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How Is Insulation Made?, How Is Exterior Cladding Made?

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  • How Is Insulation Made?, How Is Exterior Cladding Made?

How Is Insulation Made?, How Is Exterior Cladding Made?

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How Is Insulation Made?, How Is Exterior Cladding Made?

    Exterior Insulation, How is Thermal Insulation Made?

    Following the processes below in the energy efficient renovation of our buildings and insulating our walls with plastered exterior insulation system will help you to successfully implement your investment decision.

    Exterior Insulation, Thermal Insulation Decision and Stages of the Process

    1. Meeting of the residents of the apartment on the subject of sheathing
    2. Making a decision on the subject of insulation (evaluation of roof, floor and installation insulation while making the decision and in this direction
    3. It is important in terms of energy efficiency) and a quorum (at least 51%) for the decision to be taken
    4. Authorization of the apartment / site administration regarding the issue of insulation
    5. Entry of authority and decisions taken in the decision book
    6. Relevant standards and regulations (TS 825 – Thermal Insulation Rules in Buildings, Fire Protection Regulation of Buildings, Energy in Buildings
    7. Deciding on the type and thickness of the insulation material, and the type of topcoat and paint by the Performance Regulation (BEP).
    8. Establishment of technical and administrative specifications on the side of elections.
    9. Initiation of the proposal collection process for the application of exterior cladding by the authorized apartment or site administration .
    10. Procurement of technical specifications, technical sheets and qualification documents required from the company that will perform the insulation application.
    11. Selection within the scope of the system and program qualifications introduced by the sheathing company that will do the insulation work .
    12. Determination of the masters who will do the sheathing
    13. Following the budget evaluation, researching finance models for credit purposes and making a payment plan for the isolation work, if necessary
    14. Making a contract between the apartment or site administration and the thermal insulation company or its subcontractor.
    15. Checking whether the fuse inputs of the masters who will do the insulation have been made.
    16. Control of scaffolding to be used and work safety measures to be taken while insulating.
    17. Starting the jacketing application.
    18. Step-by-step control of thermal insulation application.
    19. Preparing the delivery report.

    Selection of Thermal Insulation Company for Exterior Insulation

    "Exterior cladding companies" should be preferred, which has not left any work unfinished, has a strong financial structure, has sufficient technical and programmer staff, can provide references, offer alternative payment options, and can guarantee at least 5 years for exterior cladding materials and workmanship. What is sheathing? You can also use our article.

    It is important to know that not every material is suitable for insulating your home or workplace. It depends on the installation point (roof, floor, windows, vents, etc.), the thickness of the thermal insulation materials to be used, moisture sensitive, thermal conductivity or R-value, thermal insulation material durability, toxicity level and many more. For this reason, it is important to get consultancy from sheathing companies  and experts  before proceeding with the installation process  of the thermal insulation.

    It is applied like exterior sheathing types. However, the process is reversed here, and the interior jacketing program is made and painted to cover the interior walls with  thermal insulation materials, and it provides the opportunity to make drywall types on the coating. Materials used: EPS, XPS, Carbon EPS, thermal insulation boards can be used.

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