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External Wall Sheathing Building Coating Systems

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External Wall Sheathing Building Coating Systems

    Textured External Wall Wall Coverings

    Building Coating Techniques with Exterior Sheathing

    What is sheathing?; The process created to limit heat losses and gains in buildings and installations is called "heat insulation". Technically,  thermal insulation, in other words sheathing and jamb coating applications, " the applications made to reduce the heat transfer between two regions at different temperatures are   called thermal insulation ". All events in nature are developing in the direction of decreasing the quality of energy. 

    It is a system of thermal insulation materials applied to the exterior of your buildings, which we call sheathing as exterior coating companies . This technique, which has been applied with the aim of energy saving and regional factors for many years in our country, is the simplest technique applied with the aim of increasing the savings measures. Istanbul exterior companies  save money by trapping the energy emitted by your combi boilers, heaters, air conditioners and the same devices that you use for heating and cooling in your home.

    Building cladding with exterior cladding is logically subjecting the building to thermal insulation with the siding technique. These  insulation applications are defined as the most useful thermal insulation technique since they prevent the building components from being affected by heat changes.

    It comes in two types, expanded foam (EPS) and extruded (XPS), also known as Styrofoam. The two types differ in performance values ​​and cost. The more expensive XPS has an R value of R-5.5, while EPS is R-4. Polystyrene insulation has a uniquely smooth surface that no other insulation has. Here you can access the link of how to make sheathing with a pictorial explanation.

    Insulating with today 's best sheathing materials and taking into account the sheathing share in window sills, and if it is considered, in the thickness of decorative jamb models, will eliminate many possible problems that may be encountered during system applications.    

    What are window jambs on the exterior You can get comprehensive information about jamb materials from our article. Sheathing application in buildings sometimes allows us to save natural gas energy with styrofoam sheathing materials such as classical plain jacketing, siding printing coating materials, jointed jacketing, terracotta exterior coating.          

    External Wall Sheathing Building Coating Systems

    It  can also be used as exterior insulation materials for exterior cladding plates in buildings, building elements that reveal the walls, roofs and floors of buildings, and for the insulation of installation systems and door-window insulation. Qualified joinery and insulating glass units of these thermal insulation materials are also very important for effective "heat insulation ". Knowing the properties of exterior cladding materials is one of the issues that should be considered in order to clearly choose the best thermal insulation materials in buildings  . Of note, window jambs are strong are heat insulation materialsThey are the basic insulation materials that contribute to energy saving by providing high "building insulation".

    With exterior sheathingthermal insulation savings of 50% to 60% can be achieved on average. While it provides benefits to the home and country economy with Building Coating, its long-term benefits to nature should not be overlooked. In exterior building cladding systems, exterior cladding prices are almost the same in the market, but the materials are various or the workmanship is different.

    As a result of this process, problems such as humidity, humidity and thermal insulation are definitely eliminated, and of course, it helps the budget. Mostly, there should be an experienced staff. The prices of m2 are almost the same. It is a problem to get help in the problems that a dirty and smooth working team will come up with.

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