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What is External Wall Sheathing Construction, External Wall Sheathing

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  • What Is External Wall Sheathing? How to Use Sheathing in Construction

What Is External Wall Sheathing? How to Use Sheathing in Construction

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What Is External Wall Sheathing? How to Use Sheathing in Construction

    Best Sheathing (Heat Insulation) Guide 2021 - 2022

    1. What Does Sheathing Mean?

    1. Sheathing Companies Istanbul
    2. External Wall Sheathing Prices
    3. How to Make Simple EPS Sheathing?
    4. How is Thermal Insulation Made in Buildings?

    2. Types of Sheathing in Buildings

    1. External Insulation Models
    2. Types of Exterior Thermal Insulation Materials
    3. Best Sheathing Companies
    4. Which Coating Is Better?
    5. Sheathing Without Plastering

    3. How is Exterior Foam Coating Made?

    1. Detached House Sheathing Prices
    2. House Sheathing Models
    3. Reviews of Those Who Have Made Sheathing
    4. How is Home Insulation Made? Interior Sheathing Method
    5. Best EPS Insulation Brand

    4. Conclusion

    Types of Insulation is a method of thermal insulation applied to the outer walls of the buildings or the surface of the inner walls due to the large increases in energy prices, which are madeto support efforts to improve climatesall over the world "sheathing methods" to be made on building facades provide "energy saving" by increasing energy efficiency in buildings.best known strategy.

    There are many insulation systems for sheathing details and sheathing alternatives. How should a good sheathing be? If you ask. We can say that Metpor is at the forefront among jacketing brands. Although the prices of exterior sheathing vary according to the material type, the cheapest sheathing price is in eps styrofoam material.

    When the exterior cladding of the buildings is made, the energy savings that will arise contribute to the family and country economy. In addition, it contributes to the protection of nature and energy resources and stands out as one of the best measures to prevent damage to the environment.

    Along with the rapid increase in the world population especially in the last century, the need for energy has also increased due to the rapid development of the industry in this period. For this reason, we make exterior insulation in buildings. At the beginning of the facade cladding methods are jointed cladding and siding sheathing.

    Login; What is Building Sheathing (Heat Insulation) Systems?

    This need for energy has led to some studies to be taken for saving in buildings. That 's why,in the simplest terms, sheathing is the process of covering the outer surface of a building with materials with insulating propertiesSheathing is a mandatory "building insulation" program for all newly constructed buildings today. In addition, the renovation of the exterior of old buildings can also be applied easily.

    Regardless of the type of use of the buildings, regardless of the purpose for which they are used, "sheathing" can be applied to every structure, large and small, and thus, "heat saving in buildings" is provided and the life of the building is extended. Sheathing, which is the most effective technique in making a building energy-saving, is an insulation method that has many advantages with its economical priceAll you wonder about sheathing planning answers to questionsThis article, which you can find here, has been written within the scope of the principle of providing information about the thermal insulation of our company as Metpor Dekor eps sheathing and jamb materials.

    1. What is Sheathing (Insulation)?

    What is sheathing?If we continue to answer the question, exterior cladding materials which eliminates heat losses by using thermal insulation We can call it "sheathing" for all of the exterior cladding processes. Sheathing systems applied on the facade of the building are applied in our big cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Antalya and Adana. In the last few years, social awareness has increased in other provinces and regions as well, and exterior cladding or interior spaces have been used in buildings. insulation implementation has been started.

    The main purpose of insulating using exterior sheathing techniques is to prevent the interaction between indoor and outdoor temperatures in buildings. 

    In fact, even a single-story house can be capable of stopping 50% of all heat flow through the ceiling, walls and floor.

    Making thermal insulation in buildings with the sheathing strategy is a smart and sustainable investment, and it is a process that we will see benefits in the short and long term. It was written to give creative exterior cladding ideas about how the right insulation should work when we dress our buildings with quality sheathing materials.

    What is Sheathing?, How is Sheathing Made?

    Why is Sheathing (Insulation) Made?

    This law , known simply as "sheathing law" in the laws of the Republic of Turkey, exterior Our state has brought some rules and standards to its practices. It is a legal obligation to carry out sheathing applications in accordance with these rules and standards in Turkey .

    Thanks to these sheathing rules determined, sheathing has to be done in buildings in accordance with certain standards and quality directives. The name of this regulation published in the official gazette in our country is "TS 825 Standard for Thermal Insulation Rules in Buildings Sheathing as an insulation strategy in buildings is the most popular for exterior façades. Exterior cladding is the application.

    The energy we call heat begins to radiate from the walls, windows, roof and floors of a building. An important issue to be considered before applying sheathing on the exterior of the buildings is the "sheathing analysis".

