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Eps Styrofoam Decorative Column Manufacturing

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Eps Styrofoam Decorative Column Manufacturing

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Eps Styrofoam Decorative Column Manufacturing

    What is a Jamb Column?

    Jamb column materials have the appearance of columns used as carriers of a classical trend in buildings, and they are building materials that have decorative exterior decoration elements  and exterior sheathing features .

    It can also be used in the coating of reinforced concrete columns, where a smooth surface cannot be created with an iron or wooden carrier plaster and cannot be visualized. Decorative jamb columns are styrofoam-based insulation materials  , and strength is provided by covering them with acrylic-based mineral exterior plaster. 

    Eps Styrofoam Column Materials are Resistant to the Conditions of the Exterior or Interior Facade with the Hard Plaster Measure Coated on the Surface.

    Jamb Column Models and Prices

    In this case, the columns are hollow and two parts are produced, and the two parts are glued to each other in such a way as to enclose the element to be covered in place. Columns of desired shape and size can be produced. Decorative styrofoam columns can be used in many options with additional parts to the head and feet. These decorative exterior accessories, which are very light and easy, are also very economical compared to their counterparts. They provide significant savings from labor and time. The inside of the column jambs are made of EPS styrofoam sheathing materials , the column should be light, the acrylic based jambs on themIts coating with mortar provides protection against external weather conditions and external impacts. There are column capitals and column feet that can be produced in different 3 dimensions such as ion and doric heads.

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