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What Are the Tricks, Subtleties, Tricks of Thermal Insulation?

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  • Recommendations for Thermal Insulation, Thermal Insulation Tips

Recommendations for Thermal Insulation, Thermal Insulation Tips

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Recommendations for Thermal Insulation, Thermal Insulation Tips

    What Are the Tricks, Subtleties, Tricks of Thermal Insulation?

    1. Tips for Sheathing Applications
    2. How should sheathing be done?
    3. What should be considered in jacketing?
    4. What Materials Are Used for Sheathing?
    5. What are the Subtleties of Sheathing?

    The first point of sheathing is the company, immediately after the exterior sheathing (heat insulation) decision  in every apartment, site or any building . After the decision for the sheathing is taken , the brand and implementing company selection process begins. This part is the most important trick of jacketing . The quality of the sheathing materials to be used and the manufacturer are as important as the implementing company. As METPOR JAM - YILKAR CONSTRUCTION , according to us, the implementing company is more important than the product brandIn order to ensure the brand guarantee, if the classical mesh jacketing application will be made, it must be absolutelyThe exterior cladding (heat insulation) material must be a package system, otherwise the warranty is not valid. Buddhathe tricks of jacketing. What we mean by the package system is that every material used ( heat insulation plate , construction chemicals, paint, reinforcement mesh, angle iron, dowel, etc.) is of the same brand. There are jacketing companies in the market (Capatect Dalmaçyalı, Polisan Enerji Exelans, Baumit, Marshall, Fawori, Alsecco, KYK, TERRACO etc.) that make multi- sheathing (heat insulation) package system. You can easily provide the material as a package system, but it is actually very difficult to findan expert applicator company as an applicator and get the job done without any problems. Buddhasecond sheathing point .

    Sheathing Tips, Sheathing Tips

    The Most Important Tip In Sheathing Is To Find An Expert Company. This is the 1st Tip of Sheathing.

    1. In Turkey, the level of customer satisfaction in this regard is very low, the level of satisfaction is approximately 38%. The number of buildings whose exterior sheathing ( heat insulation ) work is abandoned is high, there is a problem in 1 building out of every 5 buildings, and the work is left unfinished. Exterior coating companies , on the other hand, renege on their promises. First of all, the substance they withdraw is the package system, they do not use the package system although they specify the brand in the proposal. Especially in order to increase price competition, they specify brands such as Filli, Polisan, Marshall and use only thermal insulation board as a brand. The remaining powder group, paint, reinforcement mesh and corner profile products are used as market goods.This type of jacketing program has no guarantees . The reason for applying this tactic is the ignorance of the customer and the insulating companies act a little cunningly and write only EPS Styrofoam as a brand in their offers . In order to prevent this, it isnecessary to write package system jacketing in the contract. There is no manufacturer's guarantee for any sheathing application that does not use the package layout
    2. When we say sheathing tricks in the building , it is absolutely necessary to document it in order to prove that the package order is used. In other words , the thermal insulation materials must be sent to your construction site, namely your building, with a waybill, and your address must be entered into the manufacturer's database via the waybill (if the waybill belongs to the manufacturer, for example, the waybill of METPOR JOINT and MANTOLAMA PRODUCTS YILKAR İNŞAAT ). Just like white goods, let's say you bought an Arçelik brand refrigerator and your appointment was made to Van, if the cabinet you bought was purchased from an authorized dealer, it means you can get service from any authorized service during the warranty period. In the sheathing application, the trick process works similarly..
    3. Sheathing Tip ; Another issue that draws our attention as YILKAR CONSTRUCTION is that the thickness of the thermal insulation board is not taken into consideration. This is as important as the producer and the implementer. Exterior cladding materials and their thickness are directly proportional to the lambda coefficient value, which is known as the insulation coefficient value. In other words, there is a 65% efficiency difference between 5 cm jacketing and 3 cm jacketing . Buddha is an important trick in jacketing . There is a price difference per square meter in terms of exterior cladding styrofoam prices . Exterior sheathing pricesWhen we make a price / performance comparison, a return of 65% against a price difference of 10-15% in total is a perfect investment. In addition , the cost of the measures that can be taken after the sheathing procedure created with 3 cm and ready-made panels is very heavy. The damage to the building should not be ignored. Because it is very difficult to remove the adhesive used, when the 6 dowels used per square meter are calculated, it can be unbearable with the removal of thousands of dowels and the end of the garbage.
    4. The institutionalism of the manufacturer and the institutionalism of the implementing exterior cladding company should not be considered separately. In addition, the company that will make the sheathing program should simply cope with this financially. It should not suffer from technical and financial difficulties. Since collections are generally made in installments in this sector, there should not be any problems related to the payments to be made to the team and the sheathing material until the delivery of the building, and the problems to be experienced should not hinder the work .
    5. Sheathing Tip ; One of the problems to be experienced is the issue of not being able to find a contact person, which is very important for every customer. YILKAR CONSTRUCTION Under the leadership of Mete Yılmaz , there is no qualified personnel problem related to the person or company working in the constructions in Turkey . This is due to the fact that it is not preferable for everyone due to the heavy construction work. Systematic and corporate companythe number is very low. Since it is a long process to get the job done, you need to deal with someone frequently in this process environment, you need to check whether the job meets the desired quality standards, whether the requested materials are used or whether the requested jobs are done as desired. If something goes wrong, you have to intervene, and it is imperative that you have someone who will understand you and understand your language. In this regard, it should be a required qualification for the jamb coating team to be professional and expert, in order that you will also deal with the team when appropriate. Buddha Is Another Sheathing Tip.
    6. Heat Insulation Tip ; Occupational safety law in Turkey is not fully implemented even in large-scale companies . Since the exterior sheathing program is applied, scaffolding is used, occupational safety precautions must be taken in the scaffolding established at a height. 

