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Wooden Patterned Insulated Jambs and Wooden Textured Exterior Wall Coverings

Wooden Patterned Insulated Jambs

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Wooden Patterned Insulated Jambs

    Jamb Wood Pattern Coatings

    Wooden pattern textured jamb products. Whether you want jamb or waterside printing siding products with a wooden pattern texture, which can be painted in the desired color, you can request it with the quality of mortar. You can achieve a wooden look on your facade with new products with wooden patterns or wood textures enhanced by the exterior decorationsIn the product range of Metpor Jamb & Sheathing, wood-textured products have indentations in wood pattern and can be painted in any color. If desired, you can make the texture clear by applying paint. You can either get the jamb or the mansion print with a wooden texture.

    Wooden Textured Exterior Wall Coverings

    1. Wooden patterned coatings, Wooden patterned jacketing printing, wooden-looking facade coatings, jamb Interior and exterior decorations coating, Wooden Textured Jamb, exterior jamb coating models are the most preferred type of jacketing material.
    2. Add different patterns to your exterior with wooden patterned jambs.
    3. The standard length of our products is 200 cm. It is also produced from EPS foam , namely styrofoam.
    4. With our wide range of products, you can transform your building into the look you want.

    Wooden Textured Exterior Wall Coverings

    Heat insulation plates that can be processed in different forms allow unlimited architectural designs. Stone-image facade cladding, jointed jointed facade cladding, siding - waterfront printing facade cladding , marble-image facade cladding, wood-looking facade cladding, ceramic-image facade cladding, terracotta-looking facade cladding, biscuit brick-image facade cladding types are available and special design facade cladding production It is suitable for

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    Discover Jambs, Thermal Insulation and Exterior Wall Cladding Materials in Buildings at Metpor! The Best Sheathing, Jambs, External Wall Cladding and Polystyrene Thermal Insulation Supplies, New Generation Eps Styrofoam Insulated Facade Cladding Panels Manufacturing at Economical Prices in Metpor Istanbul. You can use our communication channels for 2023 Exterior Cladding Manufacturing Export and Import.

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