    Sheathing analysis should be done by the right people who are competent in the job, anda careful and rational approach should be taken about the sheathing details. During the sheathing stages, all insulation stages should be checked by qualified personnel, and if there are some faulty applications, these errors should be corrected. You can reach the details by clicking the link for jacketing prices.

    What are External Wall Sheathing Techniques?

    How to make exterior insulation? If we ask;

    Sheathing applications are applications made to increase comfort in living spaces. The most suitable andbest cladding methodWhen it is done with the right application techniques, the contribution of the jacketing to the family and country economy is quite high. For this reason, an approach such as "sheathing damages" or "interior sheathing damages" is an interpretation made because it is completely incompletely known. The term sheathing damages is a situation that may arise as a result of incorrectly applied sheathing errors.

    Every jacketing application is a useful insulation method. Here we can only give an idea about how efficient the sheathing is. These ideas thus provide highly efficient thermal insulation.

    How Long Does External Wall Sheathing (Heat Insulation) Application Take?

    Sheathing application takes approximately 3 - 4 weeks for a medium-sized standard building. Weather conditions, the size of the building, the number of masters to work in the application can affect this period positively or negatively. Sheathing should not be applied in strong wind, fog or rainy weather conditions. When the conditions are most suitable for sheathing, it is the period when the outer surface to be applied and the ambient temperature are at least +5 o C. You can click on the link to access our article on sheathing foam types.

    Start a Building Sheathing Program Now to Start Saving with Smart Thermal Insulation Methods

    Interior ceilings, cavity walls and exterior walls come first as the areas that need to be sheathed eps styrofoam Since the material can be easily cut in desired forms in CNC machines and can be produced by direct printing method, it can be produced by mold method. exterior cladding models. It offers advantages in making flexible designs for These material types, which offer different variant options, and this unique feature, make these materials one step ahead. Insulating a building with sheathing also reduces energy consumption and, accordingly, fuel consumption. significant savingsprovides.

    Styrofoam sheathing materials produced from Eps and its most important advantages are as follows;

    1. They are products that provide excellent thermal insulation.
    2. Compared to other insulation material types , m2 prices are cheaper.
    3. Thanks to its light weight, it does not bring additional load to the structure.
    4. They are practical jamb coating materials in terms of ease of application.
    5. Because it covers the exterior of the building, it protects the reinforcement and structural components of the building. 

    Less fuel consumption is required for a cleaner nature and environment. Insulation It has been calculated that the CO2 (carbon dioxide) gases emitted to the atmosphere when a building is heated is 45% more than those emitted from a building that is not insulated with a thermal insulation plateSo far, we have simply answered the question "What is Eps jacketing?Now, if you want, let's move on to the information that includes a little more detailed explanations for "sheathing" in our guide.

    Best Sheathing Brand, Current Sheathing Models 2022

    What is the Purpose of Sheathing (Insulation)?

    In other words, if we were to ask What is sheathing?, the purpose of exterior cladding is the applications made to increase comfort in our homes and workplaces, briefly in all interior spaces that are the living spaces of people. It is aimed to provide an environment that is much warmer in winter and cooler in summer, but also cleaner, with less humidity, and thus increasing living standards.

    In order to create a healthy and comfortable living conditions, we apply "exterior cladding" in buildings, houses, apartments or workplaces, that is, in every place and place where people are. You can click on the link for information about exterior thermal insulation prices.

    Briefly, building insulation processes with sheathing is an insulation strategy that increases the quality of life of individuals living in houses .

    How Should a Good Sheathing Be?

    The "facade sheathing" applications planned to be made in buildings have the ability to prevent many problems that may occur in homes and other living spaces. Insulation techniques. While making the sheathing analysis, the material to be selected among the "exterior heat insulation material types" should have the characteristics that can meet the insulation needs of the building.

    Another issue we need to say about sheathing is that it is the "best exterior cladding method" that is applied in all our provinces, especially in big cities, IstanbulSheathing strategy in buildings is not only a method of thermal insulation applied in the " exterior " section of the houses. As a complementary element, there are also "interior wall sheathing" systems among the insulation strategies applied on the interior as well.

    Creative External Wall Sheathing Ideas

    Interior sheathing techniquesto sheathing without installing scaffolding. It is not necessary to get permission from the municipality for thesheathing application Therefore, there is no such document as "sheathing municipality permit".

    When planning sheathing, the U-value or heat transfer coefficient is used to describe the insulating ability of an entire structural member . The heat transfer coefficient shows the amount of heat passing through the building (eg a roof). The lower the U-value, the less heat loss and insulation properties.
    We must not forget! "The energy we do not consume is the cheapest energy" .
    When Planning Thermal Insulation with Sheathing Techniques, the first thing to consider should be "Strategy for Reducing Energy Requirements".

    Sheathing Materials, Which Is the Best Sheathing?

