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Sheathing Application Stages

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Sheathing (Thermal Insulation) Application Stages

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Sheathing (Thermal Insulation) Application Stages

    Sheathing Application Stages

    When it is desired to insulate the buildings, the thermal insulation program stagesmust be done correctly by the professional teams who will do the jacketing . It is of great importance that the sheathing application stages are carried out by expert teams. Before starting the sheathing procedure, the products that may damage the insulation on the exterior or that may adversely affect the insulation must be removed. Paints that tend to flake over time, screws, dish antennas and similar reasons are negative factors for the perfection of thermal insulation. Eliminating all negative factors for the sheathing procedure and making the building ready for the thermal insulation procedure will reveal the perfection of the procedure.

    Insulation program stages may vary for the purpose of the structure that is ready for the sheathing procedure . Depending on the area required by the building, starting profiles, adhesive mortar, doweling, shore and corners, reinforcement plaster and mesh, decorative plaster and finally paint are made. Correct sheathing materials are applied in the order of operations according to the area required by the building . Finally, a stylish and aesthetic view of the building can be achieved with paint or decorative programs that will appear on the surface of the building.

    Insulation boards should be attached to the wall by staggering on the gauge and balance. The doweling procedure should be started approximately 24 hours after the thermal insulation board is adhered . In exterior cladding application, 6 sheathing dowels per m2 should be used. In the thermal insulation procedure, after the doweling procedure, a mesh corner profile (angle bracket) is made on the corners in order to make the corners smoother and not be affected by factors such as wind and rain. Sills, droppers, etc. Materials are applied where necessary.

    Order of Operation in Exterior Sheathing

    In the exterior sheathing program, after the angle iron program, the thermal insulation plaster program is started. The thermal insulation plaster is applied downwards from the top end point of the exterior of the 1st floor building. Before the first layer of thermal insulation plaster dries, an alkali resistant 160gr/m2 thermal insulation mesh (Reinforcement Mesh) is made with 10 cm overlapping from top to bottom without being fully embedded in the thermal insulation plaster. After the sheathing mesh program, the second layer of thermal insulation plaster is applied. After the thermal insulation plaster program has dried, cement-based decorative thermal insulation plaster (mineral plaster) is applied with a trowel. Finally, silicone exterior primerAfter the primer dries, the exterior heat insulation procedure is terminated with 2 layers of silicone or optionally exterior paint.

    The " heat insulation application stages " applied by Metpor allow the structures to be used without any problems and with a long life. Besides, with the right program, you can save money with the help of the thermal insulation procedure in many ways for more convenient and comfortable use.

    What are the Coating Application Stages?

    1. Surface Preparation
    2. Bonding Insulation Boards
    3. Doweling Insulation Boards
    4. Mesh Corner Profile
    5. Thermal Insulation Plaster Application
    6. Reinforcement File Application
    7. Second Floor Thermal Insulation Plaster Application
    8. Exterior Paint Primer Application
    9. Decorative Plaster (Mineral Plaster)
    10. Exterior Paint Application

    It is important to know that not every material is suitable for insulating your home or workplace. Installation point (roof, floor, windows, vents, etc.), exterior cladding materials  thickness to be used, moisture sensitive, thermal conductivity or R value,  thermal insulation material durability, toxicity level and many more factors. For this reason, it  is important to get consultancy from sheathing companies and experts before proceeding with the installation process  of the thermal insulation .

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