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What is External Wall, Exterior Facade Applications

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  • What is Exterior?, External Wall Facade Applications

What is Exterior?, External Wall Facade Applications

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What is Exterior?, External Wall Facade Applications

    What is Exterior?, External Wall Applications

    What is an exterior? ; The general name of the area covering each m2, with each surface of the building advancing vertically on the surface of the architecture, is called " exterior ". In the glossary of architectural terms , the exterior is also referred to as "appearance" or "façade".

    In this article, we will cover the following topics:

    1. Building Facade

    1. What is Sheathing?
    2. Best Exterior Cladding
    3. Exterior Cladding Materials Prices
    4. Villa Exterior Cladding Models

    2. Waterproof Exterior Materials

    1. Exterior Cladding Composite
    2. Exterior Cladding Types and Features
    3. Wood Look Exterior Cladding Materials
    4. Exterior Sheathing Prices

    3. Exterior Wall Cladding

    1. Insulated Exterior Cladding
    2. Slatted Cladding Panels
    3. Heat Insulated Exterior Cladding Prices
    4. Prefabricated House Exterior Cladding Prices
    5. Old Building Exterior Renovation - Jamb Models Review

    4. Sheathing Manufacturing

    1. Betopan Facade Cladding Prices
    2. Laminated Coating
    3. Self Painted Sheathing
    4. EPS Coating

    5. Conclusion

    Facade Applications in Old Buildings

    As an architectural description, "exterior" is an "architectural" term used to refer to the exterior facing façade of a building. In addition to the front face, the term "facade" is also used for the rear and side faces. The front facades of the buildings are more important than the side and rear facades in terms of design principles and determining the "architectural" style of the rest of the building. In addition to aesthetic expectations, different " facade systems " such as exterior cladding , cladding and exterior insulation are preferred in terms of reducing energy costs .

    What is Exterior

    Features of Exterior;

    1. It should be resistant to the chemical effects of the atmosphere.
    2. It should not be damaged by the harmful effects of sun rays.
    3. It should not be damaged due to expansion and contraction that may occur with temperature difference.
    4. It should not deteriorate in precipitation waters and should not take water inside.
    5. It should have ventilation feature.
    6. It must be resistant to wind load and impermeable to wind.
    7. It should be in accordance with the architectural characteristics of the building and should be aesthetically pleasing.
    8. Exterior plaster should be easily repairable.
    9. It should be resistant to all kinds of climatic conditions.

    External Wall Foam Styrofoam Materials

    As an architectural description, the facade describes the exterior of a building. The term façade is also used to describe the rear and side façades as well as the  front . Along with the design elements, exterior applications are made for energy saving . This " exterior application " is the most preferred technique and " exterior jacketing " application. Sheathing is done with the help of exterior cladding panels , which have the ability to adapt to summer and winter conditions on the facades . " Exterior cladding panels " are also called exterior foam in the building industry.

    Facade Types and External Wall Insulation

    Facade types , which are important factors that directly affect sales in the real estate sector, are divided into 7 main headings. These are named as double façade, free façade, "side façade", "back façade", "front façade", interior façade, section "facade" according to the faces of the building.

    With the exterior cladding materials and  exterior cladding composite curtain wall systems used in the exterior application techniques of the buildings, both the renovation needs of the buildings and architectural arrangements can be made for energy saving.

    Although there are no sharply defined definitions in the literature on façade systems, various exterior cladding images are available on an ongoing basis. In facade cladding systems , many materials and techniques can be used together, as well as aluminum exterior cladding composite and exterior cladding styrofoam plates and jamb models . What is sheathing? You can also use our article.What Does Exterior Mean?

    Renovating the External Wall of Old Buildings

    Winter: Summer does not leave the house, the need for heating decreases. Summer: Summer is not entering the house, there is less demand for cooling. If we focus on energy saving measures , insulation is an important point. The presence of insulation panels on faces, ceilings, false ceilings and floors in the case of horizontal members outdoors or in unaffected rooms .