    2. How is Carbon EPS Styrofoam Polystyrene Exterior Foam Coating Made?

    Sheathing net and sheathing dowel are used in "classic sheathing" systems, which are defined as flat sheathing. Carbon reinforced gray EPS styrofoam foam that provides insulation, best sheathing materials foremost among them. It is an EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) thermal insulation material with a perfectly designed "insulation" feature thanks to the graphite heat reflectors within the carbon black EPS. Styrofoam is the most preferred sheathing type among exterior cladding materials.

    carbonaceous EPS styrofoam materials. It is these graphite heat reflectors that give the black or gray color. Graphite reflects hot and cold better, making it more efficient than conventional (white standard) EPS styrofoam. Carbon black EPS Styrofoam sheathing materials, which are in the B1 class fire category, are included in the thermal conductivity group 035 even at low densities (TS 7316 - EN 13163).

    Sheathing Types, Best Sheathing Method

    Compared to classical white EPS styrofoam, carbon EPS has the ability to show high performance in insulation despite its lower thickness due to the low densities thermal conductivity group of 035. Of course, this cladding ability black carbon reinforced EPS styrofoam materials are slightly more expensive than the classic white EPS styrofoam in terms of "sheathing prices".

    The materials we call classical jacketing package systems, jacketing dowel, thermal insulation plaster mesh, decorative coating , exterior paint, etc. These are insulation systems formed by many components such as When it comes to Eps jacketing types, the first thing that comes to mind is the word "sheathing foam". Often mixed with polyurethane foam. But sheathing foam is called eps styrofoam material. 

    If sheathing package systems will be used in insulation, an important detail to be considered is the package system manufacturer's reliable companies that between. Which coating is better? If we ask, Jointed jacketing Sheathing systems such as siding or siding are ready-made thermal insulation boards produced in our Metpor Dekor facilities. When you google how a good sheathing should be, it will bring you here. A good jacketing should be Metpor Brand. We have a special place among jacketing brands.

    External Wall Sheathing m2 Prices

    We are at the forefront among the jacketing brands sold in the market. For this reason, we can say that our prices are quite advantageous since we are among the companies that produce sheathing materials in terms of sheathing prices and m2 prices of sheathing materials.

    Sheathing m2 prices for 2022 

    The price per square meter for m2 is calculated as 29.00 ₺ + VAT for 3 cm and 32.00 ₺ + VAT for 4 cm as a unit of m2. These  jacketing styrofoam prices were valid for 2019 . While the exterior sheathing prices were  24.00 ₺ + VAT in 2018, the prices increased in 2019 due to the exchange rate fluctuations in  Dollar and Euro currencies. 

    The 2020 sheathing prices  are  32.00TL + VAT for the 3 cm sheathing plate, 34.00TL + VAT for the  4 cm sheathing plate . 2021 Ready Sheathing Material m2 unit prices are as follows. The m2 unit price of 3 cm jointed sheathing plate is 45.00 ₺ + VAT,  the price of 4 cm ready sheathing plate is 51.00₺ + VAT . 5 cm jacketing plate is 57.00TL + VAT. 2021  Current Sheathing Prices  are as follows. How is sheathing done? If you say so, you will find the answers to your question in the second part.

    2.1 Types of Sheathing Materials and Best Sheathing Materials

    Jointed sheathing systems are "exterior sheathing" sheetsthat have the ability to provide an aesthetic appearance for architecture and between exterior cladding models to prevent expansion and cracking Fluted exterior cladding application exterior models are one of the most preferred models for 2019 trends. For 2020, orders for jointed sheathing continue to come intensively. Fluted facade coatings and siding printing coatings are sheathing sheets ready forexterior paint application, produced by cutting eps styrofoam blocks in cnc machinesDecorative " building exterior sheathing models " among the materials with the most elegant appearance.They can be used as exterior wall coverings as well as making a difference indoors. 

    Self-plastered ready-made sheathing materials can be produced as exterior cladding boards , as well as "interior insulation board"METPOR facade jamb & sheathing products, exterior cladding a large number of ready-made products in the assortment exterior cladding panels has. 

    Jointed facade cladding has the same technical features as classical mesh jacketing systems. alternative sheathing materials are the coatings we produce. Metpor decor sheathing and jamb coating products are produced in-house.

    Places where Thermal Insulation (Sheathing) is Required in Buildings
    1. On all the outside walls,
    2. On walls and floors facing unheated areas such as warehouses, basements or garages,
    3. On sloping and flat roofs,
    4. On the surface of the floor and walls of the building in contact with the ground,
    5. Ventilation ducts are made to installation equipment such as installation pipes.
    6. "Insulation application" should be done on overhanging floors.
    7. As an advanced level, perfect insulation can be provided by supporting the inner wall with styrofoam wall panels.

    Sheathing Guide 2022 Part 2 ...

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