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Exterior Wall Decoration Models and Application Suggestions

Exterior Decoration Models and Ideas

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Exterior Decoration Models and Ideas

    Exterior Decoration Models and Ideas

    Exterior decoration ideas ; Beauty should not only consist of the interior of the house, since the phenomenon called design is a whole, the exterior of the house should also be a whole with the design. We have brought together special ideas for you to make the facade designs of your house more beautiful and to be compatible with your interior design understanding. Discover the idea that will increase your productivity and inspire you. Take a look at the villa models decorated withMetpor Jamb & Sheathing brand eps styrofoam jamb coating decorations. In the exterior decorations of the villas, our exterior coating products, which we produce carefullyMetpor Jamb & Sheathing brand eps styrofoam thermal insulation material , are column model heads and feet,
    We serve with decorative panels , separators, decorative decorations , decorative ceiling and wall laths, buttresses, handrails, floor moldings , appliques, niches and other ornaments.

    Tips for Exterior Wall Decoration

    From now on, topics such as " villa exterior cladding models ", villa exterior wall samples, villa exterior models, villa exterior sheathing , villa exterior designs" will now be with you from a single source. Villa designs developed with Eps styrofoam jamb models and real exterior We present you with facade decoration models.Reaching the villa design of your dreams is very easy with the Metpor Jamb & Sheathing team.

    As Metpor Jamb & sheathing brand eps styrofoam decoration, we offer you the best projects and suggestions with rustic ( wooden appearance ) and eps styrofoam decoration decor products, sheathing materials and our experience in interior and exterior , new and all kinds of building decorations to be restored (remodeled) .

    Take a look at our gallery where you will see modern, stylish and rich quality images of Metpor Jamb & Sheathing brand products in the designs of exterior decoration models and get ideas and inspiration. Styrofoam jamb decorations are alternative products for precast coating. You will save your time with " styrofoam exterior decoration ideas " decoration productsthat offer stylish and practical solutions in a short timeWe will offer you a richer product range withnew window jamb and crown models, new floor moldings and column capitals.

    Exterior Decoration Ideas

    Polystyrene jamb for exterior cladding ; This exterior cladding material , which is attractive in price, isproduced from foam. Buildings with exterior cladding with only decorative jambsremind of cardboard houses. Advantages of affordability, lightness and contribution to thermal insulation. When using these products on your exterior, make sure that they are non-flammable.

    Natural Stone Split Face for building exterior decoration ideas ; With the texture, permanence and eye-catching appearance of history, natural stones are decorative facade cladding and building materials that allow you to capture the most prestigious image in your buildings. Different models produced with the real color variety of natural stones are ideal for your combinations.

    Exterior Decoration Suggestions

    It has started to be preferred frequently in recent days because it is more affordable than composite exterior wall cladding. The oldest building material in history, marbles, travertines and other natural stones, split face stones with mesh and without a net will undoubtedly continue to be the most permanent sheathing material that never goes out of fashion. It is generally used under balconies and french balconies on exteriors. Prices vary between 80.00 TL and 130.00 TL on an average square meter basis.

    Exterior Decoration Examples

    Facade cladding is the finishing application of buildings with many different types, from simple plaster to granite, from aluminum to glass. Since there is great sensitivity to the issue of exterior cladding in modern buildingssheathing system is actually used in almost all of the sheathing methods .

    Although the method is different in applications such as glass and aluminum, it is the general method to use exterior insulation materials and insulation plasters in the facade cladding of traditional buildings .

    Exterior cladding methods , which were almost never used in almost every building in our country until recently , are now a legal requirement. Today, no building can get a occupancy permit without a correct exterior cladding application . In addition, this obligation does not only apply to newly built structures, but also covers structures built in the past.

    If you already own a building and your building is not covered with a facade cladding method that provides thermal insulation properties , you are actually living in an unlicensed building. Because the structure has a standard in which basic qualifications are not provided in the eyes of the law. It is now a necessity for buildings to obtain an energy identity certificate . For this reason, whatever type of structure is in question, sheathing must be made and thermal insulation must be performed.

    You can find practical and useful information in our article named jacketing company selection for the application of thermal insulation of buildings   . When getting price offers for  exterior sheathing, get prices from  at least 3 sheathing companies . While evaluating the price offers for sheathing,  sometimes apartment managers or property owners can be wrong.

    Sheathing is the system that first appeared in Europe in order to save energy. Sheathing systems , which were further developed in later times, also had features such as thermal insulation and sound insulation.
    Sheathing systems are construction systems applied to the interior and exterior of buildings. Sheathing systems are generally used to save energy. It is aimed to minimize the heat and energy losses that reach large rates in buildings. Thus, it is tried to ensure that the buildings are warmer and more comfortable.

    The most important part of sheathing materials is the materials. The quality of sheathing materials is also related to the robustness of the work to be done. With the use of quality products, the wear of building structures is prevented. Likewise, the quality of the products ensures that the sheathing systems have a longer life.
    Exterior decoration materials can be listed as follows: dowels, corner profiles, reinforcing mesh, sheet adhesive mortar, sheet plaster mortar, acrylic primer, decorative plaster are the main materials. With the quality and correct use of these materials, our buildings will become longer-lasting and comfortable.

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