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External Wall Covering Systems

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Building External Wall Insulation and Cladding Systems

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Building External Wall Insulation and Cladding Systems

    What is Wall Panel?

    What is wall panel? It is 2 cm thick and its dimensions are 120×50 and 100×50 cm. Panel weight is +- 300 gr. The raw material of the wall panel is styrofoam panel . Concrete mortar is poured on it and then it is placed in the drying sections by arranging it with the help of a grid. As a final process, color printing is done on the machines.

    What is Styrofoam Wall Panel and Ceiling Coating? 

    Wall panels can be easily applied in many places such as home, office, cafe, restaurant, hospitals and schools. You can easily apply the wall panel application in wet areas such as bathrooms.

    What Do Wall Panels Do?

    The answer to the question of what are wall panels good for is also included in the explanation of what is it. Therefore, these panels have an important place for the decoration of the place and you can use it to beautify any place you want.

    Styrofoam Patterned Ceiling and Wall Coverings  

    Today, it is used to create spacious areas, especially in homes and workplaces, in order to look more elegant and increase efficiency. By raising the respect for you even more, it carries the value of your home or workplace much higher than it actually is. What does wall panels mean? The answer to the question can also be considered as an answer given in the same way.

    What is Ceiling and Wall Panel?

    If you think that the place you are in does not appeal to you and that you need innovation, then you can try these models and give your home a special design and a different identity. Remember that every house has its own unique texture and identity. For this reason, the more ostentatious the identity of your home, the higher your prestige will be.

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