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What is External Facade Wall Coating?, Without Dowels, Without Nets

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  • What is External Wall Facade Coating?, Exterior Cladding Models and Prices 2022

What is External Wall Facade Coating?, Exterior Cladding Models and Prices 2022

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What is External Wall Facade Coating?, Exterior Cladding Models and Prices 2022

    What is Exterior Facade Coating?, Without Dowels, Without Nets

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    • What is facade jacketing?

    The polystyrene material with very high thermal insulation metric values, manufactured with XPS or EPS styrofoam, is cut in the forms of "fluted facade cladding" from the Metpor Jamb & Sheathing product family, namely jamb cladding, siding press cladding and flat thermal insulation plates"Fugal jacketing" , which is obtained by covering it with a special plaster, is a sheathing material that does not require plaster, designed for both insulation and decoration.

    The visuality of the buildings is also an important factor when applying exterior sheathing. For this reason, decorative jacketing application methods are preferred. When it comes to exterior cladding models, it is seen that  there are different  decorative exterior cladding materials.

    The "self-plastered jacketing" system, which we define as facade exterior cladding, is placed 25 or 50 cm above the normal jacketing plateIt is also based on the principle of opening a joint. Facade thermal insulation provides a special appearance to the exterior. In the mesh system, when the masters try to open the joint on the façade, there is no proper workmanship and the facade jacketing becomes more expensive in terms of m2 prices.

    Fuga Exterior Sheathing Applications

    Ready Made External Wall Sheathing Materials That Do Not Require Plaster

    Siding is a ready-made system thermal insulation material that has a unique angled diagonal appearance and is coated with acrylic flexible fiber plaster. Styrofoam siding printing coatings, which are sheathing materials that do not require plaster, much more economical than siding materials made of PVC. It provides serious advantages as thermal insulation. Gap Coating jacketing prices are economicalboth workmanship and thermal insulation material, as they are "ready sheathing boards".

    In the application of exterior sheathing, two separate eps are used. White standard styrofoam eps and carbon eps materials. The thermal insulation numerical value of carbon eps is higher than white eps. Naturally, this is a direct factor in terms of joint joint sheathing prices. 

    The more dense and hard sheathing material, which we define as Xps, is not recommended as it prevents the exterior from breathing.

    Another product of ours is ready-to-use thermal insulation materials, which are coated with acrylic-based flexible fiber plaster. These coatings are ready for application, mesh, plaster etc. materials are not needed. The facade exterior cladding material is called sandy siding in some circles .

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    Fuga Insulation Reviews

    facade Sheathing m2 price 2020

    Ready-Mixed Facade Coatings That Do Not Require Plastering in Sheathing

    facade thermal insulation is a decoration and insulation material, which is known as sheathing that does not require ready plaster , coated with acrylic and mineral materials on EPS sheets of 3 cm, 4 cm, 5 cm or higher thicknesseswe call it as sheathing without a dowel , without a net. facade jamb coating products can be produced in different sizes upon request.

    The dimensions of the material manufactured as standard are 3 cm x 50 cm x 200 cm. The material length of 200 cm is standard, other dimensions can be changed. For exterior sheathing1 facade sheathing plate corresponds to 1m2. facade sheathing boards are produced not only in 3 cm, but also in 4 cm, 5 cm or 6 cm higher dimensions.

    Heat Insulation Systems with Joints

    facade sheathing sheets are produced in a way that interlocks with each other. On the basis of technical information, a 3.5 cm EPS boardsaves up to 42% - 63% on the thermal insulation of an average buildingJoint sheathing systems are known as sheathing application without anchors and nets.

    What is facade Sheathing? The facade cladding system, which we define as, is placed 25 or 50 cm above the normal sheathing plate. is also the openingof a "joint". Fluted exterior cladding materials add a special decorative appearance to the exterior. In the mesh jacketing system,when the joint facades are opened by the masters on the facade, they are not smooth and increase the cost.

    The facade sheathing plate that we will use in exterior cladding is called sandy sheathing, ready sheathing, sheathing that does not require plaster and jamb cladding in some circles. The correct name should be siding with joint facade. You can get information by clicking on the link for m2 prices of facade jacketing .

    How To Make A facade Sheathing How To Make A facade Sheathing
    Fuga Coating m2 Price
    facade Sheathing m2 Price

    Jointed Heat Insulation and Sheathing Systems

    Exterior Sheathing Prices With Fuga

    After the facade EPS exterior cladding materials are adhered to the façade using 4-5 kg ​​of heat insulation adhesive per m², each plate is anchored in 3 places if desired. After making the necessary touch-ups on the joints and dowels, it is covered with a grainy coating.

    Grainy coating : It is a jamb model material, consisting of quartz particles, with a texture, and used for indoor and outdoor purposes.

    It can be applied on plastered, concrete, mosaic surfaces, thermal insulation systems and old self-supporting surfaces. With the help of its formulation, it has the properties of breathing, resistance to sunlight, water repellency and washability.

    Fluted exterior cladding is an ideal material fora perfect sheathingHowever, directly breathing silicone exterior paint can be used instead of a grainy coating. facade facade cladding materials are facade panels that provide the advantage of fast application. Facade facade cladding panels are sheathing sheets with practical, fast decorative features,elaborate application techniques found in flat sheathing (heat insulation mesh, jacketing dowel, etc.).

    A ready-made sheathing that does not require plastering (sheathing without dowels and nets) and "exterior cladding with joint facades" are materials that can be used for exterior paint only with repairs to be made from joints. Today, silicone exterior paints are produced with advanced technology. Silicone or grainy exterior paints are produced in a structure that can provide long-term protection against heavy conditions.

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