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Reasons for Making Thermal Insulation

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  • Why is Thermal Insulation (Sheathing) Made in Buildings?

Why is Thermal Insulation (Sheathing) Made in Buildings?

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Why is Thermal Insulation (Sheathing) Made in Buildings?

    Causes of Thermal Insulation, What are the Reasons for Sheathing?

    What is thermal insulation? Thermal insulation applications should be made in buildings because of the high hygiene rate, minimum humidity, providing a great atmosphere in the summer season and maximum temperature in the winter months, and providing a perfect living environment for families under these conditions, providing a healthy and comfortable life . The sheathing materials  , which are made into  plates by expanding the " polystyrene " raw material for living spaces and cutting it from the block  form, are called  " heat insulation boards ".

    Thanks to thermal insulation, energy is saved . Thus, less energy resources are consumed and an economic saving is achieved. For this reason, it is recommended to make thermal insulation in every new and old construction and in areas open to zoning and settlement. Wall panels  are among the leading low-cost exterior cladding material  options that have both decorative and insulating properties for  thermal insulation material recommendation .

    Thermal Insulation, What is the Purpose of Sheathing

    Why is thermal insulation done? Brief Information

    This exterior sheathing to be applied can solve many interior problems, as well as solve the exterior wall problem of your buildings, providing you with a peaceful and happy life type in the interior spaces. According to the conditions of Turkey, it provides a perfect and healthy climate environment by preventing the seasonal hot air effect in summer, and the opposite of this effect in winter months, by preventing the cold air that occurs in winter conditions from coming inside and the hot air flow inside to the outside area.

    Exterior sheathing is very important in order to save energy indoors . However, even the high level of energy savings that occurs, exterior thermal insulation , that is, sheathing , as it is known, pays for itself in an average of three years. However, in this process, in addition to the quality and comfort costs you experience, it returns you as profit.

    We can consider the exterior cladding and the accompanying jamb models as the embodiment of the energy saving understanding in the building sector today. Regardless of how and what size a building is designed , it can be made energy efficient at any time of the year with the application of exterior sheathing ; Energy costs for heating and cooling can be minimized.

    In this context, the main effect of the results obtained from exterior sheathing emerges in the long term. The fees spent for this transaction should definitely not be seen as an expense item. Because much more of this fee will be saved in the future. In addition, there will be indirect and valuable contributions such as extending the life of the building, less damage to the building from external factors, and creating a more comfortable living space.

    Today , exterior companies apply sheathing  types to  the exterior surfaces of the buildings in their new projects  .  There are dozens of types of  exterior coating application. The " sheathing materials "  used in these processes applied  by the  sheathing companies that make exterior applications also vary. But when choosing between " sheathing materials in buildings ", a few main reasons should be considered. Sheathing material prices for 2019  , you can reach the details by clicking on the link.

    Why We Should Have Thermal Insulation


    Thermal insulation applications should not be considered only as exterior cladding applications. If you say you just want to have sheathing in my own flat , you can apply interior sheathing techniques. The phenomenon called thermal insulation is used as an example for every point where it is possible to create energy leaks and thermal bridges from the foundation of the building to the top of the roof, as well as any building layer that may be under the negative influence of nature; In the parts of the basements of the buildings that are in contact with the soil, in order not to bring the water formed as a result of condensation into contact with the building foundation, the basement walls are again required for insulation from the outside and a thermal insulation and  a jamb .application is required.

    In addition, a thermal insulation to be applied under the foundation is required, as a precaution, building a heat-insulated house with the " sheathing application " of the entire exterior surface has become the most important process and has been secured by laws. The advantages of thermal insulation are quite important even for this alone.

    Why should we have sheathing done?  Detailed Information

    In Turkey, Thermal Insulation is Now A LEGAL MUST .

    Again, complementary water and insulation programs to be made on the roofs and terraces , by maintaining the efficiency of the indoor air, create living spaces with superior qualities for living individuals. Due to all these reasons and because it has become a legitimate necessity, thermal insulation should be done in Turkey.

    The construction industry is developing day by day. These insulation material changes can be attributed to the development of technology and advanced expertise in the industry. It's easy to build or redesign a building on a budget these days. Despite the many techniques of doing it on a building, you should choose the technique that best suits the project you envision . Building cladding is one of the widely preferred and popular construction techniques today.

    Unfortunately, many people do not know what a coating is. Cladding is a construction technique that refers to the components that connect to the main building to create distinctive exterior surfaces. Thermal insulation of buildings is the most important thing these days, and many homeowners and real estate developers have spent millions on this project.

    There are different types of sheathing and you need to find out which type is suitable for your home. Moreover, to choose the best coating for your structures , you need to look at the many benefits of coating.

    Do you do the exterior insulation with your own hands or do you trust the professionals ?
    The quality of the insulation will depend on the correct calculation of the listed components. And conversely, if something is taken into account incorrectly, either insufficient insulation of the house or high-cost over-insulation is possible.

    There is also the possibility of filling the air chambers with internal thermal insulation, which is an intermediate solution between them and also leaves the thermal bridge. Carpentry work with thermal bridge breakage, double glazing systems with climate air chambers with low solar factor or low emissivity glass processing that can reflect most of the solar radiation they receive, and thus providing both, significantly reduce the load that the sun's rays can penetrate into the building.

    Therefore, when calculating you need to contact professionals. Pay attention to the duration of the work on the selection of a thermal insulation company , the items completed, the availability of licenses and the necessary reviews that best show the quality of the work . However, there are types of work that simply cannot be done without professionals . So, for example, it is impossible to independently insulate the walls of an apartment from the outside . Here you can not do without help (you have to take into account the complexity and danger of high-altitude work, and not everyone has industrial mountaineering skills).

    It is recommended to install heat-insulated shutters and internally insulated rod-type shutters. Depending on the climatic severity of the area it is located, it is also appropriate to replace the carpentry work with others with adequate respiration, so that with technical codes they get better thermal behavior for areas with higher severity. There is less and more that can be made waterproof.

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