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Waterproof Exterior Cladding Materials and Types

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Exterior Cladding Materials, Styrofoam Facade Cladding Supplies

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Exterior Cladding Materials, Styrofoam Facade Cladding Supplies

    Exterior Cladding Supplies and Technical Specifications

    In this article, we will talk about the following practical exterior cladding topics;

    While planning the exterior cladding in the buildings , "sheathing materials", which are well analyzed and chosen correctly , offer the "insulation" feature that the exterior needs with its quality structure and contribute both visually and for insulation purposesin both new buildings and old buildings That's why everyonewants to use whichever " good sheathing brand " is. In some cases, the type of material we choose as the best exterior cladding may produce unexpected results.

    Having a standard appearance in building facade designs is not a satisfactory situation for the architect of the building. For this reason, the designer carries out detailed exterior cladding studies with " facade cladding materials ". However, the types and prices of these practical exterior cladding materials vary. 

    It should be satisfactory not only for the architect but also for the residents or villa owners. The reason for this is that the buildings are constructed in different types, the special requests of the individuals, and the preferred thermal insulation materials are of different qualities. There are exterior cladding materials such as stone cladding, parquet profile, wooden wall cladding , and detailed jamb cladding. Generally, it is extremely important to have integrity in site structures.

    Exterior Cladding Materials and Properties

    For this reason, what needs to be done is to make the same exterior applications in all buildings and the quality of each of them is the same. When choosing sheathing materials , in addition to choosing a facade coating material that can meet the needs of the building , exterior coating materials and prices should be economical.

    At this point, styrofoam facade cladding materials come to the fore as our closest business partner. because the cheapest material on the basis of m2 price in terms of exterior cladding materials and prices is styrofoam foam coatings . Quality exterior cladding materials can sometimes appear as wooden exterior cladding materials and sometimes as aluminum siding materials .

    Composite exterior Cladding m2 Prices
    Waterproof exterior materials Prices
    Exterior Cladding materials prices
    Water-resistant exterior materials

    However, these exterior cladding materials are very expensive in terms of their properties and the m2 unit prices of the materials. At this point, Metpor wood-like exterior cladding materials come to our aid. For aluminum facade cladding, our problem is solved with metallic-based exterior paint. Metpor Wood-like exterior cladding materials are both inexpensive and lightweight materials. Moreover , they are excellent thermal insulation materials that offer a performance that will surprise you with their real wood texture.

    Styrofoam exterior cladding materials give us great advantages at three points. 

    These advantages are;

    1. Foam siding materials are so flexible in design that they offer the opportunity to make thousands of different combinations.
    2. Styrofoam house exterior cladding materials do not require construction, they are practical and very cheap exterior cladding materials with their adhesion system to the structure. 
    3. Styrofoam exterior cladding materials do not add weight and increase the load like  aluminum or wooden exterior cladding materials.

    Types of Exterior Cladding Materials

    Various exterior cladding materials and construction companies or private siding companies create design wonders . Metpor exterior cladding materials, such as siding printing, fuga liner, terracotta cladding and wood-patterned exterior cladding, not only  add visuality to buildings, but also carry a high degree of sheathing, that is, insulation .

    You can access up-to-date price information from the styrofoam prices link  for building exterior cladding materials .

    It can also be used as exterior insulation materials for exterior cladding  plates in buildings, building elements that reveal the walls, roofs and floors of buildings, and for the insulation of installation systems and door-window insulation. Qualified joinery and insulating glass units of these thermal insulation materials are also very important for effective "heat insulation".     

    Knowing the properties of thermal insulation materials is one of the main issues to be considered in order not to have hesitations in choosing thermal insulation materials for exterior cladding in buildings. In addition, window jambs are strong thermal insulation materialsThey are basic insulation materials that contribute to energy savings by providing high "insulation" there.             

    What are Exterior Cladding Materials?

    Waterproof Exterior Cladding Materials and Types

    While making exterior cladding application, the visuality of the buildings is also considered today. For this reason , decorative jacketing application methods are preferred. When it comes to exterior cladding models , it is seen that there are different decorative exterior cladding materials.

    Even not a corner or a small area of ​​the building, the decoration applied is in the form of dressing the entire facade with " exterior cladding materials ". For this reason, it is possible to achieve a decorative appearance by using acrylic and mineral structures on the preferred fluted exterior cladding materialsiding printing cladding materials or different practical exterior cladding materials, with facade cladding, sheathing and jamb.

    Parquet profiles or glass-covered structures are also preferred, especially in detached housesThere are different decor-themed works according to the special tastes of the people.

    What are Exterior Cladding Materials?

