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Best Thermal Insulation Material Suggestions

Thermal Insulation Material Recommendation

Thermal Insulation Material Recommendation

Best Thermal Insulation Material Suggestions

Today, different types of sheathing exterior cladding have been produced in order  to provide the architectural aesthetic appearance of the buildings and thermal insulation in coordination with the advancing technology.  These products, which have  quite a lot  of exterior cladding models , can be applied to the building without adding additional load, since they are light cladding that can be mounted on the facade as exterior cladding of buildings. There are many material, color and texture options among the jacketing models . When it comes to exterior cladding types, the first technique that comes to mind is "sheathing" techniques. The reason for this is that it is low cost to implement and  After the exterior cladding decision is taken, it is possible to quickly move to the practical application stage. Exterior jacketing processes can be applied in new buildings, aswell as a very practical and useful system for renewing the exterior of old buildings.

Thermal Insulation Material Recommendations

+ Scaffolding is installed on the facades.
+ The end parts of the Yali pressure plates that are overflowing with mortar are corrected with the help of a spatula. The insulation, sheathing board is attached to the facade by surprise by combing the back surface with adhesive and gluing.
+ 2 pieces of 4cm insulation per square meter on the exterior surface will be doweled if desired to hit the sheathing plate. The dowel places are brought Decently between the joints or under the jambs.
+ Exterior cladding - all joints of the insulation material are glued with glue October and the overflowing parts are cleaned with a spatula.
All joints are rotted with jamb mortar and left to dry, and when drying is completed, the sanding procedure is performed to ensure October surface smoothness.
+ Then, primer is applied on the 4 cm exterior wall sheathing board and the surface is ready for painting.

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