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What is Siding?, Siding (Weather Boarding) Patterned Sheathing Boards

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  • What is External Wall Cladding?, Production of Siding Patterned Cladding Boards

What is External Wall Cladding?, Production of Siding Patterned Cladding Boards

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What is External Wall Cladding?, Production of Siding Patterned Cladding Boards

    What is External Wall Siding?, External Wall Siding Patterned Sheathing Boards

    It has become more and more important every day to save energy and prevent heat loss in buildings. While sheathing is applied on the facades of the buildings, mansion press jacketing systems are usedboth to cover the exterior of the building and to provide architectural identity and visuality.

    When we say Siding jacketing prices in buildings, the square meter price of sheathing is 39.00 ₺ + VAT for 3 cm in m2 unit, while 44.00 ₺ + VAT  is calculated for 4 cm. These  jacketing styrofoam prices   remain valid for 2019 . While the exterior sheathing prices were 24.00 TL + VAT in 2018, prices increased in 2019  due to  exchange rate fluctuations in Dollar and  Euro  currencies  .

    2021 sheathing prices  are  46.00TL + VAT for 3 cm siding press jacketing plate, 52.00TL + VAT for  4 cm siding press sheathing plate . The price per m2 of 5cm Yali printing exterior sheathing plate is 56.00TL + VAT. The prices of these thermal insulation boards are per m2 unit price of siding press jacketing and jointed jacketing, which  decorative  jacketing types .

    You can find various data on the siding printing exterior cladding materials  in the developing sections of our page. You can place an order with us for your manufacturing or program works by examining our articles and products for the production of Siding models and jamb models, withthe current  Siding material and labor prices in Istanbul , and you can work with us both economically and with a guarantee. By calling our contact numbers, you can definitely benefit from extensive information aboutexploration, design and Siding prices. Definitely take advantage of our free survey and  siding printing siding m2 prices  services. By making site exploration, calculating the quantities, Get all the costs from Metpor by choosing the Siding exterior cladding material.

    What is External Wall Weather Boarding Patterns (Siding)?

    The siding materials, which provide design opportunities by making the thermal insulation and exterior cladding of the building , are produced from a thermoplastic material we call EPS styrofoam polystyrene foam. Styrofoam insulation boards are light and durable thermal insulation materials, and they are insulation materials with excellent thermal insulation metric values.

    The building, which is covered with siding-printed sheathing sheets, has the desired exterior accessories and the ability to be painted with the desired color. Marble, granite, ceramic, brick or wood-like exterior texture can be created with mansion-printed wainscot coating . These sheathing techniques, also called siding coating or siding sheathing models, are a sheathing material that has been used quite frequently on exteriors since 2005.

    Products in the form of siding, siding, siding isa highly preferred exterior sheathing technique among sheathing types . The reason why Siding thermal insulation boards are very advantageous as exterior cladding is that  they can be painted directly on the exterior surface without the need for additional mesh plaster, due to the fact that they areself-made plastered, that is, sheathing that does not require plaster.

    What is Mansion Printing?, Mansion Printing Exterior Cladding m2 Prices

    How is Mansion Press Exterior Cladding Made?

    1. Scaffolding is installed on the building facades.
    2. The end parts of the siding printing exterior cladding plate that are overflowing with mortar are smoothed out with the help of a spatula.
    3. The siding printing sheathing board is attached to the facade by gluing by combing the back surface with adhesive.
    4. If desired, it will be doweled in such a way that 2 siding press sheathing plates hit per square meter on the exterior surface .
    5. Dowel locations are placed between joints or under the jamb coatings.
    6. All joints of Yali Basis exterior cladding material are glued with adhesive and the overflowing parts are cleaned with a spatula.
    7. All joints are retouched with jamb mortar and left to dry. After drying, the surface is sanded to ensure smoothness.
    8. Then, the surface is made ready for painting by applying a primer on  the Siding exterior coatings.
    Types of External Wall Siding Sheathing

    Wooden-patterned Siding materials aim to ensure the continuity of insulation by wrapping your buildings like a mantle. " Materials with siding print pattern " on the exterior is the name given to the sheathing system made to  dress the exteriors of buildings

    Exterior  jacketing provides sheathing, which reduces the heating and cooling costs of buildings. Self-plastered jacketing " jacket jacketing " applications, which have been started to be applied in Turkey for exterior jacketing  in recent years , have been registered with standards in American and European countries and have been used for many years with the aim of energy saving.

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