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Characteristics of Sheathing Dowel and Thermal Insulation Dowel

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  • Features of Sheathing Dowel and Thermal Insulation Dowel

Features of Sheathing Dowel and Thermal Insulation Dowel

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Features of Sheathing Dowel and Thermal Insulation Dowel

    Sheathing Dowel in 8 Articles and Its Properties

    Properties of Thermal Insulation Dowel to be Used in Sheathing Application;

    1. Dowel length: It should be in the calculated length depending on the thickness of the insulation plate and the type of surface on which mechanical determination will be made.
    2. Dowel body: Polyethylene, non-recycled, non-waste material
    3. Dowel nail: Polyamide, from non-recycled, non-waste material
    4. Bearing force : 0.15 kN
    5. Dowel Head Diameter: 60 mm.
    6. The head should be rough and nailed in order to increase the plaster grip.
    7. It must be produced by a company that has proven its competence in this regard with ISO 9001 Quality Management System certificate and must have an ETA certificate.
    8. Screw Dowel should be used in applications to be made on wood or OSB surface, and Aerated Concrete Dowel should be used in applications to be made on aerated concrete building elements.

    They are the building elements that provide the connection of the insulation element with the building in exterior cladding applications. The " sheathing dowels " used in insulation are produced from recycled raw materials or from original Polyethylene. There are plastic nailed dowels, steel nailed dowels, driven sheathing dowels or chemicaldowels. Plastic nailed dowels are mainly used in building elements such as bricks. They are also called brick dowels. Steel naileddowelsare used in structures such as aerated concrete (common name ytong brick.). Dowels with steel nails are called euro dowels. Euro dowels are available with both straight and mechanical nails. The use of mechanical nailed euro dowels has increased with the use of rock wool.  We strongly recommend using steel nailed dowels as stone wool dowels . However, the use of plastic nailed euro dowels has been increasing in recent years.

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