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Does Thermal Insulation (Sheathing) Provide Energy Saving?

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  • Does Sheathing (Thermal İnsulation) Provide Energy Saving?

Does Sheathing (Thermal İnsulation) Provide Energy Saving?

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Does Sheathing (Thermal İnsulation) Provide Energy Saving?

    Does Sheathing Provide Energy Saving?, How Much Energy Saving Does Thermal Insulation Provide? Here are the answers to those who are wondering about the application of thermal insulation and energy saving in our article.

    Costs spent on thermal insulation systems , which are thought to be high at first glance, are actually a smart long-term investment and provide a significant amount of return in the long run. As a result of calculating the cost of the energy consumed for cooling in summer months in terms of m2, it is around $55 per month for a 20-30 m2 room. In winter, the cost of energy consumed for heating is around $72 on average.

    When we look at the Turkish economy, the annual electricity consumption rates seem extremely serious. We are making significant payments to meet the energy needs that we have become dependent on foreign sources. Among the most important reasons for this are the unconsciously applied consumption expenditures and expenditures. The use of electricity is directly related to the economic growth rate of our country. It has been determined that our electricity usage increased accordingly during the periods when we achieved economic growth.

    Again, it has been determined that the use of electricity decreased during the economic crisis in 2001 and 2009. While the annual economic growth rate of Turkey is 5.5% on average, the increase in electricity usage is half a point above this, at the rate of 6%. The explanation that best expresses this situation is that we are not economical in consumption.

    Beyond the need for housing for today's people living in residences, it offers significant savings to homeowners on issues such as electricity, water, heating and cooling. Exterior cladding offers the opportunity to provide significant energy savings with some applications to the houses with developing technology . With the sheathing programs generally applied to the exterior facades , savings of 40-60% are provided in the energy use of the residences ( according to the application quality ). Apart from this superiority, isolation systems;

    It allows you to enjoy your healthy and comfortable home by keeping your homes away from mold and moisture.
    It contributes to the protection of the environment as it reduces the use of fuel.

    When it comes to exterior cladding types  , the first technique that comes to mind is " sheathing " techniques. The reason for this is that its implementation is low-cost and  after the jacketing decision is  taken, it can be moved to the practical application phase quickly.  The most prominent application in this  polystyrene exterior cladding option is EPS polystyrene foam based thermal insulation boards . Among the exterior cladding visuals ,  it is not seen that styrofoam (foam) is at the forefront among the exterior cladding suggestions  applied in the building  . Because it is the job of covering the exterior of the buildings for various layers in order to be suitable for the heavy conditions of the exterior with different coatings on different layers.  has. It prevents cracks and damages that may occur due to temperature differences in
    building materials , maintenance, repair, etc. reduces your costs.

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