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What is Thermal Insulation in Buildings, How is External Wall Thermal Insulation Made?

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  • What is External Wall Thermal Insulation?, What Does Thermal Insulation Do?

What is External Wall Thermal Insulation?, What Does Thermal Insulation Do?

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What is External Wall Thermal Insulation?, What Does Thermal Insulation Do?

    What is External Wall Thermal Insulation in Buildings, How is Thermal Insulation Made?

    1. What is thermal insulation? How is Thermal Insulation Made?

    1. Benefits of Thermal Insulation
    2. Factors Affecting Thermal Insulation
    3. Exterior Insulation Techniques
    4. What is heat conduction and "heat insulation"?

    2. Thermal Insulation Materials

    1. Where is Thermal Insulation Used?
    2. Importance of Thermal Insulation
    3. What are the Benefits of Thermal Insulation?
    4. Regulation on Thermal Insulation in Buildings

    3. Why Is Thermal Insulation Made?

    1. Places where thermal insulation is applied
    2. Factors Affecting Thermal Insulation
    3. Best Thermal Insulation Materials
    4. Thermal Insulation Material Recommendation
    5. Exterior Heat Insulation m2 Prices

    4. Conclusion

    What is Thermal Insulation? Where is it used in buildings?

    Building a building is a one-time investment and we need to think wisely when it comes to investment. With increasing global warming and limited energy resources, it is important to produce energy efficient buildings. In order to save and conserve energy, many researchers find ways to optimize the use of available resources. One of these methods widely chosen by many is the application of thermal insulation.

    What is thermal insulation in buildings? why is it done? Because one of the benefits of thermal insulation is that it reduces 50% of energy consumption and provides good conditions indoors. For these reasons, the materials used in thermal insulation should be chosen correctly and of good quality. In our article, what is the "best insulation method in buildings" We will examine it together.

    What is thermal insulation, namely sheathing? ; The process created to limit heat losses and gains in buildings and installations is called " heat insulation". Technically,  thermal insulation , in other words sheathing and jamb  coating applications, "the applications made to reduce the heat transfer between two regions at different temperatures are  called thermal insulation". All events in nature are developing in the direction of decreasing the quality of energy. 

    In this article, we will discuss the following:

    • Types of Insulation Materials
    • Common Methods in Thermal Insulation of Buildings
    • Tips to Remember When Insulating Your Home
    • Benefits of Thermal Insulation
    • Where is Thermal Insulation Used?

    What is thermal insulation?, Thermal Insulation Techniques in Buildings

    What is External Wall Thermal Insulation?

    Exterior jacketing provides not only "heat insulation" but also sound insulation. The insulation board used in the exterior "heat insulation" method isalso very successful in terms of sound insulation. In this way, the outside sounds will be prevented from entering the building, and the inside sounds will also be prevented from coming out.

    Thermal insulation techniques, which will be very useful in buildings that are usually detected in noisy and crowded areas, are  a complete expert on the subject of insulation. In this respect, the "heat insulation materials" to be used in building insulation should be chosen correctly. Before thermal insulation in buildings, "thermal insulation analysis" should be done well. The right material should be selected in line with the purpose of thermal insulation, and every insulation material should not be used randomly. This is the most important value among the heat insulation tricks.

    It is important to know that not every material is suitable for insulating your home or workplace. It depends on the installation point (roof, floor, windows, vents, etc.), the thickness of the thermal insulation materials to be used, moisture sensitive, thermal conductivity or R-value, sheathing material durability, toxicity level and many more. For this reason, it is important to get consultancy from sheathing companies and experts before proceeding with the installation process of the thermal insulation.

    What is Thermal Insulation?

    Programs that minimize the energy consumed in buildings with the aim of heating in winter and cooling in summer are called "heat insulation in buildings". What is thermal insulation? "Thermal insulation materials" created for those who do not know, can provide maximum comfort in low-energy living spaces with its contribution to your budget as well as providing maximum energy savings.

    Measures taken to prevent heat transfer in exterior walls, glass and joinery, roofs, flooring and installations bring savings as well as exterior claddingYou can find a comfortable use in living spaces with the help of exterior cladding models that minimize the effects of factors such as sound, water, humidity, heat and cold in the building environment, which will negatively affect human health .

    • What is thermal insulation physics
    • What are examples of thermal insulation
    • What is thermal insulation and how is it done?

    How is External Wall Thermal Insulation Made?

