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Physical and Chemical Properties of EPS Polystyrene

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  • What is EPS Polystyrene?, Where is Eps Polystyrene Foam Used?

What is EPS Polystyrene?, Where is Eps Polystyrene Foam Used?

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What is EPS Polystyrene?, Where is Eps Polystyrene Foam Used?

    What is EPS Polystyrene?, Where is Polystyrene Foam Used?

    The operator prepares the manufacturing assembly in the EPS styrofoam blocks. The CNC jamb cutting machine automatically cuts the jamb. In order to cover the  cut products with jamb mortar, a smooth surface is obtained with a material called jamb plaster, with the help of jamb coating machine device. Then, the jamb products that are left to dry are rested for an average of 48 - 72 hours, dried and shipped to the relevant construction site. In another article, we will share with you information about how  the window jamb, sill, floor molding, buttress, jamb crown, corner stone, decorative insulation materials shipped to the construction site are applied.What is building sheathing?You can reach our article from the link.

    This " exterior application " is the most preferred technique and "exterior jacketing" application. Sheathing is done with the help of exterior cladding panels , which have the ability to adapt to summer and winter conditions on the facades. " Exterior cladding panels " are also called exterior foam in the building industry.     

    Today, all construction companies apply sheathing types to the outer surfaces of the buildings in their new projects. There are dozens of types of exterior coating applicationThe "sheathing materials" used in these processes applied by the sheathing companies that make exterior applications also vary. But when choosing between "sheathing materials in buildings", a few main reasons should be considered. Sheathing material prices for the year 2022, you can reach the details by clicking on the link.

    Polystyrene is a polymer produced by polymerization from monomer styrene. It is obtained from petroleum. It is mostly used with the abbreviation PS in the plastics industry. At room temperature, polystyrene is a solid thermoplastic, but is melted at high temperatures when processed by injection (flow) or extrusion (a technique of shaping plastic). It is then cooled and solidified again.

    Physical and Chemical Properties of EPS Polystyrene

    The recycling code is 6. Its density varies between 1.03-1.06 gr/ml. Maximum temperature resistance is 70°C. It is a versatile and purpose-used plastic that can be rigid and foamed. It is quite hard, brittle and shiny. It is an inexpensive resin with a relatively low melting point. Polystyrene burns fast, emits a strong gas odor, produces a significant amount of soot. It swells quickly in acetone environment. It has good resistance to UV rays, good impact and tensile strength, low price and ease of processing. It also shows superior resistance to acids, alkalis and salts. Its melting temperature is 210 – 250 oC. Its specific heat is 1.34 kg/kg oC. The heat required to melt 1 kg of plastic is 268 kJ/kd.

    Usage Areas of EPS Polystyrene

    It is widely used in thin-walled containers, cooling towers, pipe foam, rubber, various tools, auto parts, panels and plastic parts of electronic devices as insulation material. It is frequently used in disposable cups, plates, yogurt cups, ayran cups. It is found in the structure of containers used in cell cultures, which is one of the most basic applications of genetic and molecular biology.

    You can paint polystyrene foam or expanded polystyrene beads using a water-based paint to protect them from the solvent effect of subsequent coats ofpaint.

    Typical water-based paints are acrylic or vinyl meshes used to paint building interiors and exteriors or water-soluble industrial paints. Once the polystyrene is fully coated, you can coat it if necessary using a conventional paint. In your case, you should consider using a white water-based ceiling paint because of its high reflectivity.

    In order for the insulation to be successful and to remain intact for a long time, the sheathing materials used during the application are of great importance. The sheathing process can only be permanent with the right material selection and can meet other goals, especially thermal insulationIn the correct selection of the insulation materials to be used in the buildings, the characteristics of the building, the purpose of use and the climatic conditions are of great importance.

    It  can also be used as exterior insulation materials for exterior cladding Plates in buildings, building elements that reveal the walls, roofs and floors of buildings, and for the insulation of installation systems and door-window insulation. Qualified joinery and insulating glass units of these thermal insulation materials are also very important for effective "heat insulation".     

    Knowing the properties of thermal insulation materials is one of the main issues to be considered in order not to have hesitations in choosing thermal insulation materials for exterior cladding in buildings. In addition, jamb models are strong heat insulation materials. They are basic insulation materials that contribute to energy savings by providing high "insulation" there.             

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