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What Are the Exterior Window and Door Jamb Materials Used in Binary Facades?

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  • What are Exterior Facade Jambs and Facade Cladding Materials

What are Exterior Facade Jambs and Facade Cladding Materials

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What are Exterior Facade Jambs and Facade Cladding Materials

    What are Exterior Jamb Materials?

    Metpor exterior window jamb materials are coating materials used in old buildings or on the facades of new buildings. Exterior jamb cladding materials are produced from high quality polystyrene styrofoam material. The surface of our exterior sheathing products is covered with an acrylic-based mineral plaster that can withstand exterior conditions.

    In addition, by combining the indispensable wooden texture with styrofoam material from the past to the present, it produces wooden-looking mansion printing and jambsEPS jamb materials are strong with the help of high compressive strength. It does not absorb water in its body and has a high freeze-thaw resistance, so it is durable against natural conditions. They are materials that have been proven by various analyzes to be robust against temperature changes on the exterior.

    Best Exterior Applied Jamb Materials

    Special plaster, except for exterior window jamb materials or other jamb coatings, provides protection against ultra violet rays of the sun, and prevents cracking, breakage and aging with its elastic structure.

    In the design of the models in our catalog, Ottoman, Seljuk and Modern exterior architectural examples were inspired.

    The products in the Metpor Exterior Decorations catalog are designed to be compatible with each other in terms of size and model.

    There are detailed profiles such as Jambs, Sills, Keystones, Mansions, Buttresses, Columns, Column Heads, Window Jamb Crowns, Cornerstones, Exterior Cladding with Joints.

    The Best Jamb Materials

    Our siding-shaped product, which we offer the name of mansion printing, is a highly preferred product in mantoloma applications as exterior cladding . The reason why jamb materials are very advantageous as exterior cladding is that they can be applied and painted directly on the exterior without the need for additional mesh plaster, since they are plainly plastered styrofoam.

    Exterior Jamb Material Models

    In building facade designs, it has become much more important that it appeals to the eye rather than obtaining a standard appearance. For this purpose,  detailed exterior cladding studies are carried  out. However, the  types and prices of these jamb materials  vary. 

     There are many  different models and ideas about jamb coating . Doing a review first for original considerations and frame decoration prices  would be the best start. To do this, before contacting a company , you should choose your window jamb material by having an idea about how to decorate a building.

    • Jamb price is per meter
    • Jamb lengths are produced as 2 meters as standard.
    • 60 Density ( kg / m³ ) thermal insulation material Expanded Polystyrene Hard Styrofoam Foam (EPS-Expanded Polystyrene Foam) has been produced.
    • It is fully compatible with the window jamb and insulation materials system and provides extra thermal insulation, namely sheathing, especially on the jamb window edges.
    • Jambs are not affected by moisture and humidity.
    • Due to the lightness of the jamb materials , there is no additional load on the building.
    • Acrylic plaster used on the surface is elastic and extremely durable.
    • Jamb materials do not freeze and crack in winter, soften and sag in summer.


    The jamb profiles used on the   exterior can be applied to the parts of the windows facing the exterior of the building, as well as in  interior wall cladding  systems in terms of aesthetic and artistic appearance, if desired. Jamb materials can be made of any material  resistant to climatic conditions . As it is stated in the definition of jamb materials , it is used for aesthetic appearance as well as protecting window and door spaces from rain water to some extent.

    What is a jamb in architecture?  We have listed the answers to the question above. The jamb covering materials we mentionedcan be made from many kinds of materials. But our review is what is the production of EPS styrofoam polystyrene jamb that we produce in CNC jamb machine ?  How is it done? In order to manufacture jambs  , first of all, the architectural identity and concept of the building must be created. For this, the design of the relevant EPS jamb applications and, if it is to be done, the floor wiping should be preparedduring the design phase of the building, that is, during the project phase These designs can be the architect's own special design, orthey can be made by choosing  ready-made jamb materials .

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