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Facade Cladding Material Recommendations and Tips

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  • Insulated Eps Styrofoam Material Ideas and Suggestions

Insulated Eps Styrofoam Material Ideas and Suggestions

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Insulated Eps Styrofoam Material Ideas and Suggestions

    Insulated Eps Styrofoam Material Ideas and Suggestions

    By choosing a professional  sheathing company, it is possible to have an exterior sheathing program  with the qualities you want  in sheathing or jamb applications, with a  professional team and at ideal prices. You can request a price by sending a detailed technical specification to the companies before the  "sheathing" program, and you can easily determine the differences between the companies from the facade cladding  price offers given according to the technical specification you have prepared.

    While it is generally desired to obtain thermally insulated buildings, sometimes exterior cladding materials  are used to serve decorative purposes. Exterior cladding materials  appear as styrofoam-based decorative exterior cladding materials such as stone-like decorative styrofoam, wood-like exterior cladding, stone-patterned cladding.

    Facade Cladding Material Types and Properties

    1. Thermal conductivity coefficients of thermal insulation materials should be small . In this way, they provide " energy saving ".  
    2. Insulation materials to be used in buildings should not be heavy.  
    3. Sheathing materials  should be odorless. It should not emit offensive odors in the long run.
    4. It should have the ability to absorb water and moisture.
    5. " Thermal insulation materials " to be used for insulation should not have gaps where bacteria and pests can nest.
    6. It should be resistant to rotting.
    7. Insulation materials should not lose their first day feature.
    8. It should not be flammable.
    9. Insulation materials should be long-lasting.
    10. It should be suitable for transportation and should not harm human health.
    11. Thermal insulation materials should be economical and available .

    Building cladding materials are generally selected and applied ideally to the design and aesthetic appearance of the building. In Turkey, mostly wood, precast, american siding, composite (alucobont), granite, aluminum, natural stone and glass facade coatings are used. In countries such as the USA, Canada and Australia, exterior companies  use american siding siding siding along with wooden siding on an ongoing basis (depending on thermal conditions).

    Insulated Eps Styrofoam Material Ideas and Suggestions

    The selection of the ideal material suitable for its purpose and  the insulation thickness of the material (polystyrene rigid styrofoam) determine the cost of the insulation. An important point to be considered is the  selection of the region and thickness of the thermal insulation material to be selected  and its long-life usability. The protective layers and covers used on the insulation extend the life of the insulation ( hard foam ).

    Sheathing is the covering of the exterior  wall of  the building with thermal insulation materials in  order to prevent heat losses and gains according to seasonal conditions   . As a technical definition, it  is the  application of thermal insulation  created on the outer surface of the building in order to reach the necessary heat transmission coefficient without creating  a thermal bridge  .

    The siding printed exterior cladding models  manufactured using  natural sheathing materials  or  an  aesthetic appearance to  the  exterior  with their  wooden texture . " Paint applications " can be made on it,  it is resistant to moisture, does not swell and spill , has long-term durability, is resistant to  heat and fire , can be easily applied to all kinds of buildings.  Since it is produced with the technique of coating acrylic-based fibrous plaster on  EPS thermal insulation boards , the material is both thermal insulation  and It has water insulation  capability,  exterior cladding types  can provide  40 - 60%  sheathing , depending on the program quality  .

    Siding (coating) Decorative Facade Coating Materials
    Siding is a heat and water resistant decorative exterior cladding and sheathing form. siding; It is a jamb material that is produced in the form of siding, that is, waterside pressure, of polystyrene plates in factories and covered with a special exterior cladding  .

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