    In the case of a mask, the position of the mask is very important because when removed from the outside, all layers of the body are positioned at a temperature similar to the indoor environment, improving thermal insulation, all thermal bridges. Eliminate and prevent condensation, but the most expensive solution for cost. Installation of scaffolding and accessories .

    When calculating insulation, you need to consider:
    Type of insulation. Each material has its own characteristics ;

    Wall condition to be insulated. The material from which it is made will have a significant impact. The construction of the building, the presence of cracks, protrusions, metallic elements also significantly reduces the ability of the wall to accumulate heat;

    The purpose of the pristine room. As a result, the insulation requirements for bathrooms and garages are different. You need to understand that even when heating the house, the bedroom should be warmer than the hallway.

    home location. Here the role is played by the wind, the amount and level of precipitation, the minimum temperature.

    Restoration Works with Exterior Cladding Foam Materials

    Building components that prevent the outside air and rain from entering the building and add an aesthetic view are called " exterior cladding ". Sheathing materials can be designed as a stand-alone building envelope, or they can also contain thermal insulation , that is, sheathing feature.
    Curtain wall materials, which can be described as vertical building envelopes, do not carry structural loads other than the load on the exterior and their own weight. Although metal-bearing glass facades usually come to mind when it comes to exterior styrofoam cladding , they can be constructed with detailed materials and techniques, including non-load-bearing concrete panels. Major building facadesystems are facade panel, unit, classical, structural putty and structural sealing. They are the materials that protect the effects coming directly from the outside of the building, that is, from the atmosphere, from the wall core of the building. The main function of siding in buildings; to provide thermal insulation and aesthetically, to provide a decorative feature in terms of architectural appearance. Exterior cladding is an " application " technique that provides " insulation " by reducing sound and heat transfer . You can reach our article about Exterior Cladding Images from the link.

    It provides the optimum thermal level by increasing the heat transmission resistance. When "insulating" the building, it is necessary to consider the whole building, not a part of the building. Because the purpose is to obtain a healthy exterior insulation in terms of use. With exterior cladding models, while the life of the building is extended, it also prevents possible heat loss and provides energy savings. You can find out by clicking the link from our article on exterior sheathing examples . The energy savings provided contribute to both nature and people's economy. In addition, measures are taken against factors that may adversely affect human health. 

    Exterior Sheathing Jamb Application"Front" Dictionary Meaning : Forehead, Side, Neck

    As an architectural description, " exterior " is a term that describes the exterior facing facade of a building. In addition to the front face, the expression " exterior " is also used for the rear and side faces . We have said that the facades of the buildings are important in terms of determining the design and the " architectural " style of the building . There are seven types of facades in architecture. These are called double, free, side, rear, front, interior, and sectional facades according to the faces of the building.

    Exterior Coating Application

    Facade Systems and Facade Cladding Models

    Building components that prevent the outside air and rain from entering the building, provide an aesthetic appearance and have an " insulating " feature are called " exterior cladding ". thermal insulation materials  are generally selected from materials with thermal insulation properties.
    Facade Cladding

    Curtain facades , which can be described as vertical building envelopes , do not carry structural loads other than the load on the " exterior " and their own weight. Although metal carrier glass façades usually come to mind when " exterior cladding " is mentioned in buildings , they can be made with detailed materials and techniques, including non-load-bearing concrete panels.

    In the early periods of human history, individuals felt the need for shelter because they were exposed to external nature effects. First of all, by using ready-made caves, they felt the need to be protected against wild animals as well as natural events such as rain, snow, fog and cold.

    Later, they built their own shelters underground by digging the ground. As time passed, architectural needs developed along with people. Gradually, basic architectural elements such as roofs, windows, rooms and doors began to take place in the accommodation spaces.

