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Advantages and Benefits of Exterior Coating

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  • Advantages and Benefits of Exterior Sheathing

Advantages and Benefits of Exterior Sheathing

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Advantages and Benefits of Exterior Sheathing

    Advantages and Benefits of Exterior Coating

    1. The most important factors are the quality of the sheathing materials used during the exterior sheathing  programs,that the reused material is a package system and this package system consists of materials produced by the producer company as first class. Another reason that requires attention is thedegree of thickness of the insulation material to be used. The more the thickness of the thermal insulation material used in " exterior cladding " programsincreases, the higher the level of heat and energy that will be saved.
    2. Of course, finally, it is the healthy application of a healthy exterior sheathing application, which will be done by applying the sheathing programs with the team sent by the right company, in the most accurate way as a result of the consumption of the right materials . Considering all these reasons, thanks to the thermal insulation , if it is made according to the TS 825 level, as a result of the tests and studies, it has been determined that a fuel and energy saving of 50% to 60% is achieved in the buildings.
    3. In addition to the sheathing application in buildings  , there are some types of insulation that can be a plus factor . Among these, insulation techniques that can be applied in windows and joinery, insulation that can be applied in basements, thermal insulation with insulating glass and sandwich panels that can be applied on roofs, and the amount of fuel and energy savings can increase from 40% to 50% to 60%.
    4. The lives of the exterior sheathing programs created according to the TS 825 level with the right company and the right materialare equal to the life of the building. After performing the exterior sheathing application, the paint must be renewed every five years.
    5. In normal conditions , if the exterior sheathing application is applied in a healthy way, it does not experience holistic deterioration, but the exterior coating materials on the ground floors, such as the entrances of the apartments, where people are heavily used , may experience environmental spills if they are exposed to impacts.
    6. These spills are circumvented and there are no casualties after making the necessary corrections. According to the conditions of our country, the life of the building is between 80 and 100 years, so the life of an exterior cladding application is between 80 and 100 years.

    Benefits of Thermal Insulation

    Every building material has a resistance to water vapor transmission. Therefore , sheathing with EPS thermal insulation boards does not prevent the building from breathing; In addition, it provides thermal insulation of the building, protects the building reinforcement and extends the life of the building.
    The breathing of the building walls means that the water vapor in the air inside the building or in our house is discharged from the walls by diffusion. In other words, it is the protection of indoor air quality as a result of expelling the humid air inside.

    As a result of the jacketing applied to the building walls, the water vapor in the air in the building or house should not be prevented from being discharged from the walls. For this reason , the materials used in sheathing should be of materials that will not prevent the passage of water vapor . While selecting all materials from the heat insulation board to the top coat plaster, water vapor transmission coefficients should also be taken into account and relatively low ones should be selected.

    If the eaves of the buildings are the same, the solution of the detail turns into the solution of a dilatation cross-section.

    First of all, it is necessary to build a gable wall at a height close to the roofing level for each neighboring building; A reinforced concrete beam with a thickness of approximately 10-12 cm, which rises 20-25 cm above the roofing level, should be poured over these gable walls.

    To close the gap between these reinforced concrete beams in two neighboring buildings, a solution is reached by using metal or coping jamb materials .

    For those who have not yet done so, winter is a good reason to consider heating the house. In fact, we do not feel heat loss in hot weather as much as we do in cold weather. It is better to consider the correct and effective energy saving at the design stage.

    Measures to improve existing buildings
    Winter: Summer does not leave the house, the need for heating is reduced. Summer: Summer is not entering the house, there is less demand for cooling. If we focus on energy saving measures , insulation is an important point. The presence of insulation panels on faces, ceilings, false ceilings and floors in the case of horizontal members outdoors or in unaffected rooms.

    In the case of a mask, the position of the mask is very important because when removed from the outside, all layers of the body are positioned at a temperature similar to the indoor environment, improving thermal insulation, all thermal bridges. Eliminate and prevent condensation, but the most expensive solution for cost.

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