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Why Is Thermal Insulation Important?

Why Is Thermal Insulation Important?

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Why Is Thermal Insulation Important?

    What is the Importance of Thermal Insulation?, What is the Use of Thermal Insulation in Buildings?

    What is the importance of thermal insulationIf we ask, we can explain that the most important reason for thermal insulation isthat it provides a more hygienic, less humid, warmer or colder atmosphere in winter and summer months, thus increasing the living standard and providing a healthier and more comfortable lifeExterior thermal insulation applicationsthe importance of thermal insulation, can prevent many problems that may occur indoors, as well as ensuring that the walls of the building you live in are much stronger and longer lasting, thanks to the complete insulation of the walls from external influences.

    What are the Benefits of Thermal Insulation? In other words, according to the seasons, it provides a proper and healthy air-conditioning opportunity by preventing the hot air to come in and the cold air to go out in summer, and by preventing the cold air from outside and the hot air inside from coming out in the winter months, on the contrary. What is exterior thermal insulation? And what is sheathing? You can find more detailed information in our articles.

    Why Thermal Insulation Is Important

    Why Is Thermal Insulation in Buildings Important?

    Even the energy savings thanks to thermal insulation cover the cost of exterior heat insulation in at least two and at most three years, and the high standard of living it creates is reflected in our lives as extra profit. Exterior cladding in buildingsshould not be done only on the exterior.

    Thermal insulation should be applied to every layer from the foundation of your buildings to the roofs where energy leakage may occur and at the same time be exposed to external effects. In order to cut off the condensation water of the walls of the basement floors, an isolation is required from the outside of the basement walls, as well as an insulation to be applied under the foundation, thermal insulation with all exterior cladding  as a complementary element is a very great requirement and is a mandatory requirement of our laws. It is a mandatory application.

    What Does Thermal Insulation Do?

    Importance of Thermal Insulation of Buildings; Creating a High-Quality Living Space Forms the Basis of Thermal Insulation (Sheathing) Application.

    Again, with the water and heat insulation applications to be made on the roofs and terraces in a complementary way , it creates living spaces with superior qualities for individuals by preserving the efficiency of the indoor air. In line with all these reasons and due to the fact that it has become a legal obligation, thermal insulation , that is, jacketing  and  jamb should be made next to it.

    The energy efficiency law does not point to a single method for insulating structures. However, a fixed value is envisaged in terms of energy efficiency. In technical analysis, it is expected that the structure has reached the constants determined in the regulation. The document called Energy Identity Certificate is a report of the technical analysis made. In this report, the structure is evaluated in different grades from A to F. According to the law, structures with C and lower energy values ​​cannot get a passing grade.
    That is, the analyzes to be made will not be on paper and will be based on real analyzes. For this reason, applications should be made by qualified companies . Istanbul facade companiesfor this reason, it should be chosen correctly and the principles of the application should be planned in detail. It is possible to achieve different results by using different materials in the construction process. For this, the quality of the exterior cladding material to be used by the company should also be analyzed.

    Why Thermal Insulation Is Important

    Exterior Thermal Insulation of Wooden Houses

    If possible, it is always appropriate to exclude the insulation from the area where the thermal zone is located. In hot climate regions, this ventilation is more important with natural cross ventilation and night ventilation, especially in summer, in order to save energy and save heat accumulated in buildings during the day.

    While older buildings in these regions are advised to improve their envelope to increase their permeability and reduce water resistance, there should be another way to reduce permeability and increase water resistance in cold climates. It is quite possible on its own to insulate the outer walls of a private or low-rise building. As a reliable guide, SNIP 23-02-2003 will be "thermal protection of buildings" when done on its own. The document establishes the requirements for the safety of buildings.

    Insulation Materials Outside the Wall

    The main indicators of insulation are:

    Currently, most homes have this equipment, usually with an indoor partition and an outdoor unit, and should be replaced by other lower requirements and higher energy efficiency, such as high-performance air-to-air heat pumps.

    It is also desirable that equipment such as switches, programmers or thermostats have easy access and be programmed correctly to control and control the installation. 

    It is desirable to replace lamps with others with low consumption and high energy efficiency, as well as lighting control systems, electrical equipment and the rest of the equipment, having an energy rating of A or higher. Do not overuse electrical appliances as they continue to consume energy and turn them off completely when we use them.

    What are the Benefits of Thermal Insulation

    Benefits of Thermal Insulation in Buildings;

    There is a very close relationship between the development of a country and the country's economy. One of the applications that have a direct impact on the country's economy is the application of thermal insulation. We can consider the benefits of thermal insulation on an individual and country basis. Economic development and a healthy environment created by energy saving for countries, an increasing budget and better comfort conditions with fuel savings for individuals can be given as examples. If we list the benefits of thermal insulation in terms of items ;

    1. In buildings without insulation, serious wastage occurs. This situation directly harms the country's economy. You can find detailed information about the contributions of the sheathing application to the family and national economy from the link.
    2. Despite the ease of access to energy resources due to the region and geographical features we live in, it is a great necessity to prevent waste in energy consumption.
    3. With thermal insulation applications in buildings , the amount of energy used in buildings can be reduced, so energy-efficient buildings can be produced.
    4. With the right thermal insulation applications, the amount of energy we spend decreases every year.
    5. Thermal insulation prevents the formation of thermal bridges in buildings.
    6. Heat spreads evenly in houses with thermal insulation. A comfortable life is achieved as undesirable conditions such as condensation and air flow will not occur.
    7. Thermal insulation provides a healthy living comfort by preventing formations such as moisture and mold that affect the comfort of life in buildings.
    8. One of the undesirable situations in buildings is corrosion. Thanks to thermal insulation, the facade of the building is protected against external factors and what is the use of thermal insulation by preventing corrosion? is the answer to the question.
    9. Taking measures with thermal insulation or jamb models against negative deformation and cracks caused by temperature differences due to climate can be shown among the benefits of thermal insulation.
    10. SO2, CO2 particles and other emissions due to energy consumption cause significant problems.
    11. A significant contribution to air pollution, especially in winter, is due to energy consumption. Since less fuel will be used with  thermal insulation , the presence of gases such as CO2 and SO2 released into the atmosphere is reduced.
    12. Worn buildings can be given an aesthetic appearancewith thermal insulation. This givesus information about the importance of thermal insulation .

    What is thermal insulation, we have briefly summarized  the above items. What is thermal insulation on exterior facades ? And what is sheathing? You can get more detailed information from our articles.

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