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Preparation Stages Before Sheathing Application

Preparation Stages Before Sheathing

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Preparation Stages Before Sheathing

    Preparation Stages Before Sheathing Application

    When it is desired to insulate buildings, the thermal  insulation program stages must be done correctly  in terms of professional exterior coating teams who  will do the jacketing .  It is of great importance that the sheathing application stages are carried out by the sheathing companies that are experts in the subject. Before starting the sheathing procedure, situations that may damage the insulation on the exterior or that may adversely affect the insulation application must be eliminated. Paints, screws, dish antennas and similar reasons that tend to flake over timenegative factors for the perfection of thermal insulation . Sheathing applicationEliminating all negative factors for the building and making the building ready for the exterior cladding application will enable us to achieve the real result for the best sheathing application.

    Before the jacketing is done, necessary precautions should be taken to ensure that the program to be made is perfect and efficient . For this purpose , these should be done before the application of thermal insulation :

    1. Before the exterior cladding application, the place to be insulated is discovered and reasonable techniques and materials are determined.
    2. Then the surface of the area to be applied is cleaned; roughness, cracks and potholes are removed, everything mounted on the surface is dismantled.
    3. The facade on which sheathing will be applied must be clean and separated from all elements.
    4. Then the necessary measures are taken and the thermal insulation application is started.
    5. In this way, the preparation before the thermal insulation is completed.

    It is important to know that not every material is suitable for insulating your home or workplace. It depends on the installation point (roof, floor, windows, vents, etc.), the  thickness of the thermal insulation materials to be used  , moisture sensitive, thermal conductivity or R-value,  exterior cladding material  durability, toxicity level, and many more. For this reason, it  is important to get consultancy from sheathing companies  and experts  before proceeding with the installation process  of the thermal insulation .

    Eps sheathing materials  are a foam alloy that is generally used in exterior thermal insulation. According to the quality used for hot, cold and sound insulation,  black carbon reinforced styrofoam , blue, green and white thermal insulation boards  are EPS sheathing  materials.  It is the most important material of exterior cladding application in buildings 

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