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How is the Thermal Insulation of the Mesh Exterior Façade Made?

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  • How to Make Flat Sheathing with Mesh in 7 Steps?

How to Make Flat Sheathing with Mesh in 7 Steps?

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How to Make Flat Sheathing with Mesh in 7 Steps?

    How to Make Flat Sheathing with Mesh in 7 Steps?

    Sheathing Applications Are Made in 7 Steps.

    First Step;

    1-  Preparing the Surface to be Insulated
     . If there are substances that reduce adhesion such as dust and oil on the surface, these are cleaned and the areas with spillage and swelling are cleaned with the help of a brush. The surface to which the sheathing sheets will adhere must be smooth and clean.

    Second step;

    2- Basin Profile Installation

    Basin profiles are determined according to the width (thickness) of the insulation boards to be used in the sheathing  application and mounted at the determined point. Third Step;

    3- Adhesion of Thermal Insulation Boards

    Adhesive mortar applied boards are adhered to the wall, taking care not to leave any gaps between the plates.

    Fourth Step;
    4- Anchoring of Thermal Insulation Boards

    After the bonding process, the insulation boards are doweled in order to maintain the performance and continuity of the thermal insulation boards for a long time.
    Fifth Step; 

    5- Placement of the Corner Profile 

    Corner profiles are placed at the corners to prevent the risks of wind and water effects and the risk of separation behind the boards over time and to facilitate the creation of a neat corner. Dilatation, dropper and sill profiles are used in required areas.

    Sixth Step;
    6- Creation of Exterior Plaster Layers and Placement of Reinforcement Mesh

    The first layer of plaster is laid on the thermal insulation boards. Immediately after the first layer of plaster, the reinforcement mesh is placed on the first layer of plaster by gently burying it. The second layer of plaster is applied before the plaster dries.

    Seventh Step; 

    7- Exterior Paint

    When the painting process is started, we can apply exterior paint directly, or we can apply mineral plaster and apply exterior paint to cover the mistakes on the plaster. It can also be used to cover plaster defects with patterned exterior paints.

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