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Terracotta Polystyrene Exterior Thermal Insulation Panels

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  • What is Terracotta Coating?, Terracotta Exterior Wall Thermal Insulation

What is Terracotta Coating?, Terracotta Exterior Wall Thermal Insulation

What is Terracotta Coating?, Terracotta Exterior Wall Thermal Insulation

Terracotta Polystyrene Exterior Thermal Insulation Boards

There are also alternative materials to classic sheathing applications. These are ready-made sheathing plates. Decorative exterior wall coverings are called sheathing, that is, ready-made sheathing panels that do not require plaster. Terracotta coating, yalı printing, terracotta exterior wall coverings are called in the market. Terracotta exterior wall panels are coated with acrylic emulsion-based plaster after the styrofoam logs are cut into the desired sizes and shapes and become ready for use. Terracotta facade coatings do not require the use of other materials such as dowels, nets, etc. Optional dowels are available.Its application is easy and fast. It has a high "insulation" value. It adds architectural value together with sheathing in buildings.With the non-use of sheathing dowels, you do not need to drill in your building, it does not impose October load on your building with its structure that does not require plaster and decorative plaster.

What is Terracotta Facade Coating?

The main material of "Terracotta" exterior wall cladding products, which allows to provide "thermal insulation" and exterior cladding of the building, is a special chemical substance called polystyrene. Due to the characteristics of this material; it is a durable and strong insulation material and is very effective in heat saving. The building, which is covered with insulation plates, can be provided with a different exterior appearance depending on the request. With terracotta coating; It is quite easy to create marble, granite, ceramic, brick or wooden exterior facades. This technique, also called Terracotta exterior cladding or Terracotta sheathing, also refers to the new generation of "sheathing" applications.

Features of Terracotta Facade Cladding

Terracotta exterior wall panels, which make it easier to provide different types of appearance; have all the features to keep the thermal insulation at the highest level in the building. Due to the fact that it has special chemicals and minerals, heat and energy savings are provided at the highest level.It will last for many years güçtedir. Su thanks to the waterproof coating; moisture does not occur, rot does not occur on the panels and there is no dirt retention on the exterior due to the ability to be washed.Since it is resistant to the sun's rays, there is no change in its form and shape, color deformation does not occur on the exterior.

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