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Fibrous Insulation Materials

Fibrous Insulation Materials

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Fibrous Insulation Materials

    Fibrous Insulation Materials

    Fibrous insulation material is a type of material manufactured from organic and inorganic fibers and consumed with the aim of reducing heat conduction .

    Fibrous insulation materials are thermal insulation materials supplied to the market in bulk, in the form of plate, felt or mattress, made of organic or inorganic fibers, either bare or bonded with mineral oils or chemical binders, or sewn to cardboard or paper or a carrier material. .

    Wood Chip Boards

    Wood shavings board; It is a plate formed by ideally mixing wood sawdust with mineral binders and shaping it under pressure . wood chips; It is obtained by planing wood, timber and scraps in special machines in certain sizes, in the form of thin long strips.

    are pieces of wood. mineral binders; cement, gypsum and magnesite. The thickness of wood chips boards is 15, 25, 35, 50, 75 and 100 mm.

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