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Eps Foam Mansion Weather Panels

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Eps Foam Mansion Weather Cladding Panels

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Eps Foam Mansion Weather Cladding Panels

    Sheathing Application with Weatherboarding Cladding 

    Exterior " siding press jacketing " applications, which consist of coating high density EPS with acrylic based fibrous plaster, provide exterior insulation by wrapping your buildings like a mantle . They are thermal insulation and decoration materials that visually give buildings an architectural identity, are made for the purpose of water and heat insulation , and can also filter the sounds coming from the outside environment.

    Thanks to today's advanced engineering and design systems, EPS styrofoam foam materials are cut in cnc benches, and they are the type of materials that do not get damaged over the years with their durable structure. weather boarding wainscot materials , which are among the decorative facade coatings , change the exterior appearance of the buildingsprovideinsulationvisuallybeautify them.

    Wooden-looking siding boards also attract a lot of attention, and according to your preference, exterior cladding panels have the feature of being painted in different colors.

    Mansion Printing Sheathing m2 Labor Prices

    Siding is a ready-made system thermal insulation material that has a unique angled diagonal appearance and is coated with acrylic flexible fiber plaster. Compared to siding materials made of PVC, "styrofoam siding coatings", which are sheathing materials that do not require plaster, are much more economical.

    Thermal insulation metrics are very high. weather boarding m2 unit prices are economical as they are " ready sheathing boards " in terms of both labor and heat insulation material , and they are the types of materials that save labor.

    In the application of exterior sheathing , two separate eps are used. White standard styrofoam eps and carbon eps materials. The thermal insulation numerical value of carbon eps is higher than white eps. For this reason, weather boarding is a direct factor in terms of sheathing. The sheathing material , which is more dense and hard, which we define as Xps, is not used on the facade as it prevents the exterior of the building from breathing.

    The surface of the weather boarding sheathing boards is covered with acrylic based flexible fiber plaster. These coatings are ready-to-apply materials. During the application of siding sheathing plates, mesh, plaster, etc. Does not require reinforcement materials. The jointed exterior jamb cladding material is known in some circles as sandy siding or siding siding.

    Mansion Print Patterns Exterior Cladding

    Since the siding sheathing boards hold the paint very well, they continue to do their job without deteriorating as long as the life of the building. weather boarding exterior cladding materials can be applied to all kinds of surfaces, all kinds of building facades. The application techniques of exterior siding plates are very practical .

    It is a very advantageous exterior coating type compared to wooden weather boarding materials. It resists the harmful UV rays from the sun and the effects of the sea, against burning and rotting due to salt. It has a very high resistance to negative effects such as insects, worms, fungi, mold and corrosion. Mansion printed exterior cladding panels give an aesthetic architectural view to the facades with their natural-looking wood texture. It is not affected by storm and wind. It is moisture resistant.

    The siding does not make the siding sheets swell, it never cracks. They are exterior cladding coatingssuitable for ready assemblyIn this way, it also gives the opportunity to be painted in any color you want.

    Mansion Printing Exterior Cladding, Mansion Printing Patterns

    weather boarding m2 Prices

    Wooden weather boarding m2 prices are quite high. But m2 prices of Eps styrofoam pressed coatingsare much cheaper, around 70%. Since it is ready-made self-plastered, the price of m2 weather boarding is also much more suitable. For this reason , siding printing exterior claddings are very fast and practical exterior cladding materials for the building.

    Mansion Printing m2 Unit Prices, Yali Bakı Ev ​​Covering

    What are the Benefits of Sheathing with Mansion Press Thermal Insulation Board?

    1. Sealed print patterned facade coatings are light,
    2. Exterior siding thermal insulation boards  provide high energy savings,
    3. The siding printing exterior cladding, jacketing process is easy and fast to be applied,
    4. It is environmentally friendly,
    5. It has waterproofing ability, waterproof,
    6. weather boarding sheathing plates have sound insulation ability,
    7. It is economical,
    8. It does not lose its properties for many years,
    9. Siding jamb  exterior cladding materials add value to your building aesthetically.
    Types of Siding Coating

     EPS Styrofoam weather boarding Sheathing Sheets

    Stone Patterned Mansion Print

    Wooden Patterned Mansion Print

    Other weather boarding Types

    1. Wooden weather boarding
    2. Aluminum weather boarding
    3. PVC weather boarding (Vinyl Siding)
    4. Fibrcement weather boarding
    Expanded Polystyrene weather boarding Sheathing Boards

    There are 2 known modifications - foam (otherwise - foam) and extruded. It is a series of air-filled connecting bubbles. The extruded material is different because each air gap is different from the other.

    Styrofoam is suitable for external and internal warming, characterized by high thermal insulation indicators. Requires reliable vapor barrier as it is not vapor permeable. This is noticeable given the low moisture resistance of the foam, which obliges the installation of hydraulic protection.

    In general, siding-coating patterned materials are inexpensive, lightweight, and easy to cut and attach (glue). Material plates of various sizes and thicknesses are produced for the needs of the buyer. Secondly, it directly affects the thermal conductivity.

    The insulation material used in construction to control the heat output of the conventional material from the indoor environment is called the insulation material used to prevent the outdoor heat in the indoor material. Insulation are products called siding insulation materials . According to its structure, the commonly used siding-printed insulation material can be divided into two categories as organic and inorganic. According to its shape, it can be divided into fibrous, porous microporous, bubble, granular, layered and others, and some more common materials, the following is a brief introduction.

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