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Basement Waterproofing Materials

What is Basement Profile?

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What is Basement Profile?

    What is Basement Profile?, Aluminum Subbasement Profiles 

    It is a reference profile made of aluminum sheet, which is used to protect the system from mechanical and external effects (rain, wind, etc.) where the exterior sheathing plates begin, and to act as a gauge in plaster application, and which is determined mechanically around the beginning. By using the "basement profile", it is ensured that the thermal insulation material is properly placed in the profile and a smooth line is formed.
    Basement Profile

    It is very important that the profile is screwed on the gauge and straight during the production of the Basin Curtain. It must be installed before gluing. Profile selectionshould be selected according to the thickness of the thermal insulation board to be used.

    The basement profile is a reference profile made of aluminum that is mechanically mounted in order to protect the finish on the lower edges of the system and on the side when necessary.

    Basement Profile Application

    In applications that will start above the ground level, first of all, the square, plumb and level of the building will be studied and care should be taken to start the application at the same level according to the location of the building. In the flooded area, the compressive strength of the heat insulation material used at a height of at least 30 cm from the ground level should be at least 200 kPa and the water absorption value by volume in long-term immersion should be below 1.5%.

    Irregularities on the subfloor should be removed by installing the sub-basement profile with impact screws at approximately 30 cm intervals. End-to-end profiles should not be overlapped, 2-3 mm distance should be left between them.

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