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Types of Exterior Cladding in Buildings 

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  • Types of Exterior Cladding in Buildings 

Types of Exterior Cladding in Buildings 

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Types of Exterior Cladding in Buildings 

    Types of Exterior Cladding in Buildings 

    Today, most exterior cladding types have been produced for the aesthetic views and insulation of buildings in coordination with advancing technology . The exterior claddings that can be mounted on the exterior of the buildings can be applied to the building without any additional load due to their light weight.

    METPOR Exterior Sheathing Types

    In order to make thermal insulation in buildings  , 3 different techniques are applied as internal, external and sandwich wall. The best program applied in order to prevent the formation of thermal bridges and to ensure the continuity of the insulation is the thermal insulation program. Exterior jacketing program is the most ideal thermal insulation system inbuilding physics.

    Sheathing is the covering of the outer shell of the building with sheathing materials in order to prevent heat losses and gains according to seasonal conditions . Technically, it is the heat insulation applied to the outer surface of the building in order to reach the necessary heat transmission coefficient without creating a thermal bridge.

    METPOR Wooden Look Exterior Cladding Types

    Wooden cladding gives buildings a natural look. It is a building sheathing material that breathes with the help of air barrier . It is lighter than other facade coatings . It is an exterior coating that beautifies its surroundings with its aesthetic view, as well as protecting the buildings from external influences in coordination with the insulation to be applied in coordination with the system.

    METPOR Precast Exterior Cladding

    It is a concrete program with superior strength. It is obtained from the mixture of silica sand and white cement. It has been used in the USA and European countries since the end of the 70's. Precast, whose consumption has become widespread in Turkey, has the feature of being applied to all kinds of buildings. Precast known as “Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete, GFRC” is used in many different architectural programs in conjunction with fiber concrete cladding or cement panels. Precast used as exterior cladding material has the ability to insulate water, moisture, heat and sound.

    METPOR Aluminum Composite Panel Exterior Cladding

    Aluminum Composite Panel, consisting of non-toxic (environment-friendly) polyethylene between aluminum in detailed thicknesses (0.50 mm, 0.30 mm, 0.21 mm) on both surfaces, the outer surface can be covered with different colors, in transport, storage and program step. It is a coating material that is covered with plastic film in order not to damage the colored surface and is frequently preferred in modern architectural structures. It is
    durable and long-lasting against impact and breakage. It is lighter than other materials. It does not impose an additional load on the facade. It is simple to process in the manufacturing step, and to maintain and hygienic afterwards. Options such as granite and wood pattern are available. It can be used in interior sheathing .

    METPOR Mansion Printing Exterior Coatings

    Mansion-printed facade cladding , which is manufactured using natural insulation materials , gives an aesthetic view to the facades with its wooden view. It can be painted over, is resistant to moisture, does not swell or spill, has long-term resistance, is resistant to heat and fire, can be easily applied to all kinds of buildings. Since it is produced with the technique of coating acrylic based fibrous plaster on EPS thermal insulation boards , it has both heat and water insulation capabilities. Depending on the quality of the insulation application, it can provide heat insulation between 40 - 60%.

    METPOR Natural Stone Exterior Cladding

    Stone cladding programs can be used with the aim of protecting the houses against impacts and abrasions caused by regional factors, or they can also be used with the aim of providing the façade and surrounding order in order to prevent the relationship of the houses with the soil ground. Stone coatings, which are generally applied using biscuit bricks, create different designs on the facades with their unique color and add value to your residences.

    METPOR Siding Exterior Cladding Types

    Siding is a form of exterior cladding that is resistant to heat and water. siding; It is a thermal insulation material option that is produced by producing polystyrene plates in the form of siding, that is, waterside pressure, in factories and covered with a special exterior cladding .

    It preserves the beauty of the first day for years. It is long-lasting, does not require paint maintenance and repair, it is easy to clean. With its aesthetic and modern appearance, it beautifies your living spaces and adds value to your building. It can be used in single-storey or multi-storey buildings on brick, concrete, wood or steel construction. It is robust to all weather conditions, it tolerates itself during stretching, shrinkage.

    It is resistant to ultraviolet rays from the sun. Heating and cooling costs are saved. It does not create moisture on the walls with the help of the steam stabilizer used in the interior details. The building breathes with the evacuation holes on it. With the help of corner joint gaps, the building breathes. Thanks to the exterior accessories that can solve minor faults , it provides problem-free sheathing in buildings . It has different color options . It is assembled in a short time with economical and fast solutions.

    While making exterior sheathing  application, the visuality of the buildings is also considered today. For this reason  , decorative jacketing  application methods are preferred. When it comes to exterior cladding models , it is seen that  there are different  decorative exterior cladding materials  .

     The siding materials, which provide design opportunities by making  the thermal insulation and  exterior cladding of the building  , are produced from a thermoplastic material we call EPS styrofoam polystyrene foam . Styrofoam insulation boards are light and durable  thermal insulation materials  , and  they are insulation materials with excellent thermal insulation  metric values   . 

    Types of exterior cladding will be recommended and  material selection and selected  exterior cladding  thickness are two important factors in the application of sheathing  for the purpose of  thermal insulation on the  exterior of the buildings The heat insulation boards to be selected  must not absorb water into their body. Fuga heat insulation boards  and  siding printing facade coatings produced by Metpor Jamb and Sheathing are  materials with zero water absorption  rate. In addition, high vapor diffusion resistance, pressure and impact resistance, heat retention and heat transmission coefficient are also very important. However,  the prices of thermal insulation materials  are among the top priorities.

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