    The Most Important Tip In Exterior Sheathing  Application, It is a Legal Obligation for Every Employee to be Insured. Occupational Safety First

    However, it is a legal obligation for every employee to be insured. The responsibility in this regard belongs to the building management together with the subcontractor. Third party insurance must be taken out together with the financial insurance. The chances of having these insurances and competing with the sheathing companies are very low. As a scaffold, a LIFT or WORK SAFE scaffold should be used and personal protective measures should be taken. Since all these increase the costs significantly, the exact application of all these rules is only in question in large construction sites. It is impossible for the sheathing companies to program these rules, and the number of sheathing companies that apply them is almost non-existent. The first reason for this  is that there is no control mechanism in our country related to sheathing .There are no studies and inspections related to the quality and standards of sheathing, and the inspections of the ministry inspectors are not visible. Buddha Sheathing is an Important Tip .

    When building and designing a house facade, it is not enough to pay attention to the strength and stability of external aesthetics. These positive factors alone will quickly lose their value if the wall cools and condenses. Therefore, it is extremely important to consider high-quality thermal protection and choose the most suitable material for it.

    Methods of thermal insulation
    Facade insulation simultaneously solves four main functions:

    Prevention of winter cold;
    summer heat prevention;
    lower heating costs;
    Reduction in current consumption thanks to fans and air conditioners.

    The equipment of the outer thermal insulation layer is considered by all technicians to be the most perfect step. Professionals, if for some reason external insulation cannot be used, but the house is heated. As a practice show, outdoor work:

    Hava koşullarının ve diğer olumsuz faktörlerin temel yapılar üzerindeki etkisini en aza indirin;
    Yüzeyde ve duvar kalınlığında nem yoğunlaşmasını önleyin;
    Ses yalıtımını güçlendirin;
    Evin nefes almasına izin verin (her şey doğru yapılırsa ve malzeme seçimi doğruysa).Islak teknolojinin kullanıldığı alçı işleme, diğer planlara kıyasla talep görmektedir ve toplam maliyet ve uygulama kolaylığı, uzun vadede en popüler seçenek olarak kalmasına izin verecektir. "Pasta", termal koruma malzemelerine ek olarak, polimer çimento bazlı tutkal, yapı ve dekoratif kaplamalar için takviye içerir. Menteşeli çerçeve, zorunlu olarak havalandırılan cephenin altında oluşturulur ve esas olarak tüm binayı ağırlaştırır.

    A prerequisite for the reliable operation of such two-layer walls is to leave a gap through which air will circulate. If you do not leave it, the moisture will be impregnated with other insulating materials and damage the walls themselves.

    Another plan - heavy plaster. First, there are panels that basically block the escape of heat from the outside, and then a layer of plaster is applied. It would seem that such a solution is better than wet masks, since there are no restrictions on the density of the material. But at the same time, the quality of the insulator should be as high as possible.

    This method is often used by amateur builders, as it does not allow the walls to be aligned in a perfectly even position.

    If you need to insulate the facade of an old house for an old house, the easiest solution is insulation for the exterior. Not only does this reliably and effectively prevent heat loss: the outer shell can look extraordinarily elegant; Other options rarely allow you to achieve the same result.

    The prerequisite is the creation of the framework. Made using wood or steel parts treated with preservatives. Then a layer of vapor barrier is always placed, and only after overlapping it with heat protection it enters the decorative panels.

