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Styrofoam Exterior Wall Cladding Panels

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Eps Polystyrene Thermal Insulation, Isolation Panels

What is thermal insulation in buildings? why is it done? Because one of the benefits of thermal insulation is that it reduces 50% of energy consumption and provides good conditions indoors. For these reasons, the materials used in thermal insulation should be chosen correctly and of good quality. In our article, what is the "best insulation method in buildings"? We will examine it together.

Exterior jacketing provides not only "heat insulation" but also sound insulation. The insulation board used in the exterior "heat insulation" method isalso very successful in terms of sound insulation. In this way, the outside sounds will be prevented from entering the building, and the inside sounds will also be prevented from coming out.

Ready-Made Building Facade Cladding Sheets

Measures taken to prevent heat transfer in exterior walls, glass and joinery, roofs, flooring and installations bring savings as well as exterior cladding. You can find a comfortable use in living spaces with the help of exterior cladding models that minimize the effects of factors such as sound, water, humidity, heat and cold in the building environment, which will negatively affect human health.

It  can also be used as exterior insulation materials for exterior cladding plates in buildings, building elements that reveal the walls, roofs and floors of buildings, and for the insulation of installation systems and door-window insulation. Qualified joinery and insulating glass units of these thermal insulation materials are also very important for effective"heat insulation".

Knowing the properties of thermal insulation materials is one of the main issues to be considered in order not to have hesitations in choosing thermal insulation materials for exterior cladding in buildings . In addition, window jambs are strong thermal insulation materialsThey are basic insulation materials that contribute to energy savings by providing high "insulation" there.

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