    Exterior Cladding Models

    People who came out of the underground caves have started to build their own living spaces using different building materials . And right after this point, the architectural concept that we call " facade " entered our lives. After a while , nature, which we mentioned above, with various materials, has gained the concept of " architectural " identity while resisting natural events.
    Roofs were created by covering the buildings, and rooms were created by means of walls due to their various needs, and spaces suitable for their own lives emerged in this way.
    In buildings, exterior facade or interior facade now opposes nature , started to gain different architectural meanings . It has been an artistic element that symbolizes and explains the common values ​​of the society such as social, economic, military and art of each period and ensures that it is transferred to the next generations. Facade in the 21st Century
    Detailed Information About the Exterior

    The " facade " in the 21st century , especially the exterior , was formed from the inside out, in line with the needs of the people, by spreading over time. With the development of science, technology and construction techniques, it has brought a different understanding of " exterior " in the sense of accelerating the workmanship of exterior materials and architecture and reducing costs . " Exterior cladding " products
    , which can be applied practically, financially economically and respond to human needs, have taken their place. These exterior materials , which can be easily applied in new buildings , provide more exterior prices for existing structures.are higher and more laborious applications. Exterior jacketing should be applied in order to give visuality to the existing structures and to obtain maximum efficiency from the heat .

    Exterior jacketing and jamb application meets boththermal insulationand waterproofing needs of buildings. Together with the decorativeexterior jamb profiles, it gives the building an architectural identity. You can reach our article on the prices of exterior cladding materials in buildingsfrom the link.Facade Types

    Old Building Exterior Renovation

    Yılkar İnşaat has a team of Architects, Civil Engineers, qualified journeymen and masters with experience in Turkey and abroad. As the oldest company that manufactures decorative exterior cladding and exterior siding products in Turkey  , it continues its activities as the manufacture of siding and siding in Istanbul. In short , we can say that Metpor is the top of the list among the biggest facade companies . It also responds to your solutions about jamb models or sheathing materials in a short time. But it is a very damaging business in the long run. While we, faced with hundreds of ruined "exteriors", have you do your exterior work, exterior cladding companies with deep-rooted references
    We recommend that you work with In terms of exterior cladding styrofoam prices , Metpor Jamb & Sheathing does its part in exterior cladding prices until the end.

    The Best Facade Cladding
    Inaddition to our leading cities such as Istanbul , Ankara, Izmir, Adana, Bursa, Mersin, Konya, there are exterior jamb manufacturing and exterior wall cladding companies in all regions of Turkey .

    Mansion-printed facade cladding , which  is manufactured using  natural insulation materials  , gives an aesthetic view to the facades with its wooden view. It can be painted over, is resistant to moisture, does not swell or spill, has long-term resistance, is resistant to heat and fire, can be easily applied to all kinds of buildings. Since it is produced with the technique of coating acrylic based fibrous plaster on EPS thermal insulation boards  , it has both heat and  water insulation  capabilities. Depending on the quality of the insulation application, it can provide heat insulation between 40 - 60%  .

    Exterior Cladding of Buildings

    Today, instantly, all construction companies  apply sheathing  types to the outer surfaces of the buildings in their new projects.  There are dozens of types of  exterior coating application. The " sheathing materials "  used in these processes applied  by the  sheathing companies that make exterior applications also vary. But when choosing between " sheathing materials in buildings ", a few main reasons should be considered. Sheathing material prices for 2019  , you can reach the details by clicking on the link.

     It will be possible to provide comfort in your buildings with thermal insulation materials of varying thickness and densities  .  In addition to the sheathing processes, the trick is to make thermal insulation, which can be applied later on  ,  and you can have thermal insulation  programs done by  using  the best sheathing materials for your needs  . The materials preferred for sound insulation allow the application  of " heat insulation " by applying them later to the structures. What is sheathing?  You can also use our article.

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    Metpor offers custom exterior cladding solutions combining aesthetics, quality, functionality, insulation, and materials. With our high-quality insulation, trust us to give your building a unique look while achieving energy savings. Discover the best sheathing, jambs, thermal insulation, and cladding materials at Metpor. We provide economical manufacturing of EPS foam insulated facade panels in Istanbul. Utilize our communication channels for 2023 Exterior Cladding Export and Import.

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