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Prices for Thermal Insulation Supplies m2 Unit

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External Wall Cladding Supplies m2 Prices

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External Wall Cladding Supplies m2 Prices

    External Wall Cladding Prices 2022

    Exterior cladding prices may vary according to the requirements of the buildings to be programmed and the expectations of the residents of the flats. The choice of thermal insulation boards and thicknesses, the features of the building, additional programs to be made depending on your demand and the desired exterior cladding unit price directly affectlevel of savings you expect from the exterior cladding program. METPOR Exterior coating insulation consultantswill help you with their knowledge and experience in all processes, starting from material selection.

    The price per square meter of sheathing is 29.00 ₺ + VAT for 3 cm in m2 unit,  while the  calculation is made as 32.00 ₺ + VAT for 4 cm . These  exterior cladding styrofoam prices  were valid for 2019 . While the exterior sheathing prices were 24.00 TL + VAT in 2018, prices increased in 2019  due to  exchange rate fluctuations  in  Dollar  and  Euro  currencies .

    2020 Exterior cladding prices  are  32.00TL + VAT for 3 cm exterior cladding plate, 34.00TL + VAT for  4 cm exterior cladding plate . 2021 Ready Facade Cladding Material m2 Unit prices are as follows. 3 cm jointed Exterior cladding plate m2 unit price is 45.00TL + VAT, 4 cm ready sheathing plate price is 51.00TL + VAT . 5 cm jacketing plate is 57.00TL + VAT . Sheathing materials prices  are 63.00TL + VAT for 6 cm. 2021 Current Sheathing Prices are as follows.

    Looking for ways to meet the expectations and needs of its customers with the experience of many exterior cladding programs we have realized, METPOR thermal insulation systems relieves the burdens of managers and residents with additional services offered to their customers during the program process.

    You will experience the privilege of being a METPOR sheathing customer with the help of professional exterior cladding m2 calculation in terms of our free of charge survey and expert team , along with the quantity calculation studies that will enable you to reach the correct measurements of your residences, as well as additional services that you will feel the difference in the entire program process .

    Exterior Cladding Material m2 Unit Prices

    Exterior Cladding m2 Unit Prices

    Building exterior cladding materials are generally selected and applied ideally to the design and aesthetic appearance of the building. In Turkey , mostly wood, precast, american siding, siding coatings , sheathing panels , composite (alucobont), granite, aluminum, natural stone and glass facade coatings are used. ) together with wooden exterior cladding materials , american siding siding exterior cladding  ( siding press jacketing ) is used. METPOR sheathing expert program staff exterior thermal insulation programsIt also carries out exterior cladding programs in coordination with It enriches the building design with jamb coating products on exteriors .

    Exterior Cladding Material Prices

    Insulation with exterior cladding is not a cost, but an investment that reduces heating and cooling costs by 50% and provides life-long savings and comfort to the consumer. Every penny you pay for the " exterior cladding material prices " of the buildings will pay for itself in the long run and you will save money with the help of your invoices.  With the help of the payment facilitiesMETPOR Facade Coatings offer you, you can make your exterior sheathing payments interest-free and cost-free, or you can make your payments by credit card or promissory note by taking advantage of the installment facility. You can pay in installments with credit cards, as well as in jacketing prices for your cash payments.You can benefit from special discounts and campaigns.

    Styrofoam Exterior Cladding Prices

    Considering the advantages provided by Metpor Manatolama & Jamb Products  exterior cladding prices  , these  exterior cladding  applications can be preferred as the most superior. Our company; It promises the highest efficiency among exterior cladding applications made with Metpor Sheathing & Jamb Products. While we guarantee  our applications,  we aim to achieve maximum insulation performance with the right  thermal insulation materials  and  correct workmanship , by performing  all  analyzes correctly so that the thermal insulation application reaches the highest efficiency . 

    The price per square meter of sheathing is 29.00 ₺ + VAT for 3 cm in m2 unit,while the calculation is made as 32.00 ₺ + VAT for 4 cm . These jacketing styrofoam prices remain valid for 2019 . While the exterior sheathing prices were 24.00 TL + VAT in 2018, prices increased in 2019  due to exchange rate fluctuations in Dollar and Euro currencies.              

    2020 sheathing prices  are 32.00TL + VAT for 3 cm sheathing plate, 35.00TL + VAT for 4 cm sheathing plate . The prices of these thermal insulation boards are estimated as the price per m2 of siding printing jacketing and jointed coating, which are decorative jacketing types         

    Mansion Printing Siding Exterior Cladding m2 Prices

    New Generation Exterior Cladding m2 Prices Calculation

    METPOR sheathing sees loyalty to its promise as the first step of the work.

    Exterior Cladding Quotation Request Process: It is the first step of our customer processes, our customer relations department performs the discovery appointment procedure on the computer system by receiving the requests of our customers, whose numbers come to our company headquarters , via the free survey form on our website

    Building Discovery Process: The exploration request entered in the system is displayed on the screen of the measurement responsible, our measurement team comes to your building on the day and time you have determined and performs the exterior measurement .

    Sheathing Measurement Stages;

    1. All facades are identified separately and evaluated together.
      Areas to be deducted from the quantity are determined (windows, door openings, etc.).
      Apart from the exterior cladding, additional program requests to be made in your building are measured (roof, landscaping, etc.).
      A sketch of the building is drawn and all dimensions are recorded in the survey form.
    2. Pricing Process: After the measurements written on the quantity discovery form are transferred to the planning program , they are calculated with zero error and are sent to the screen of our customer relations officers.
    3. Proposal Printing Process: Our Customer Relations officers prepare your proposal file by printing the discovery form that comes to them, and the proposal file that has been approved for printing is sent to the screen of our insulation consultants.
    4. Submission of the Bid File: Our insulation consultants examine the file received , prepare the visual materials related to the insulation to be made, make a visual presentation at the agreed day and time, and deliver the proposal file.
    5. Contract Process: After mutual agreement is reached, exterior cladding prices , work start date, work end date, etc. are determined. conditions are written in the contract in various ways and signed in duplicate.
    6. Work Start Process: After the planning specialist examines the contract, he plans the start of the construction site, the materials and equipment to be used in the program are sent to the construction site on the specified date. Our site supervisors, who are assigned at each of our construction sites, start the exterior cladding application
      after taking all the precautions related to cleaning (window glass, floor covering, etc.) and safety at the beginning of the work .
    7. Job Termination Process: After the program in the building is completed, the equipment and remaining materials are collected and delivered to the construction site apartment / site management after performing the hygienic environment.
    8. Follow-up Process: Our customer relations officers get information about the state of the building by staying in contact with the site / apartment management and the residents of the building where the program is applied.

    There are many  types of sheathing  . The exterior cladding  program is the most ongoing  thermal insulation  system in the 21st century. Generally   , there are thousands of construction sites within the province of Istanbul . There are many  sheathing companies on the Anatolian Side and the European Side of Istanbul  . According to the current laws, it  is mandatory for newly implemented buildings to have thermal insulation . For this purpose   , you should contact the exterior coating companies  and  sheathing companies and insulate your building in a reasonable manner according to the regulations. Thermal insulation within the scope of energy performance regulation energy performance certificate  must be allowed to be issued. exterior cladding and  sheathing specifications  must also be prepared reasonably and  applied perfectly  . In addition to the exterior sheathing  application,  jamb  applications are also recommended. The fact that we make applications with thermal insulation materials and jacketing materials that we produce  makes us one of the " biggest facade companies in Turkey ".

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