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Xps Sheathing Board Supplies

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What is Xps Thermal Insulation?, Xps Sheathing Board Supplies

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What is Xps Thermal Insulation?, Xps Sheathing Board Supplies

    What is Xps Thermal Insulation?, Xps Sheathing

    What is XPS Sheathing material?
    XPS extruded polystyrene is an artificially made organic sheathing material with a closed cell structure; by polymerization and constant extrusion; it takes the form of a solid foam board. If you want to examine in more detail, what is thermal insulation? You can use our article.

    Thermal insulation board XPS is made of thermoplastic polystyrene styrofoam , which does not contain CFCs, HCFCs and HFC gases, additives, coloring agents, flame retardants and propellants, and Thermal insulation board XPS is also 100% recyclable;

    The thermal insulation board XPS can be used in many different applications as below;

    Insulation of concrete elements, eg beams, columns, walls, concrete wall ties, wooden shutters.
    Insulation of exterior walls to prevent moisture and mold. Siding of
    roofs such as flat roofs, pitched roofs and tiled roofs . Advantages

    Thermal insulation board XPS, which is an important thermal insulation material , has almost zero heat loss, which translates into energy savings.
    These extremely durable
    XPS sheathing materials do not absorb liquids
    Compression stability
    Self-extinguishing properties
    Perfect compatibility with other building materials
    Durable and long-lasting; saving money for the customer and avoiding unnecessary waste

    What is the difference between XPS and EPS insulation?  EPS (expanded) and XPS (extruded) are closed-cell rigid insulators formed from the same base polystyrene resins and manufactured differently, while EPS are beads molded or cut into detailed sizes and shapes while XPS extruded sheets.

    Is XPS Thermal Insulation Flammable?
    Rigid foam jacketing , whether expanded or extruded polystyrene,needs to be clad if installed on the interior of a building . This type of insulation is flammable as it is made of plastic and can give off highly toxic fumes when burning. What is sheathing? You can get detailed information from our article.

    Is XPS Waterproof?
    XPS is another waterproof, rigid insulation material with the same properties as EPS styrofoam . The final product is tough, dense and waterproof. As a result, XPS is often used for roofing and below grade exterior sheathing applications and  jamb  fabrication to insulate cement slabs and foundation walls.

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