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Why is Thermal Insulation (Sheathing) Important?

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  • What is the Importance of Thermal Insulation in Buildings?

What is the Importance of Thermal Insulation in Buildings?

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What is the Importance of Thermal Insulation in Buildings?

    What is the Importance of Thermal Insulation in Buildings?, Why should sheathing be done?

    The Importance of Thermal Insulation in Buildings, What is the Importance of Thermal Insulation? We will answer your questions in this article. Thermal insulation is considered as one of the building blocks of all constructions in recent years. This has many factors . In order to understand these, first of all, what is the use of thermal insulation ? What is the benefit? The answer to the question must be known.

    Thermal insulation ensures that the temperature in the building environment and the temperatures outside the building do not mix with each other. Heat insulation is one of the indispensable applications in buildings.

    Because heating in winter requires excessive cost. Even if the required cost is covered, it is also necessary to maintain the temperature. This is where the importance of thermal insulation  begins. Because sheathing in buildings  plays a very important role by preventing the hot air in the home environment from changing by being affected by the cold air outside the home.

    The information that thermal insulation is only useful in the winter months is wrong .

    In a well- insulated house, it is possible to protect the warm air in the home environment, regardless of the temperature outside. Of course, exterior cladding is not only used in winter. At the same time, appliances such as fans or air conditioners that work in the home environment during the summer months require high electricity consumption. Parallel to this, heavy bills are forcing people.

    What is sheathing? If we continue to answer the question, exterior cladding materials which eliminates heat losses by using thermal insulation We can call it " sheathing  " for all of the exterior cladding  processes Sheathing systems applied on the facade of the building are applied  in our big cities such as  Istanbul , Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Antalya and Adana . In the last few years, social awareness has increased in our other provinces and regions, insulation implementation has been started.

    Building owners  allocate an extra budget for exterior decoration  and make reasonable choices for that budget.

    By searching the internet in  the form of exterior cladding images , you can direct the building facade design that will be formed in your mind. Then what needs to be done is to exchange ideas with the sheathing companies and find the one that gives  the most reasonable suggestion and  the most reliable one .

    Why is Thermal Insulation (Sheathing) Important?

    In a building where the exterior cladding process is done well, it is not very important that the weather outside is warm. Because the insulating system prevents the hot air from affecting the cold air in the home environment. There are two ways to save on thermal insulation . The first thing that is important is to use quality exterior cladding materials .

    Because the quality materials to be used show " insulation " with most of the heat issues . Another necessary reason for saving is labor. A perfect application of the sheathing assembly to the structure is an important requirement. What is sheathing? You can also use our article.

    To increase the efficiency of external insulation, they resort to the organization of a ventilated facade system or three-layer system. In the first case, an air gap is maintained between the insulation and the front material mounted on a special frame. The three-layer system covers the well-formed wall, between which insulation is filled (clay, perlite, ekulil).

    For finishing, both a "wet" (building mixture is used) and a "dry" mask (fasteners are used) can be insulated.

    Most often, the room requires not only insulation, but also soundproofing. In this case, it is more appropriate to use materials with both heat and sound insulation properties.

    Speaking of insulation inside or outside the house, it is important to understand that walls are not the only source of heat loss. Regarding this, it is necessary to separate unheated waste and basements. When using an attic, you should consider a multi-layer insulating roof system.

    Benefits and Importance of Exterior Thermal Insulation (Sheathing)

    Today, the importance of "sheathing " has increased considerably. Choosing the right workmanship and the right exterior cladding is even more important . It has become the most important system  that preserves the heat input and output in the buildings that need to be applied .
    The increasing importance of exterior insulation , roof thermal insulation and energy conservation capacity in buildings has also increased the demand for exterior cladding application. For this purpose, it is aimed to create a more economical area by limiting the energy losses and gains experienced in the buildings. In this regard, exterior thermal insulation is important in insulating buildings from the outside as well as from the inside.

    The jamb materials used on the  exterior can be applied to the parts of the windows  facing the exterior of the building , as well as in interior wall cladding  systems in  terms of aesthetic and artistic appearance, if desired  .

    Expanded Polystyrene

    There are 2 known modifications - foam (otherwise - foam) and extruded. It is a series of air-filled connecting bubbles. The extruded material is different because each air gap is different from the other.

    Styrofoam jamb coating is suitable for external and internal warming, characterized by high thermal insulation indicators. Requires reliable vapor barrier as it is not vapor permeable. This is noticeable given the low moisture resistance of the foam, which obliges the installation of hydraulic protection.

    In general, the material is inexpensive, lightweight, and easy to cut and install (glue). Material plates of various sizes and thicknesses are produced for the needs of the buyer. Secondly, it directly affects the thermal conductivity.

    Why is Sheathing (Heat Insulation) Important?

    When we talk about the importance of exterior thermal insulation , it prevents the formation of thermal bridges by wrapping the exterior walls of the building from all sides, as well as preventing energy losses. The benefits of the exterior cladding arrangement, whichwe have left behind in front of the heat losses in summer and winter months, are as follows;

    Importance of Thermal Insulation in Buildings ;

    1. significantly homogeneous temperature is ensured in all areas.
    2. Reducing heat losses and gains.
    3. Condensation between layers is minimized.
    4. It prevents the formation of thermal bridges in existing structures.
    5. It prevents dampness, humidity, mold and swelling on the building walls.
    6. It also prevents noise by providing sound insulation.
    7. If the jacketing application  is supported with jamb and floor wiping works, its efficiency will increase.

     Undoubtedly, prices above a certain level occur in the application of thermal insulation, where the best thermal insulation materials and experienced teams take charge. Exterior sheathing material prices are program constants, and sheathing prices are not directly in contact with the characteristics of the enterprise. In other words, it can be said that the costs incurred regardless of the profit margin may vary for each exterior coating company depending on these qualities .    

    Importance of Insulation (Heat Insulation) in Buildings?

    Sheathing helps you to save heat by trapping hot heat in winter and cool air in summer. Thanks to the sheathing , it is possible to save energy and pay less bills. As you know, we do not supply any of the energy types we use for heating from within our country.

    Energy efficiency standards are a necessity in terms of being a serious burden on our national economy. According to the analyzes made by the government, the amount of energy used for heating will decrease by more than 50% with the start of heat saving in the whole country, and this will reduce our current account deficit considerably.

    For this reason, the law enacted in the public interest is of great importance for the whole nation. In addition, the possible comfort losses due to temperature changes are eliminated by the applications to be made by the exterior companies . You can have the same temperature in every part of your house, and you can use this opportunity not only to warm up in winter but also to cool down in summer.

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