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Thermal Insulation Materials and Properties

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Exterior Insulation Materials in Buildings

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Exterior Insulation Materials in Buildings

    Exterior Insulation Materials in Buildings

    How Should Sheathing Selection Be?

    Sheathing can be applied to structures as desired. Accordingly, it is possible to do it both from the inside and from the outside, as well as only from the inside and outside. When we look at old-style sheathing or  jamb applications, we know that people generally prefer to do this work individually from the inside. Because it is not possible to think about the same subject. While someone would prefer sheathing in buildings, someone would not, and therefore it would not be easy to get this service. 

    It  can also be used as exterior insulation materials for exterior cladding  plates in buildings, building elements that reveal the walls, roofs and floors of buildings, and for the insulation of installation systems and door-window  insulation  . Qualified joinery and insulating glass units of these  heat insulation materials used in windows are also very important for effective " heat insulation ". In order to choose the best sheathing materials in buildings   clearly, knowing the properties of thermal insulation materials well is one of the issues to be considered. Of note,  window jambs are strong   are heat insulation materials They are basic insulation  materials  that contribute  to energy saving by providing  " sheathing " there .

    Looking for ways to meet the expectations and needs of its customers with the experience of the endless exterior cladding program it has implemented, METPOR thermal insulation systems relieves the burdens of managers and residents with additional services offered to its customers during the program. 

    You will experience the privilege of being a METPOR sheathing customer, with the help of professional exterior cladding m2 calculation in terms of our free survey and expert team , and with the additional services that you will feel the difference in the whole program process, together with the quantity studies that will enable you to reach the correct measurements of your residences .      

    Thermal Insulation Materials and Properties

    1. The heat transmission coefficients of the exterior cladding materials should be small . In this way, they provide " energy saving ".  
    2. Insulation materials to be used in buildings should not be heavy.  
    3. Sheathing materials  should be odorless. It should not emit offensive odors in the long run.
    4. It should have the ability to absorb water and moisture.
    5. " Exterior cladding materials " to be used for insulation should not have spaces where bacteria and pests can nest.
    6. It should be resistant to rotting.
    7. Exterior cladding materials should not lose their first day feature.
    8. It should not be flammable.
    9. Exterior cladding materials should be long-lasting.
    10. It should be suitable for transportation and should not harm human health.
    11. Thermal insulation materials should be economical and available .

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