing ""  It  is economical compared to material options .

    It is an exterior cladding foam material that wraps the facades of buildings with exterior panels  .  It is possible to make sheathing  and  jamb with facade cladding by using acrylic and mineral structures on jointed exterior cladding material , siding printing cladding materials or different  practical exterior cladding materials to achieve a decorative appearance .

    Sheathing Models, Exterior Cladding Models

    Exterior Coating Examples

    Sheathing is the covering of the exterior wall of  the building with thermal insulation materials in order to prevent heat losses and gains according to seasonal conditions. As a technical definition, it is the application of thermal insulation created on the outer surface of the building in order to reach the necessary heat transmission coefficient without creating a thermal bridge . Eps wall cladding sheets, which are among the leading waterproof exterior materials  , also come to the fore with their decorative feature. 

    It has many advantages in terms of exterior decoration of the building .  It will be very useful for you to examine examples of exterior cladding in buildingsAfter that, it will  be enough to leave the job to Metpor experts by deciding to coat yourself or together with the building management.

    When exterior cladding , that is, " sheathing ", is being done in buildings, thermal insulation materials that will respond to these requirements should be selected and the preferred exterior cladding should be made with styrofoam exterior cladding panels in accordance with the thermal insulation wall system technique .

    Exterior Cladding Models

    Exterior Sheathing Examples

    Wood Look Exterior Cladding Types

    Wood Look exterior cladding gives buildings a natural façade appearance. For this reason , exterior cladding companies prefer foam siding models too much. It is an exterior coating material that breathes through the air barrier. It is very light compared to other  exterior cladding material options.

    You can reach our article about villa exterior cladding models  from the link. It is among the exterior cladding models that provide an aesthetic appearance as well as protecting  the walls of the buildings in coordination withthe insulation to be applied at the same time with the system . Wooden patterned exterior cladding styrofoam prices are much cheaper than original wood materials. 

    Stone exterior cladding, on the other hand, gives buildings a natural visual. Covering the exterior of the building with stone-looking styrofoam jamb coating materials provides thermal insulation, that is, sheathing , as well as real stone texture visuals and does not add extra burden to the building. However, exterior cladding prices are much more economical on an m2 basis.

    Sheathing Images, Exterior Cladding Models

    Metpor Jamb and Sheathing Examples Precast Exterior Coatings

    Metpor does not manufacture precast jambs . Since we get a lot of questions in our article, we write it for informational purposes. Precast exterior cladding models are a concrete program with superior strength. It is obtained from the mixture of silica sand and white cement. It has been used in the USA and European countries since the late 70s. Precast cladding models, whose consumption has become widespread in Turkey , have the feature of being applied to all kinds of buildings.

    • Examples of exterior sheathing
    • exterior cladding images
    • Building exterior sheathing models

    Precast exterior cladding models known as  " Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete , GFRC" are used in many different architectural façade applications in conjunction with fiber concrete cladding or cement and styrofoam exterior panels. Precast used as exterior cladding material does not have the ability to insulate water, moisture, heat and sound and is not  among the thermal insulation materials . It brings additional burden to the precast structure, which is quite heavy exterior cladding options.

    Precast exterior cladding material prices are up to 200% more expensive when compared to styrofoam exterior sheathing models . Due to the lack of sufficient technology in the past, precast coatings and sheathing companies that make exterior facade applications in buildings were found to be expensive in terms of both labor prices and sheathing material prices , and today they left their place to eps styrofoam coatings. In addition, the thermal insulation rate of precast exterior cladding materials is very low. You can get detailed information from our exterior sheathing prices article.
    House Exterior Models, Sheathing Models

    Exterior Sheathing Examples

    Aluminum Composite Panel Exterior Coatings
    Aluminum Composite Panel is made of non-toxic (environmentally friendly) polyethylene between aluminum in detailed thicknesses (0.50 mm, 0.30 mm, 0.21 mm) on both surfaces, and its outer surface is covered with different colors. It is an exterior cladding material that is frequently preferred in  contemporary architectural structures , covered with plastic film in order not to damage the colored surface  during transportation, storage and program step. Durable and durable against impact and breakage , other sheathing materials
    It is lighter when compared to the front and does not bring additional load to the front. It is easy to process in the manufacturing step, and then easy to maintain and hygienic. Options such as granite and wood pattern are available. It can also be used on interiors.

