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The Reason for the Need for Exterior Cladding?

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  • Reasons for the Need for Thermal Insulation (Sheathing)?

Reasons for the Need for Thermal Insulation (Sheathing)?

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Reasons for the Need for Thermal Insulation (Sheathing)?

    Reasons for the Need for Thermal Insulation (Sheathing)?

    In most countries, a sizable amount of energy, ie money, is spent on heating and cooling work. When houses and buildings are insulated efficiently and correctly: Energy efficiency will increase and money will be saved . There is no need for extra strength and cost to protect the insulation, it is permanent and generally maintenance free. Increases comfort. Throughout the building, the temperature distribution becomes more homogeneous. Exterior sheathing , that is, thermal  insulation , also provides sound insulation as it absorbs the noise coming from the outside .

     It is clear that the winds to be encountered during the exterior cladding application will endanger the employees. In this respect, the number of fixings should be increased by at least 40%, especially in tarpaulin scaffolding. The end points must be finished with fixing elements such as eaves,  jambs , windowsills , and copings  .

    Is Thermal Insulation (Wall Cladding) Necessary? Why Should Sheathing (Heat Insulation) Be Done?

    Various  exterior cladding materials  and construction companies or private  siding companies create  design wonders  . Metpor  exterior cladding materials  , such as siding printing , jointed sheathing,  terracotta cladding  and wood-patterned exterior cladding, not only  add visuality to the buildings,  but also carry  a high degree of  sheathing  , that is,  insulation .

     Interior ceilings, cavity walls and exterior walls come first as the  areas that need to be sheathed .eps styrofoam Since the material can be easily cut in desired forms in CNC machines and can be produced by direct printing method, it can be produced by mold method. exterior cladding models It offers advantages  in making flexible designs for 

    Is It Necessary to Make Thermal Insulation in Buildings?

    As a general gain, thanks to the "heat insulation", the harmful waste gas transmission from the fuel burned for heating purposes to the environment is reduced . If the building is a poorly insulated house and poorly ventilated, the following effects are observed. In winter, dew and frozen surfaces occur under floors and ceilings. In the summer, the attic gets extremely hot and suffocating. Exterior cladding must be done by considering all building needs. Only the insulation of living spaces is not the right form of insulation without ceiling and floor insulation. In order to maintain the continuity of the building's heat, all areas with heat loss must be determined and taken into account in the insulation.

    Sometimes, homeowners or designers using their imaginations work  wonders with different thermal insulation  materials . In such cases,  sheathing material prices  may increase. Building owners  allocate an extra budget for exterior decoration  and make reasonable choices for that budget.

    While you can provide  " energy savings " at the level of 10-15% by just having thermal insulation on your walls ,  this amount will increase if you cover your floors, doors and windows with exterior cladding models . If  you do it together with jamb  and  floor wiping  applications, the performance of your thermal insulation will increase noticeably.

    When the exterior cladding of the buildings  is  made, the resulting energy savings and this savings contribute to the family and country economy. In addition, it contributes to the protection of nature and energy resources and stands out as one of the best measures to prevent damage to the environment.

    1- By saving 50% on average from the expenditures made for heating or cooling, it allows better heating in winter and staying cool in summer.
    2- It contributes to the prevention of environmental pollution and global warming by reducing fuel consumption and thus waste gas emissions.
    3- With the efficiency it will provide, it reduces our country's dependence on foreign energy.
    4- It prevents perspiration (condensation) that causes mold, black spots and fungus in homes.
    5- It prevents the corrosion of the iron in the concrete and protects the resistance of your building against earthquakes.
    6- It creates comfortable and healthy spaces by creating balanced room temperatures in living spaces.
    Places where thermal insulation is applied
    1- Flat (terrace) and sloping roofs,
    2- Outward facing walls,
    3- Exit floors,
    4- Walls and floors in contact with the soil,
    5- Walls and floors facing unheated sections such as garages and warehouses,
    6- Floors separating floors in buildings heated by combi boilers,
    7- Installation pipes, ventilation ducts, valves, etc. made to the plumbing elements.
    In addition, by using specially coated insulating glass units and insulated joinery, heat losses from windows are reduced in winter, and solar heat entry into the building is limited in summer without sacrificing daylight.
    How is thermal insulation done in buildings? Thermal insulation is the use of special thermal insulation materials
    with low thermal permeability.; It is made by applying it to the roof, floor and walls of our houses in accordance with the technique. In addition, thermal insulation in windows is provided by using specially coated insulating glass units and insulated joinery. Thermal insulation can be applied primarily from the outside of the buildings, if not possible from the inside. One of the most important elements of thermal insulation is the insulation of the installations.

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