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How is Exterior Cladding (Thermal Insulation) Made?

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  • How is the Exterior Cladding Made with Thermal Insulation Materials?

How is the Exterior Cladding Made with Thermal Insulation Materials?

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How is the Exterior Cladding Made with Thermal Insulation Materials?

    How is Exterior Cladding (Heat Insulation) Made?

    Exterior cladding materials are used with the aim of increasing the heat transmission resistance of building materials and reducing the number of heat transfers. Insulation is a whole. The building to be thermally insulated in buildings should be considered as a whole and its insulation should be done perfectly. Even though the thermal insulation values ​​of the building are improved to some extent by making the thermal insulation in the buildings, especially in the places where the heat escape is most intense, it is seen that there is more heat escape from the uninsulated surfaces in such cases compared to the past. It is essential that the exterior cladding application in buildings is carried out mainly from the outside. The target here is the exterior .is to evaluate its surface as a mass that stores heat with all its building elements. The heat energy it gives to heat the building uses the air inside the building and transfers energy to the building elements that bring the building to the open via convection. This process allows the structure to store heat. When the energy source cuts off the heat transfer, cooling occurs extremely slowly due to the heat-stored building elements. Otherwise, in an interior sheathing application, the heat storage material will be the air inside the building and the materials consumed inside the building . In this case, the stored heat rate remains extremely limited and low.

    While it is generally desired to obtain buildings with thermal insulation , sometimes sheathing materials are used to serve decorative purposes. Exterior cladding materials appear as styrofoam-based decorative exterior cladding materials such as stone-like decorative styrofoam, wood-like exterior cladding , stone-patterned cladding .        

    Sometimes, homeowners or designers using their imaginations work wonders with different siding materials . In such cases, sheathing material prices may increase. Building owners allocate an extra budget for exterior decoration and make reasonable choices for that budget.     

     It will be possible to provide comfort in your buildings with thermal insulation materials of varying thickness and densities  .  In addition to the sheathing processes, the trick is to make thermal insulation, which can be applied later on  ,  and you can have thermal insulation  programs done by  using  the best sheathing materials for your needs  . Materials preferred for sound insulation allow the application  of " heat insulation " by applying them later to the structures. What is sheathing?  You can also use our article.

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