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How to Make a Savings Account with Thermal Insulation?

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  • How to Calculate Sheathing (Heat Insulation) Savings?

How to Calculate Sheathing (Heat Insulation) Savings?

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How to Calculate Sheathing (Heat Insulation) Savings?

    How to Calculate Sheathing (Heat Insulation) Savings?

    Savings Calculation Meter Calculation
    The meter on the main page displays the instantaneous reflection of the average savings during the year.

    If the buildings are not sheathed, they are reported as savings by comparing the amount of fuel to be spent and the amount of CO2 emissions to be generated.

    Comparison of Natural Gas Consumption and CO2 Emission

    In calculating the number of savings, the average amount of natural gas consumed per flat per year is taken as 1013 m3. It has been accepted as equal to 1m3=2.1857 kg co2 emission.
    A Comparison of CO2 Emissions and Trees
    Y trees can absorb X kg of CO2 at the same time.
    A forest of Z hectares can absorb X kg of CO2 in the same time.

    - 1 tree can absorb 22 kg of CO2 per year.
    - 1 hectare of forest consists of 400 trees.

    The siding printed exterior cladding models  manufactured using  natural sheathing materials  or  an  aesthetic appearance to  the  exterior  with their  wooden texture . " Paint applications " can be made on it,  it is resistant to moisture, does not swell and spill , has long-term durability, is resistant to  heat and fire , can be easily applied to all kinds of buildings. 

    While it is generally   desired to obtain  thermally insulated buildings, sometimes thermal insulation materials  are used to serve decorative purposes. 

    Exterior cladding materials  appear as styrofoam-based decorative exterior cladding materials such as stone-like decorative styrofoam,  wood-like exterior cladding , stone-patterned cladding 

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