    Exterior Cladding Materials and Thermal Insulation Plates

    While it is generally desired to obtain thermally insulated buildings, sometimes exterior cladding materials are used to serve decorative purposes. Exterior cladding materials appear as styrofoam-based decorative exterior cladding materials such as stone-like decorative styrofoam, wood-like exterior cladding, stone-patterned cladding.

    Sometimes, homeowners or designers using their imaginations work wonders with different siding materials. In such cases, sheathing material prices may increase. Building owners allocate an extra budget for exterior decoration  and make reasonable choices for that budget.

    For this reason, an exterior coating that gives the most reasonable and practical suggestion to the market conditions should be agreed with the sheathing companies. But it is also very important not to have a poor quality work done so that the price is cheap. For this reason , reference should be requested from the authorities of the exterior coating companies and it should be understood whether they know what they are doing.

    Detached House exterior Cladding models
    Exterior jamb models
    Villa exterior Cladding models
    Exterior Cladding materials PDF

    Exterior Cladding Materials and Prices

    There are many different models and ideas about exterior cladding . For original thoughts and exterior decoration prices , doing a review first would be the best start. To do this, before contacting a company,  you need to choose a practical exterior cladding panel by having an idea about how to decorate.

     You can continue to follow us to have information about the preferred curtain wall materials . You should pay attention to which of the facade cladding materials you prefer, such as stone, wood, glass. You can also choose to use them together and produce ideas for original designs.

    By searching the internet in the form of exterior cladding images , you can direct the building facade design that will be formed in your mind. Then what needs to be done is to exchange ideas with the exterior coating companies and find the most reliable and the most reasonable suggestion.

    It is used in all houses, apartments, hospitals, libraries, public buildings where energy is used in exterior cladding materials to reduce energy use and to live more comfortably.

    Types of Exterior Cladding Materials

    Exterior Cladding Materials and Properties
    1. The coating used on the Sheathing Boards is acrylic based and is extremely resistant to external conditions.
    2. It is not affected by water, humidity, frost and UV.
    3. It is flexible and does not crack.
    4. The heat transfer coefficient is very low. (0.031 – 0.035 W/mK)
    5. It has a high thermal insulation value.
    6. It is economical.
    7. It provides up to 60% gain according to the shape and location of the structure.
    8. The system pays for itself in 2 - 4 years.
    9. The system continues to provide savings throughout the life of the building.
    10. The fire class is B1. In other words, it does not carry the flame.
    11. It is not harmful to human health and the environment.
    12. It does not contain insects and animals.
    13. It does not absorb water.
    14. It does not lose its thermal insulation properties over time.
    15. It is light, does not impose a significant load on the structure.
    16. It is suitable for building physics, it breathes.
    17. It does not create a thermal bridge as its edges are lamps.
    18. It is easy to apply, its application is much faster and cleaner than sheathing applications (plastered, mesh).
    19. It can be painted with any non-solvent based paint.
    20. It provides the possibility of design, decorates the building.
    21. It is compatible with jamb, floor molding and sill profiles to be applied on them.
    22. It does not create a thermal bridge. 
    Where is Exterior Coating ( Sheathing ) Made in Buildings?

    The points that need to be practically heat insulation with the exterior cladding material to be chosen in the buildings are as follows:

    1. exterior walls,
    2. Walls and floors facing unheated areas such as warehouses or garages,
    3. sloping and flat roofs,
    4. Floors and walls that have a relationship with the soil,
    5. Installation elements such as ventilation ducts, installation pipes,
    6. dating soles
    Exterior Coating Materials Manufacturing

    For a medium-sized building, this process can take an average of 3 to 4 weeks. In the process, special practical  exterior cladding panels with low heat permeability are used and these sheathing materials are applied to the roofs, walls or floors of the buildings.

    Specially coated insulating glass units, insulated joinery and jamb materials are used for thermal insulation applications on windows . It is one of the most important points that should not be overlooked when making thermal insulation. Insulation of the installation with thermal insulation materials will be a very useful application from a  practical point of view.

    The adaptation of the construction industry to technology provides better quality buildings over time and new buildings become useful both visually and functionally. Today, all façade companies apply sheathing procedure to the outer surfaces of the buildings in their new projects.

    There are dozens of types of sheathing application . Exterior cladding materials also vary inthese processes applied by the companiesHowever, a few main reasons should be considered when choosing exterior cladding material .

    Factors such as durability of the material, not being easily affected by water and moisture, resistance to fire, pressure and tensile strength, vapor diffusion resistance, unit volume weight, plaster adhesion, workability, longevity and being economical should be considered.

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