    Composite Facade Cladding Models

    Mansion Printing and Exterior Sheathing Models with Joints

    The siding-printed exterior claddings manufactured using  natural sheathing materials or the fuga siding models provide an aesthetic appearance to the exterior with their wooden texture" Exterior paint " can be applied on it, it is resistant to moisture, does not swell and spill, has long-term durability, is resistant toheat and fire, can be easily applied to all kinds of buildings. 

    Since it is produced with the technique of coating acrylic-based fibrous plaster on EPS thermal insulation boards , the material has both thermal insulation and  water insulation capabilities, exterior coating types can provide sheathing between 40 - 60% according to the  program quality .Mansion Printing Exterior Cladding Models

    Building Exterior Cladding Images

    Heat losses in buildings; It occurs in doors and windows, roof, floor, ventilation systems and walls. The places where the highest energy loss occurs are the walls of the buildings. Preventing these heat losses and maintaining reasonable heat in buildings for a longer time is possible with thermal insulation on the walls.

    METPOR's " exterior cladding models " provide thermal comfort by balancing the temperature difference in the spaces we live in. It increases the durability of structures and prolongs their life. It reduces investment costs with the energy savings provided by exterior sheathing. It changes the atmosphere of our homes with its decorative visuality. " Sheathing models " contribute to environmental protection while providing energy savings by using energy more efficiently. How to choose a sheathing company by clicking on the exterior sheathing companies link you can learn.

    It is suitable for exterior  sheathing  and  interior sheathing  and all  insulation applications  .  We offer you as the largest  interior  and exterior wall jamb coating material  manufacturer , Metpor products that can be used as insulation products,   both  indoor  and  outdoor wood-like facade coating materials in facade sheathing applications, visually enriching the  jamb and sheathing products and thermal insulation materials   .  

    Exterior Sheathing Models

    With Exterior Coating, an average of 40% to 60% thermal insulation savings can be achieved. While the exterior panels provide benefits to the home economy and the country's economy, the long-term benefits to nature should not be overlooked. You can reach our exterior sheathing materials article by clicking the link.

    How to plan interior wall insulation?We will share it later in our article. We have to face high natural gas and electricity costs in order to have more heating needs in modern buildings in winter and to cool these buildings in summer. "Istanbul" our city is the center point for " jacketing trends " as in many other subjects .sheathing companyis found. Since our country is not rich enough in terms of energy resources, the costs are very high. Putting all these negativities on top of each other , it is seen as an inevitable fact that " sheathing in buildings " applications are an indispensable application in a building today.

    Exterior Cladding Images

    Metpor Jamb & Sheathing Models "Natural Stone Look Exterior Panels"

    Stone wall cladding and sheathing types can be used with the aim of protecting the houses against impacts and abrasions caused by regional factors, or they can also be used with the aim of providing the facade and environmental order because it prevents the relationship of the houses with the soil floor. Stone cladding, which is usually formed by using biscuit bricks, creates different designs on the facades of villas or buildings with its unique color and provides many advantages in homes. What is exterior sheathing? You can get detailed information from our article. You can also access our building exterior images article by clicking the link.

    Sheathingby preventing heat loss on the facades of buildings.buildingin the yearsreduce energy useIt is an important building technology for The outside temperature in buildings is very different from the desired indoor temperature. For this reason, people have to heat or cool their homes 

    Sheathing can be applied to exterior walls, roofs, soil contact areas, floors separating floors, parts facing unheated sections such as warehouses, garages, and cold storages .

    How is Exterior Cladding (Heat Insulation) Made?

    What are the Benefits of Exterior Cladding?

    1. We reduce the consumption of natural resources and air pollution,
    2. If you make exterior cladding with sheathing,  we will contribute to the economy of the individual and the country by providing an average of 50% fuel savings.
    3.  The heat of the houses is evenly distributed in the buildings where the sheathing system is created. Our "indoor" comfort in buildings increases.
    4. Siding  increases the safety of your building. We practically reduce the wear and tear on the walls caused by heat and cold with humidity.
    5. We will have an aesthetic appearance created by the exterior cladding on the exterior of your building .  

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