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External Wall Facade Coating Companies

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External Wall Facade Coating Companies

    External Wall Facade Coating Companies

    We know that many exterior coating companies provide services related to exterior sheathing. However , the important issue with the sheathing companies here is the quality of the products used. Selection of an insulation company using quality materials is  one of the most important issues, therefore METPOR Sheathing and Jamb is one of the most important jacketing companies that should be used with the aim of having a say among the exterior sheathing companies.The products are coming. At this point, YILKAR CONSTRUCTION has taken care to produce quality works at all times by making what is expected from it essential. In this sense, Architect Mete YILMAZ has always been known as the most preferred in the sector due to the product variety of the company and the ease of use in buildings. The team, which has accomplished successful works on the subject of exterior cladding , has provided trouble-free service to many regions of Turkey since 2005.

     In order to make  sheathing in buildings , 3 different techniques are applied, namely sheathing companies ,  interior cladding ,  exterior wall cladding  and " sandwich wall ".  The best program created  to prevent the formation of thermal bridges and to  ensure the continuity of insulation is  the  exterior cladding  program. Sheathing in buildings , that is,  external wall cladding , is the most ideal thermal insulation  system  in terms of building physics . In addition  , the product range of exterior cladding models in Metpor Dekor is   quite wide.

    Sheathing Measurement Stages;

    1. All facades are identified separately and evaluated together.
      Areas to be deducted from the quantity are determined (windows, door openings, etc.).
      Apart from the exterior cladding, your additional program requests to be made in your building are measured (roof, landscaping, etc.).
      A sketch of the building is drawn and all dimensions are recorded in the survey form.
    2. Pricing Process: After the measurements written on the quantity discovery form are transferred to the planning program, they are calculated with zero error, and then sent to the screen of our customer relations officers.
    3. Proposal Printing Process: Our Customer Relations officers prepare your proposal file by printing the discovery form that comes to them, and the proposal file that has been approved for printing is sent to the screen of our insulation consultants.
    4. Submission of the Bid File: Our insulation consultants examine the file they received , prepare the visual materials related to the insulation to be made, make a visual presentation at the agreed day and time, and deliver the proposal file.  
    5. Contract Process: After mutual agreement is reached, exterior cladding prices , work start date, work end date, etc. are determined. conditions are written in the contract in various ways and signed in duplicate. 
    6. Work Start Process: After the planning specialist examines the contract, he plans the start of the construction site, the materials and equipment to be used in the program are sent to the construction site on the specified date. Our site supervisors, who are assigned at each of our construction sites, start the programming after taking all the precautions related to cleaning (window windows, floor covering, etc.) and safety at the beginning of the job.  
    7. Work Closing Process: After the program in the building is completed, the equipment and remaining materials are collected and delivered to the construction site apartment / site management after performing the hygienic environment.
    8. Follow-up Process: Our customer relations officers get information about the state of the building by staying in contact with the site / apartment management and the residents of the building where the program is applied.

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