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What is EPS Styrofoam Jamb?

What is EPS Styrofoam Jamb?

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What is EPS Styrofoam Jamb?

    What is EPS Styrofoam Jamb?, Eps Jamb Application Techniques

    EPS jamb has been used from different materials such as stone, marble and wood from past to present, and today the heat insulation material styrofoamis preferred intensively.
    The main reason why styrofoam is preferred in insulation and building decorations is its price insulation performance, as well as factors such as logistics, statics and program simplicity. Exterior jamb application made with sheathing applications Eps jamb, which will be applied within the scope of the project, does not affect the statics of the building as it does not impose an additional load on the structure, regardless of its dimensions or dimensions. For this purpose, precast equivalent programs provide program simplicity without the need for a carcass program and feature sheathing by adding value to your buildings with unlimited historical architectural works.

    What is Eps Jamb?

    Where is Eps Jamb Used?

    eps jambs are the decoration elements we use around joinery in sections such as windows, balconies and door jambs. However , all decoration elements in the market are also called eps jambs.
    Windows are one of the places where heat loss is most common in buildings. Eps jamb programs applied in window centers are useful in preventing heat losses.

    Eps Styrofoam Jamb

    What Should We Pay Attention To In Eps Jamb Applications?

    If the classical thermal insulation technique is applied after the eps jamb program performs thermal insulation, if eps joint insulation is applied before the jamb application phase, it should be done after the jointed sheathing board is applied. Since this procedure sequence will be a session in new buildings, it will allow the façade to move as a whole, and thus, cracks that may occur on the façade will be prevented.
    The second important point is that the eps jamb mortar we use in our products will expand more in temperature changes due to its greater flexibility than cement-based adhesives. provides.

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