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L Jamb For Exterior Windows and Doors

Eps Styrofoam L Jamb Models and Prices

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Eps Styrofoam L Jamb Models and Prices

    L Jamb Models, L Jamb Prices

    Today, I would like to elaborate a little more on our other articles about L jamb and exterior cladding . While purchasing the product,it is one of the most important issues that you, our valuable consumers, should pay attention to production network of L-shaped jamb and other sheathing materials, the stock and continuity of the jamb profiles, and the chemical properties of these exterior cladding materials .

    L Jamb Coating Prices

    2021 exterior jamb material mt unit prices  are as follows. The unit price of a 12 x 3 cm standard jamb material mtul is 10.00TL + VAT, 15 x 4cm exterior jamb prices are 13.00TL + VAT. 15 x 5 flat jamb prices are 16.00TL + VAT. These window jamb prices remain valid for 2021 jamb prices.    

    The 2020 exterior wall jamb material mt unit prices  are as follows. The unit price of a 12 x 3 cm standard jamb material mtul is 8.00TL + VAT, 15 x 4cm exterior jamb prices are 11.00TL + VAT. 15 x 5 flat jamb prices are 13.00TL + VAT. These prices remain valid for 2020 exterior jamb prices .   


    L-Shaped Eps Exterior Wall Jambs and Cladding Profiles

    The density (density) properties of EPS used in the production of products, as well as glue-based specially formulated mineral acrylic mortar materials used on the surface of L jamb and jacketing models are among the most important issues to be considered. This specially formulated mortar increases the strength on the surface and provides a serious effect on the prolongation of the life of the products. Another issue is the density of EPS styrofoam materials. If we take the wall thickness of "L jambs" with 16 - 30 density as a basis, they provide an average of 50% thermal insulationYou can reach our floor deletion article from the link.
    L jamb typesWhen you supply the types of sheathing and sheathing, it should be paid attention to whether there is a continuation of the jamb models . Especially prefer companies with a large production network and capacity.

    l-sove-models-and-pricesAs a standard size, L jamb and other L jamb models with a length of 200 cm should be ideally formulated with an average of 3 mm surface mortar. The smoothness of the surfaces of these products, which have different widths and wall thicknesses, is also very important in terms of issues that should not be overlooked. Do not prefer sheathing materials whose surfaces are drilled or left without mortar . Jamb models cause costs for extra labor and heat insulation materials during the program, but they also ensure that the area made after the program has a bad visual appearance.

    Metpor is a company that has reached the highest levels in terms of production network and product stock capacity, has determined its principle as customer satisfaction, and has always raised the bar in order to offer better . We are waiting for you for our L-shaped jamb products.

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