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What is the Use of Thermal Insulation in Buildings?

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  • What is the Use of Thermal Insulation in Buildings?

What is the Use of Thermal Insulation in Buildings?

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What is the Use of Thermal Insulation in Buildings?

    What is the Use of Thermal Insulation in Buildings?

    While a large area of ​​energy use originates from residences, 76% of the energy consumed in residences is spent with the target of heating. Reducing energy use with building thermal insulation programs will make you smile as much as your budget.

    Petrol, natural gas, coal etc. The reduction in the use of fossil fuels will not only protect the rapidly depleted energy reserves, but also reduce the number of emissions harmful to nature, thus contributing to the climate and thus to the ecological balance.

    Thanks to the 40-60% energy savings you will achieve with the right building sheathing systems to be applied, you can consume less energy resources and reduce the burden of your bill with the reduction in heating and cooling costs.

    According to the examination made by İZODER (heat, water, sound and fire insulators association) by impartial inspection organizations, in the heating energy requirement and savings analysis of the buildings ideally insulated and uninsulated according to the TS-825 rules; While the annual cost of natural gas is 32 thousand 396 liras for an apartment with 20 flats found in Istanbul without insulation, it is seen that this cost has decreased to 10 thousand 262 liras after the building thermal insulation program and the cost of building thermal insulation has paid itself off in 3 years.

    With the building thermal insulation program, your houses, which are protected from mold and moisture, gain a moisture-free and healthier form. There is less need for expenses such as maintenance and repair in your nests that gain comfort and convenience. Condensation in buildings is prevented and building components are protected against corrosion.

    It should not be forgotten that the thermal insulation of buildings is of great importance in determining the housing preferences of conscious consumers.

    Building thermal insulation programs also offer innovative solutions that will increase the value of your homes by 15-20% by giving your residences a more aesthetically renewed and more beautiful appearance.

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