    All these methods are primarily designed for brick, panel or expanded clay concrete house blocks. Wooden facades cannot be insulated with polymer materials. First of all, fibrous structures are suitable for them. The following conditions are important for thermal insulation:

    Preparing the house at least to the roof level;
    End of construction contraction;
    Early waterproofing and warming of the bases;
    The end of the installation of all communications to windows, ventilation and walls (between them);
    Optimum weather (no severe frost, no significant heat, wind and precipitation). Wiring preparation, interior, concreting and flooring are also recommended to finish the thickness. The walls have been inspected beforehand, and even experienced builders with self-consulting thermal insulation will not be required. When choosing a plan, you should consider reducing the number of cold bridges to the limit. Ideally, they shouldn't be there. Heating with earth and straw is only allowed with wooden walls, but it is an archaic approach and is only suitable in isolated situations.

    All components must be closely interconnected, since thermal insulation, vapor barrier and waterproof materials must be selected at the same time. It is not necessary to contact professional builders to get the necessary information. Most situations are successfully solved with the purchase of fully prepared insulation schemes, which are already in production and equipped with fasteners and other equipment. Working with such a kit relies almost exclusively on following the manufacturer's instructions. Calculate content requirement and not be confused with a certain selection type.

    Considering the following aspects to adopt the facade of the panel:

    favorable or unfavorable climatic conditions;
    precipitation density;
    Average wind force and speed;
    Affordable budget;
    Project Personal Characteristics.

    All these conditions directly affect the selection of a suitable alternative for insulation. For cost estimates, it is better to refer to the Criminal Code or the partnership of the owners. Outdoor work is often given to industrial climbers (you can only do without their help on the ground floor). Water vapor permeable membranes are necessarily attached under the mineral wool.

    If foam insulation is chosen for any house insulation, it is important for sellers to obtain a certificate of material compatibility with B1 flammability (usually expert checks reveal a violation of this requirement).

    Having considered the main schemes of thermal insulation of the facade , now you need to find out what materials can be used for this purpose, as well as their specific parameters. According to professionals, polyurethane foam installation uses foam It is very useful to do. Since the structure is completely ready to work in industrial environments, it will only be applied with rollers. Based on the reviews, the manufacturers' assurances of balloon polyurethane foam on the combination of thermal protection with sound insulation fit perfectly into reality. The resulting polymer structure strength and increased flexibility in output have attracted the attention of builders.

    Polyurethane foam very quickly covers a large area and penetrates into the smallest gaps. It will not rot or become a breeding ground for microscopic fungi. Even when exposed to open fire, the foam material only melts, but does not ignite. If it overlaps the metal base, it has reliable corrosion protection.

    Also, you should be careful not to use PU foam where the material may be exposed to direct sunlight or water.

    If at the moment it is impossible to slow down the structure (and this often happens), it is convenient to insulate with the help of XPS. Its layer is exhibited on a pavement at a height of 0.1 m from the ground. The fact is that if you just bury an unarmed stone, it will not dry out, soil water is also in dry soil. The cover will be destroyed soon.

    The top can not be overlapped to dry. It is also recommended to heat and ventilate the floor in winter to avoid wet work; Water vapor proof plaster can be applied on EPS.

    If a house made of brothers or any other material has been serviced for a while, the drying problem will go away by itself. Next, you can consider the possibility of insulating the facade with sandwich panels. A prerequisite is the use of film vapor barriers and the arrangement of ventilation gaps. Fairly good protective properties are demonstrated by ruberoid and asphalt applied to the walls. The air-protected density material in the plan above the insulation should be increased.

    foam plastic attracts more attention. Disputes around him are boiling very quickly, and some are trying to prove the superiority of this material over others, and its competitors have moved away from the concept of its importance. If we go into the discussions, only one thing can be said: foam is an attractive solution only with careful surface preparation. It is absolutely necessary to go through the walls of everything that interferes with the work.

    By the way, this applies to decorative elements that look a lot for long-term homes. Experienced builders will certainly test the plaster for sturdiness by tapping the surface lightly. It will often help to detect various deviations and minor flaws from the aircraft, plumb or long cable. There is a special need to use the level of the building. The damaged areas of the plaster layer should be cleaned, then the flow of concrete and excess mortar between the bricks are removed using a strainer.

    You can not install foam on a wall covered with oil paint, it will have to sacrifice one layer, naturally mold and oil stains, traces of rust and damping are absolutely intolerable. Cracks deeper than 2 mm with material-thick corrugated compounds should be preferred. Preparation is done using a brush. If irregularities of more than 15 mm are detected, plaster is applied after applying the primer on the beacon.

    The first bars of the structure should correspond in size to the width of the insulating material. It is undesirable for the glue strips to solidify; Dotted application will help avoid air "traffic jams". The adhesive should be placed immediately after the foam boards are applied and pressed against the wall, otherwise it will have time to dry and lose its bearing capacity.

    All pages are checked by level, otherwise very serious errors may occur. If necessary, adjust the position of the plate, it is completely removed, sprinkle with old glue and apply a new layer.

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