    By helping to extend the life of the building, you can reverse the situation instead of straining your budget with more renovation costs or less efficiency with high energy. Thermal insulation applications, which are created with many benefits such as energy saving, prolonging the life of the building, increasing the value of the building, fulfilling the comfort conditions in living areas, trusting a healthy life, creating a healthy nature and environment by reducing environmental and nature pollution, help you to increase your quality of life. will allow. In order to make thermal insulation , the insulation needed in the buildings must be done by experts (quality sheathing companies) should be determined, and exterior sheathing programs should be madewith the right thermal insulation materials.

    Meaning of Thermal Insulation, Definition of Thermal Insulation

    It will be possible to provide comfort in your buildings with thermal insulation materials of varying thickness and densities . In addition to the sheathing processes, the trick is to make thermal insulation, which can be applied later on , and you can have thermal insulation programs done by using the best sheathing materials for your needs. The materials preferred for sound insulation allow the application of "heat insulation" by applying them later to the structuresWhat is sheathing? You can also use our article.

    • What is the meaning of thermal insulation
    • What is the purpose of thermal insulation?
    • What is thermal insulation?

    Heat saving can also be achieved by covering the facades with sheathing materials to be programmed on the walls, ceiling, roof or floors. Generally, when a general program procedure for the building is taken into account, you can consult METPOR JAM and JACKET Systems and benefit from their processes to insulate the building.

    You can enable heat saving in your buildings both for the long-term use of the building and for the protection of the building. In this way, it is possible to provide a much more efficient thermal comfort with low energy, especially in the winter months. You can reach the article named The importance of thermal insulation in buildings.

    Thermal insulation, jacketing

    Building Thermal Insulation Prices

    Increasing energy bills also increase the budgets allocated for heating. When it is taken into account that 1/3 of the total energy consumed is spent for residences, "heat insulation" has become a necessity from now on.

    In addition to energy saving, insulation is an application that should be implemented in order to extend the life of the houses, increase their value, provide the desired comfort conditions, lead a healthy life, reduce environmental pollution and create a healthy environment and nature .

    Exterior thermal insulation is the processes created on the exterior walls of the buildings in order to reduce the heat loss between the building components and the outer region by protecting the buildings from the outside weather conditions in order to keep the interior temperature of the buildings at a suitable level, from the cold in the winter and from the heat in the summer.

    • heat insulation materials
    • Materials used in thermal insulation
    • Benefits of thermal insulation
    • How is thermal insulation done?

    In order to create a healthy and comfortable area indoors, it can be summarized as measures that aim to reduce the energy we spend in order to ensure the safety of an average temperature of 20 - 22 degrees, and also extend the life of the building. For detailed information about the thermal insulation prices of buildings, you can benefit from our article on sheathing prices.

    Exterior thermal insulation, Building jacketing, What is thermal insulation?

    Where is Thermal Insulation (Isolation) Used?

    The thermal insulation of the buildings is made on the roofs and walls, the floors separating the floors, the walls and overhangs facing the unheated sections such as garages and warehouses, and the floors resting on the ground. The thermal insulation applicationsurrounding the exterior of the building is called " sheathing ".

    How long and in what weather conditions is it applied? In general, exterior thermal insulation applications
    in the buildings inhabited are completed within two to four weeks for a medium-sized building. It can be applied at any time except very rainy and cold periods. 

    • What is thermal insulation and where is it used?
    • What is thermal insulation and why is it done?
    • Description of what is thermal insulation?

    According to TS 825 and German DIN 4108 norms, which are used to increase the heat conduction resistance of adjacent building materials or to minimize the amount of heat escaping to the outside, materials with a heat conduction coefficient below 0.060 kcal/mh oC are called sheathing materials, and materials above this value are called building materials Exterior cladding materials can be used in the building elements that make up the walls, roofs and floors of the buildings and in the insulation of the installation systems. Along with these materials, qualified joinery and insulating glass units used in windows are also of great importance in effective thermal insulation. In order to clearly select the best thermal insulation materials, the insulation materials It is necessary to know its features well.

    What is the Purpose of  External Wall Thermal Insulation?

    First of all, thermal insulation minimizes the energy costs spent with the aim of heating and cooling and ensures that the average temperature values ​​​​are maintained in the interior. It prevents the formation of mold, humidity, fungus and bad odor caused by moisture. It creates healthy and comfortable living spaces. It protects the carrier system of buildings against corrosion and increases its security against earthquakes.

    What is the importance of thermal insulation?, the benefits of thermal insulation, the importance of thermal insulation in buildings  You can review our articles as different sources.

    • What is thermal insulation and why is it done?
    • What is thermal insulation and where is it used?
    • Briefly, what is thermal insulation?
    • Description of what is thermal insulation

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